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Arabic Sex Sex picture

Arabic Sex Sex picture

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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Arabic Sex Sex story

<xmp>Why the hell won't you kids stay off my lawn! If you're under the age of 18 I don't want to see you around here. There's sexual material in here, of course this is a sex group but go away anyways minor.

The Magician's Wolf
By Alexi92

They were happy. Peter's wife, or closest
approximation of a wife, they had never been legally
married, was a wolf most of the time. She had long
ago been cursed so that she could only be human when
she had a cock in her body. By the time she had found
Peter she was on the verge of losing her humanity.

Now he would place his cock in her ass of cunt
whenever he wasn't working. Their home was deep
within a woods which people were afraid to enter and
so they spent most of their time together.

Clara hated returning to her wolf state. The
only reason she did was because he couldn't work
while her body was pressed against his, it restricted
his movements. Peter understood that the wolf was
still Clara but a part of him couldn't conceive that
the beautiful woman he loved was a wolf. But he still
put his cock in its ass.

He would have walked through hell to be with

If only she could be human all the time. It was
what she wanted, more than anything else. Every
second as a wolf was hell for her. She longed to live
with Peter as a human, able to help him with his
work, to do things for him without having him behind
her every step of the way, to not feel like she was
his wife half the day and his pet the other half.

So after much painful discussion they decided
that they should put an end to the curse.

Peter put some supplies into a small pack and
prepared to set off. At his feet Clara, a wolf now,
was whimpering. Last night they laid in bed facing
each other, his cock half buried in her cunt. She had
wanted to go with him so she wouldn't have to spend
time alone, as a wolf. He wouldn't hear of it.

Instead she was to stay at their home alone. He
would go find the witch who had cursed her and
convince the crone to change his wife back to a
normal human being.

He set out some food for Clara on the floor so
she wouldn't go hungry. Clara had protested that,
saying it made her too much like a dog but they
couldn't think of any way they could work around
that. She was loathe to stay a wolf for however long
it might take him to find the witch. (He estimated
about a week and a half. Clara did have the witch's
address after all. The town was only fifty miles

Peter closed the clasp on his bag and slung it
over his shoulder. He knelt down and kissed the wolf
between the eyes and walked out of the house. Clara
followed him and watched as he walked away from her
to leave the woods for Lorit City. When he was too
far for her to make out she turned and plodded back
into the house.

The air was getting colder. Night was almost
completely abound in the sky. Peter stared at the
fire he had set up at the edge of the woods and
sighed. Tomorrow he would enter the city. He hated
the city. That's why he had lived the majority of his
life as a hermit. Then he met Clara, his very own
fairy tale princess, and his life was complete.

He had thought he would never have to go to the
city again.

But tomorrow he'd have to walk through it on
his way to Lorit City. And then he'd have to go
beyond the city. The thought scared him. He had never
even considered going beyond the city before now. All
he needed was provided by the farm or available in
the city.

He hated the city.

Something snapped behind him. Peter turned,
aiming his shotgun in the direction of the noise.

"Human warning, I'm firing in five seconds."


From within the woods a large woman, an Amazon
perhaps, emerged. The Amazons weren't the warrior
women as their namesake, rather they were a tribe of
wandering bandit women, most of them of impressive
physical stature. This one was no different, she was
tall with cascading black hair which matched almost
perfectly with her dark leather suit. She moved
cautiously, eyeing Peter's gun.

"There's no need to fire," said the Amazon. "I
come in peace."

Not likely, thought Peter. More likely she was
ready to kill him and take him for all he was worth.

"Really I am," she continued. "I was separated
from my clan when they tried to pass through the
woods. We were ambushed by some monstrous dogs."

"That's the Magician," explained Peter. "He's
got a fortress and keeps some guard dogs. You're
lucky the last time unwanted criminals tried to cut
through the woods they were severely punished."

"What happened?"

"You know those dogs that attacked you?"

"They were eaten?" the Amazon asked with a look
of horror.

"No," said Peter. "They got turned into
monstrous guard dogs."

"You're kidding."


"Oh. Look I'm just trying to get back to a
meeting place I know of in Lorit City. I'm not here
to rob you." She took a step forward.

Peter didn't lower his gun. "Is that so?"

"Yes." The Amazon didn't take her eyes off the

"Awooooooooooooooo!" A howl broke through the
tense silence.

The Amazon jumped. She twisted her neck to look
behind her and began to run. She forgot about Peter
and ran past him. The woods shook and parted as a
large black dog, the epitome of a hound, ran and
almost flew out of the forest. It landed no more than
a few feet from Peter, staring at him with large red

Man and beast stared at one another, regarding
the other with a quiet fascination. The dog looked
past Peter at the Amazon who had frozen a few yards
away and growled quietly.

The Amazon shivered. Peter caught it out of the
corner of his eye.

The large beast again regarded Peter with a mad
glint in its eyes. It let loose another low growl
before slinking back into the woods.

After a time the Amazon said ",Where did it

"More than likely back to the Magician."


"We have a deal. They don't bother me, I don't
bother them." With that Peter lowered his gun and sat
back down to his fire, ignoring the Amazon's
impressed stare.

The next day he continued on his journey
followed by the Amazon. She stayed behind him no more
than fifteen yards, a constant presence in the

Peter reached the city before noon. He was
stopped at the large entrance gate, one of the many
openings in the city's huge fortifications. To go
around the city would have added days to his travels,
days he could not spare. The only alternative was to
go through it.

"State your name, number in party, and
intentions," asked a bored guard dressed in a
combination of drakon clothing covered in chain
armor. He was sitting inside a metal booth, visible
only through a small window.

"Peter, one, passing through to Lorit."

"The gun your only weapon?"

"I've got a machete."

"Okay, go on through." The guard pressed a
release button and the gate slipped open. Peter
entered the grand city slowly, not waiting to hear
the Amazon try to get past the guard. The city wasn't
very keen on criminals entering their walls.

"State your name, number in party, and
intentions," Leonis said for what seemed like the
hundredth time that day. If the city hadn't been so
big there probably wouldn't be that many people
trying to get in just to pass through. But every two
minutes another person on their way somewhere else
was approaching the gate. And he was only one in
fifty, he shuddered to think how many actually were
entering the city per day only to leave the other
side the next day.

"Aethis, one person, just passing through to
Lorit," said the tall woman.

Leonis looked her over through the small window
of the security booth. Tall, black hair, large tits,
thin stomach, little body fat, muscular arms and
legs, a serious demeanor, very serious, curvy body...
She was an amazon. Shit. He pressed a button by his
left hand and the silent alarm went off.

Leonis watched as, seemingly out of nowhere,
guards ran from their positions and surrounded
Aethis. Each guard wore a uniform like his, holding a
pistol stunner at the Amazon. She looked wildly from
guard to guard, frightened, looking for an escape.

The guards began to inch forward. Aethis was
frozen, unsure of how to handle the overwhelming
odds. One of the guards lunged forward and tackled
her to the ground. At once the guards swarmed over
the female body, restraining her. They soon had her
tied up and on her feet. She pulled at the metal
ropes which held her but they were too strong. Her
wrists were tied together behind her back. The rope
looped tight around her neck also circled her
shoulders, creating loops which pulled at her
armpits, she could not lean her head forward without
choking herself.

Aethis was prodded forward by electrical
charges from the guards' stun pistols.

She was taken to an empty room within one of
the small buildings along the wall. She was left
there, sitting in a chair, still tied up, alone. She
continued to pull at the metal ropes, only causing
her bruises.

Finally a guard, a woman guard roughly the same
size as Aethis, her blonde hair tied into a ponytail,
walked into the room. The door closed behind her.
Aethis' seat was facing the door so she watched as
the guard walked in. The guard's uniform was similar
to the men's except for the small pouch around her
waist and a pair of sunglasses.

"So Amazon, what brings you to our fair city?"

"Like I said, I'm just passing through."

"Bullshit," the guard said calmly. "What's the
real reason? Scouting us out for your sisters?"

"No, I got separated from my band. I'm trying
to find them."


"It's true."

"Bullshit. Why are you here?"

"I'm just passing through."

Like a rush, almost too fast to see, the guard
slammed her open palm into Aethis' shoulder, sending
the Amazon sprawling backward in her chair.

"Bullshit," said the guard, standing over
Aethis. "Why are you here?"

"I'm passing through," Aethis said through
gritted teeth. She wasn't sure if she was afraid or

From her pouch the guard pulled out a small
knife. Aethis was bound, in no condition to fight,
and began to back away from the guard. The guard
knelt and caught hold of Aethis' retreating ankle.
Aethis froze as the guard pulled herself along the
Amazon's prone body. The knife in her hand dangled
precariously over every curve of Aethis' body.

The guard cut away the metal ropes around
Aethis' neck. Pushing her firmly, the guard rolled
Aethis onto her front and cut away the rope around
her wrists.

Shit, thought Aethis, that was a strong knife.

Aethis could feel the guard stand up.
Cautiously Aethis rolled over onto her back. The
guard was staring down at her, the knife gone,
waiting. Feeling a little foolish Aethis quickly
stood up.

"Now why are you here?" said the guard.

"I'm passing..."

Before Aethis could finish the guard had shoved
her to the ground again. Aethis fell onto her butt
and squeaked with pain.

"Bullshit," the guard's voice was no longer

Aethis was fed up. She leapt from the ground,
intending to pounce on the guard and then quickly
take the bitch down. Instead the guard charged
forward in the middle of Aethis' leap. The blonde
guard caught hold of the raven haired amazon and
slammed her against the wall, knocking the wind out
of the prisoner.

The guard pulled the Amazon's left arm behind
her back and pulled roughly. Aethis yelped out in
pain, her arm felt like it was being pulled out of
her shoulder.

From her pouch the guard took out a walkie
talkie and spoke into it. "This is Lenore, I need
some help, the prisoner has become aggressive."

The guard held Aethis pressed against the wall.
The Amazon was constantly in pain as the guard,
Lenore, applied increasing pressure on her arm.

Finally a duo of blonde guards, looking very
much like Lenore, entered the room and took hold of
Aethis, each one grabbing an arm. They held the
Amazon with vice like grips, their fingers digging
through her leather sleeves.

Lenore stood in front of the Amazon, strands of
her pulled back hair in disarray, pissed. The guard
had already proven her superior strength and Aethis
was unsure that the near future would prove very

"So bitch," Lenore spat out. "You think you're
so tough? Well fuck you!"

Lenore reached out. Aethis tried to retreat but
the two guards held her in place as Lenore
approached. Lenore took hold of the waist band of
Aethis' black leather pants and pulled them down. The
Amazon struggled futily as Lenore pulled the black
pants from Aethis' legs, leaving her entire bottom
half bare.

Aethis blushed in deep shame, unable to cover
her nuded privates. A dark tuft of pubic hair pointed
at her cunt. Lenore threw the pants away and placed
her hand over the Amazon's slit. Aethis jerked back
but the hand was not dislodged.

"Hiding any weapons bitch?"

As Aethis panicked, franticly fighting to get
away from the angry blonde guard, Lenore inserted on
of her fingers into the Amazon cunt, probing the
exposed orifice. Aethis screamed.

Lenore ignored the screams of her prisoner and
continued her violation. One by one the rest of her
fingers joined the first until all five were
exploring the private recess of Aethis' body. They
twisted and squirmed, scraping against the inner
lining of Aethis' vagina. Then Lenore pushed her hand
deeper into the Amazon cunt. With hard thrusts
Lenore's hand slowly disappeared into Aethis' body.
The screams got louder as more and more of the hand

Soon Lenore had her entire hand inside Aethis.
The lips of Aethis' cunt clamped around the blonde
guard's wrist, seemingly distorted because of the
size of the object they encircled. Lenore tickled the
inside of the Amazon with her fingernails.

Aethis shivered.

Lenore carefully curled up her fingers into a
fist. Aethis' stomach turned as she felt the Guard's
hand seemingly grow in one of the most sensitive
parts of her body. The slightest movement caused
goosebumps to appear over Aethis' body.

The guard's arm began to move. She slowly
pulled her fist out of Aethis' cunt. It stuck. The
knot of Lenore's fist was stuck at the opening to the
Amazon's cunt. Rather than uncurl her fist Lenore
began to tug her arm away. With each tug Aethis' hips
were pulled forward as her cunt would not let go of
its intruder.

Lenore pulled violently, jerking Aethis' body
with each attempt. Aethis screamed anew as a shooting
pain filled her body with every tug. Finally the
guard's fist pulled out of the cunt and Aethis
screamed louder than she had all day. The incredible
pain, as the fist tore through the opening of her
cunt, was unbearable. The other guards let go of her
and the Amazon fell to the ground clasping her
hurting cunt, now gaping wide due to its large

Aethis wasn't sure how long she lay there. It
must have been for some time because the pain in her
cunt began to subside. Arms grabbed the bottom of her
leather jerkin. Aethis offered no resistance as her
jerkin was pulled over head and off her body. She was
now totally nude, but she no longer cared. Her
thoughts were completely on her pain. Until she was
picked up and shoved against the wall again.

"Now then," said Lenore. The guard was across
the room, looking at Aethis with contempt. The two
other guards were holding the Amazon up. "Why are you

"I'm following someone," Aethis answered,

"That's better. Who? Why?"

"The man who came in before me. He... I... He
impressed me."

"Impressed you huh? So what's that mean?"

"I... I thought I could impress him too and
he'd be willing to be my husband."

"Shit," sneered one of the guards holding
Aethis up. "She's got a fucking crush."

"Listen up bitch," Lenore said. "We're going to
let you go. But first we got to fix you with this."

Aethis' eyes grew wide as Lenore held up a
chastity belt. But no ordinary chastity belt, within
it were two large black rubber dildoes placed exactly
where her cunt and ass should be. Feebly the Amazon
tried to struggle but her attempts were pathetic. The
chastity belt was quickly placed on her, Lenore
taking special care to shove the two dildoes into
Aethis' ass and cunt as hard as possible.

They filled her, Aethis was afraid she would
explode. She felt as if her body was reshaping itself
around the two rubber penises. They seemed to tickle
every nerve while at the same time painfully pulling
apart her muscles.

Lenore locked the padlock on the front with a
turn of the key. Aethis was now stuck in her
violating prison. There was no way to take it off.
She was stuck. Stuck. And it hurt so much.

The pain must have shown on her face because
Lenore responded to it.

"Hurts doesn't it. And you know what? It's

Nooo! Aethis screamed to herself. No!

"Tell you what though. We'll just teleport the
key to your little boyfriend and he can take it off
of you. Of course it'll mean that he sees your
privates. And those privates will be stuffed with
fake cocks. If you take them out your cunt and ass
holes probably won't close either, they'll just stay
open because they've been stretched by such large
rods. And then, if he still hasn't lost all respect
for you, he will be when he sees the writing on your

"What writing?" Aethis asked meekly.

"This writing."

And Lenore took a marker from her pouch. She
wrote on Aethis' large tits, "I'LL SUCK ANYONE'S
COCK!" and stood back to admire her work. Aethis
tried to look down at her tits but was unable to
completely read what had been written on them,
although she knew it wasn't good.

Lenore finished it up by retying Aethis' hands
with more metal rope.

"Way I figure it," said Lenore "is that you've
got two options. First you find your boyfriend, beg
him to free you, and humiliate yourself in front of
him so that you'll never impress him with your
strength and never have a chance to marry him
according to Amazon law. The other is that you don't
go to him and you get your mouth raped by every man
from here to wherever it is you're trying to go, then
get kicked out of the Amazon gang for being so weak.
Now get out of here."

Peter paid for his drink and left the pub. He
would probably be out of the city by the afternoon.
His bed last night had been comfortable enough but he
missed Clara. But the sooner he got this all over
with the happier they all would be. He wouldn't have
to be away from Clara ever again.

He felt a sudden urge to pee. He made his way
to the alley behind the pub. Stupid city, he cursed,
advanced technology out the wazoo but no public

He found a relatively secluded part of the
alley and was about to unzip his pants when he heard
a voice.

"Please, no. Please."

It sounded familiar, feminine. Peter took out
his gun and cocked it. He crept to the source of the
voice, further down the alley, his gun aimed in front
of him. There was a large man standing over

"Okay pal, let's freeze."

The man, surprised, froze. Turning slowly he
saw Peter's gun. His cock was pulled out of his

"This your girl?" said the man. "'Cause if it
was I didn't mean nothin'. Really. I just thought
cause the way she was that she..."

And before he could finish the man bolted.
Peter thought about chasing him but decided against
it, it wasn't worth the trouble. Then he froze

The man had been hiding her, but the Amazon
that had been following him was on her knees, crying.
Her clothes were gone and seemed to be wearing some
sort of chastity belt, complete with padlock. Her
tits were exposed and the words "I'll suck anyone's
cock" were written on them in black. Her arms were
behind her back, probably tied. She had her eyes
closed and her mouth open, but tears flew freely down
her face.

"Excuse me?" he asked?

The Amazon's eyes opened and she shouted in
shock at the sight of him. She jumped to her knees
and ran to him. As she got closer he could see dried
cum covering much of her hair, face, and chest. She
collapsed into him, her face buried into his
shoulder. Between long sobs she told him what had
happened upon being captured.

"And then they released me. I didn't know where
you were but I had to find you. But then, when I got
out of the prison, some guard forced me on my knees
and forced me to suck his cock. And then a guy
outside the shoe store. And then another and another.
Everywhere I went I had to suck the cocks of whoever
was there. Then I came to this tavern and they made a
line in the alley and I had to suck off everyone
and... And I've been sucking cocks all night, they
wouldn't stop."

The Amazon fell crying into Peter's shoulder
again. Peter tried to hold her up but his hands felt
odd holding onto her bare skin.

"You've got to get this thing off me. It's
killing me. Please. I'll suck your cock, it doesn't
matter anymore. But the fake cocks in my ass and my
cunt are... I-I want them out, please."

Peter pulled out the key that had appeared in
his hand while he was eating dinner the previous
night. When the amazon saw it she cried out in joy.
He unlocked the chastity belt and threw away the
padlock. The belt didn't fall off, instead it just
stuck there. Peter slowly peeled it off, in the
process removing the dildoes from their respective
holes. They were both coated in fluids.

The Amazon completely naked now, her cunt and
asshole distended, lewd writing on her cum encrusted
chest, sighed in relief. She fell to her knees and
opened her mouth.

"I'll suck your cock now."

Peter pulled her up and took off his coat. He
draped the coat over her body, making sure to button
it up the front so as to hide the words written on
her tits. After placing his belongings once again on
his back he pulled the Amazon toward the city's exit.

End part 1
Continued in part 2

This story and others of mine archived at

The first sequel. Well, what do you know, I
actually got to it. After I post this I'll have to
work on part 2. (I have no idea how long this is
going to be by the way, I'm just cutting it up into
20k segments.)
When I'm done with this story I'm going to
finish the Legion Of Superheroes follow-ups and then
I'll have fulfilled all the promised stories I said
I'd do.
After that I'll either stop writing sex stories
or work on one of the two series I want to do. One a
series of stories set in a fantasy world and the
other about a bunch of cuckold husbands getting
Then I'll do a couple X-rated fanfics.
feedback is appreciated. Send comments to...


Most of my stories are archived at


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Arabic Sex Sex picture

Arabic Sex Sex picture

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Monday, July 26, 2004

Arabic Sex Sex story

part: Chapter 12
author: Miranda Mars
title: Laura's Story - an Interracial Lesbian Romance
Chapter 12

To Rina it was all still new, and Laura was determined to
convince the girl how deep Laura's desire for her was, and remained.
Still dazed from the powerful climaxes she had experienced, she
pulled the naked girl down next to her and kissed Rina heatedly.

"It is you," she repeated, kissing Rina's beautiful neck and
shoulders, her ears, her forehead, her cheeks, then assaulting her
sensual mouth again passionately. "Just looking at you makes me so
horny I boil with lust. I want to fuck you and eat your sweet pussy
and do everything to you until you explode."

"God . . . really?" Rina panted. "You sort of make me feel
that way too. I mean, I never felt this way with a man. So soon
after . . . you know?"

"You mean you want more?"


"Mmmmmm," Laura grinned.

This time she cradled both of Rina's phenomenal breasts in her
palms and explored each one slowly, tenderly with her lips.

"You've done this before, haven't you," Rina asked softly,
shutting her eyes with pleasure as Laura's tongue toyed with one of
her large, soft, swollen black nipples.

Laura looked at her. She nodded. "I had one other . . . girl

"Then why'd you want me so bad? If you had her?"

"I don't want to talk about her, Rina. I want you."

She sucked Rina's huge, bulbous nipple into her mouth,
squeezing the smooth, resilient globe of her perfect breast as she

"Ahhhh!" Rina gasped softly, eyes rolling upward.

"Oh baby . . . you really don't realize how beautiful you are,
do you?" Laura murmured. "Or how beautiful these breasts are?"

"Oh! Oh!" Rina gasped. "Unhhh . . . Laura! Oh yes! Oh
honey, that feels so good! You're making me want to come again.

"Mmmmm, and you have to catch up," Laura teased her. "You're
already two behind me."

Laura held both of Rina's breasts in her hands and sucked the
girl's delicious nipples until Rina was mewling softly and moaning
with need. Rina's nipples were stiff and wet with Laura's saliva,
and she squirmed as Laura squeezed the full round balls of her
breasts. Laura sucked them harder, and Rina whimpered.

"Oh . . . ohnnn, oh Laura . . . yes! You're gonna make me
come! Oh . . . please!"

Now Laura slid one hand down between Rina's silky thighs and
began to fingerfuck the girl skillfully, sliding two fingers into
Rina's flowing pussy, and sawing them across the girl's swollen clit
at the same time. Rina's body arched and quivered.

"Oh! Oh god!" she moaned.

"Baby . . . baby! Come . . . come now, go ahead. Come, come
hard," Laura murmured to her.

Laura opened her fingers slightly, letting Rina's slippery clit
slide between them. Then she scissored them and moved her hand
roughly, sucking one of Rina's popping wet nipples at the same time.
Rina moaned and churned her pelvis rapidly, in hot, quick, jerky
fuck-motions. She cried out and came sharply.

"Anngghhh! Oh! Anngghh!" she groaned, wincing as stabbing
spasms of pleasure wracked her lovely, straining body.

But instead stopping, Laura merely turned up the heat. She
knew how to get Rina to come more than once, and used her skill,
which she had learned during so many marathon fucks with Karen, to
keep the girl going. Quickly, she slid down between Rina's luscious
smooth thighs and began sucking Rina's pussy, swiftly bringing the
surprised girl back up to a state of sexual tension equaling her
earlier one, before she had climaxed.

This time she squeezed Rina's ass in her hands and sucked
Rina's clit, and in less than a minute, Rina was having another

"Ungghhh! Oh . . . Laura! Oh, I'm coming again! Ungghh! Oh!
Auuggnniieee!" Rina cried out, her body flipping and shuddering

By now Rina was groggy with sex, limp and languid, her eyes
murky and her mouth slack, her body pliant. Laura was so aroused
from fucking her that she knew what came next. She quickly
manuevered her legs so that she could press their hot, wet pussies
together, manipulating Rina's limp body like a wrestler about to pin
her opponent. She kissed Rina's mouth and neck, bringing Rina back
to life, and then slid her body closer until their cunts met.

"Ah!" Rina gasped as she felt Laura's pussy pushing into hers.
Laura herself felt faint with lust as Rina's warm, slimy
pussylips kissed her own.

"Oh . . . Jesus!" Rina sighed as Laura began to grind her
pelvis, moving their pussies together.

Their bodies melted together, coiling and embracing, while
their groins gyrated in a slow, molten rhythm. Rina was in a sexual
trance, her body completely vulnerable to Laura, who fucked her with
increasing force, sucking Rina's nipples thirstily, dipping one hand
between their rubbing bodies to maneuver her clit into Rina's.

Now their clits were mashed together, and both of them nearly
came unglued. Each movement brought them closer to a crushing
climax, and they whooped and panted and whimpered hysterically,
fucking each other more urgently than they had ever done yet. Rina
clung to Laura, as if terrified by the force of the sexual thrills
that filled her trembling, yearning body.

"Unnggmmm . . . oh! Ahhhnnn! Oh . . . honey, I---" Rina
panted uncontrollably.

"Mmmnnggg oh yes oh oh!" Laura panted, burying her face in
Rina's smooth, wonderful neck as she felt a quick uprush of violent
coming. "Aunnngghhiiiee!"

"Oh baby!" Rina cried out. "Unnmmggghiiee! Oh! Unghh!"

Their quivering bodies were welded together in a shattering,
wrenching shared climax that seemed to last a full two minutes or
more, taking their breath away and filling their flesh with scalding
sexual pleasure. Rina seemed to nearly pass out from the intensity.
She fell back on the bed, and Laura rose up over her, crazed with
lust, jamming her throbbing cunt against Rina's, grinding her groin
into the girl's fucking her like a man would, pumping . . . pumping .
. .

"Oh! Ungghh! Unngghmnnggeeeee!" Rina cried out again,
grimacing as another crushing orgasm shook her beautiful body.

And Laura was right behind her, coming sharply, her flesh
ripped by exquisite new spasms of fierce pleasure. She fell onto
Rina, disentangling their legs and embracing the girl as they both
shuddered through the dying spasms of yet another climax.

When it was over, and they recovered their breath, Rina didn't
seem to believe it had really happened.

"Lord, I really don't believe it," she breathed to Laura.
"I've had five orgasms in less than a half an hour. Five! And I'm
not an easy comer. Ask my boyfriend. He has to do me twenty minutes
some times to make me come. And I never come more than once."

"Never say 'never'," Laura grinned.

Rina grinned back, an infectious, girlish grin that made Laura
desire her even more. "You really know how to . . ." Rina began,
then turned her eyes aside shyly.

"To fuck you?" Laura whispered. "Isn't it exciting to say it?
I love to fuck you. You made me come too. You fucked me


"Yes, really. Just remembering it makes me tingle. Look, I
have an idea. Let's get up, have a snack, and then come back later
and try for ten."

"Ten! God, you're kidding."

"I once came about fifteen times in one night," Laura said.

But Rina instantly became glum. "With her, I'll bet," she

Laura realized she had said the wrong thing. She tried to kiss
Rina, but the girl pulled away. "Rina---"

"I . . . think I ought to go," Rina said softly, not looking at
Laura. "Where are my clothes?"

She scooted off the bed and began collecting her scattered
underwear and clothing.

Laura felt a heart pang. She knew why she had fucked the girl
so desperately just a few minutes ago. She was afraid of exactly
this. "Please don't," she said. She took Rina's beautifully shaped
brown arm. "I . . . I love you. I don't want you to go."

Rina looked at her with tears gleaming in her eyes. "What
about her? Didn't you love her?"

Laura shook her head. "It was just sex. With you it's

"You sound like a man," Rina giggled.

"I know," Laura giggled too.

"What's different is you had five orgasms with me and fifteen with her."

"I could have six hundred with you," Laura said softly.


Laura held out her arms to Rina, who hesitated only a few
seconds before letting herself be embraced again. They kissed
heatedly, with urgent, thirsty passion.

"Rina, I need you, I can't get enough of you, I want you, I
want to eat you and swallow you and drink you and fuck you and suck
you and rape you . . ." Laura murmured, swarming again all over the
luscious girl's naked black body, arousing Rina again quickly.

"Oh! Oh god, Laura, yes! Please! Don't let me go! Fuck me,
do it to me, do it all to me, don't let me go!"

Determined to give Rina every reason to stay, Laura brought the
girl to an orgasm three more times before she stopped. The final
climax, coming at the end of a string of eight, was so shattering
that it nearly put poor Rina into a coma. They fell asleep, entwined
together, afterwards and didn't awake for two hours.

When they awoke, refreshed, Rina seemed transformed into a lust
demon herself and proceeded to make Laura come twice before they
exploded together in a final, agonizing climax. As they lay
together, exhausted, wondering if they were capable of even more,
Rina asked Laura if they should stop now.

"Do you want to?"

"I . . . don't know," Rina said, shyly. "I think I came about
ten times already. That's more than I ever came. Maybe I'll hurt
myself if I keep it up."

"Did the last one hurt?"

Rina shook her head. "God, it almost hurt because it felt so
good. And I just, I don't know, I feel so good when we're doing it.
You're so good to me. I come so hard, too."

"I guess we ought to stop," Laura said. "But I keep feeling
this horrible lust for you. I just want to eat you alive."

"You're gonna make me blush," Rina grinned.

They took a shower together. Laura's hunger for Rina's
incredible body wouldn't be satisfied, and Rina seemed to feel the
same way. The warm water drenching their naked bodies seemed to
reawaken their need. They soaped one another and explored one
another's naked flesh in new ways, letting their hands slip and slide
over each other's wet, suds-streaked skin.

The white suds smearing Rina's glistening black skin aroused
Laura so much that she was shaking with lust as she kissed the girl's
wet flesh everywhere. She found herself kneeling on the shower stall
floor behind Rina's glistening, wet buttocks, kissing and biting the
firm round buns, running her fingers inside Rina's asscrack, making
the girl squeal and quiver with sexual thrills.

"God, I just want every bit of your body," Laura panted,
pulling apart Rina's buns and slithering her tongue up into the
girl's ass.

"Aaeeeee!" Rina cried out with shock, her body instinctively
pulling away.

But then she relaxed, letting Laura do it again, and this time
the pleasure made her moan.

"Ohhnnnn . . . god, that's good!" she gasped. "Unh! Unh!"

Laura had little trouble drawing Rina down to the floor, Rina
got on her hands and knees while Laura, behind her, gave into every
perverted urge she had. She slid two fingers into Rina's cunt and
got her thumb on Rina's hard clit, while at the same time she tongue-
fucked Rina's asshole. In this way she had Rina whinnying
uncontrollably through an ecstatic orgasm in under a minute.

"Auunngghiieee!" Rina squealed, losing her strength and nearly
collapsing, as the shower water crashed down all around them.

Laura rolled over onto her back, pulling Rina down on top of
her and devouring the girl's wet nipples. Rina put her hands on both
sides of Laura's head and dangled her breasts in Laura's face. Laura
held the perfect wet globes in her hands, nearly swallowing Rina's
nipples, while Rina hand-fucked Laura's pussy. A few minutes of this
had Laura moaning and sighing through a violent climax. Somehow
sucking one of Rina's breasts while she came made her orgasm so
intense that she nearly blacked out. It almost hurt.

Finally, they shut off the water, fearing they might drown
themselves in a maniacal fit of fucking. They toweled one another
off tenderly, then returned to Laura's bedroom.

"Maybe we better rest, at least," Rina said.

"I know," Laura said reluctantly. "I might just fuck you to
death, if you let me."

She gave Rina her best bathrobe and put on an old one herself.
"You know, I once thought my boyfriend was going to do that,"
Rina grinned. "And he never even came close to what we've been
doing. I've lost track of how many times I've come."

"I think it's thirteen or fourteen," Laura said, kissing her
warmly. "But it really doesn't matter how many times. It's how
intense they are. Some times I almost lose consciousness. Like last
time, when I was sucking you? And you made me come? I thought I was
going to faint."



They went into the kitchen and fixed something to eat. Then
they shared a joint and started to watch TV, but Rina this time
became the aggressor, slipping her hands under Laura's bathrobe,
opening it and making love to Laura's breasts so intently that Laura
was on the edge of a fresh climax in only a few minutes.

Rina had learned fast, and her lips toyed with Laura's
sensitive nipples so skillfully that Laura was soon begging her to do
more. She knew she could come, even after all her previous orgasms.
She remembered how Karen and she had given each other fierce climaxes
by biting, and she wondered if she dared suggest it to Rina, who was
so innocent. But Rina seemed on the verge of it already, sucking
Laura hard, letting Laura feel her teeth ringing each stiff,
throbbing nipple.

"Oh! Oh!" Laura panted. "Harder, honey! Fuck me with your
hand and suck my nipples hard, please! I can come! I'm so close!
Do it, please! Unghh! Yes! Bite it! Please!"

Rina was so aroused from fucking Laura that she was getting
pretty rough anyway. She grabbed Laura's pussy, sinking two fingers
in deep, jamming her hand into Laura's clit. And her mouth tore at
Laura's aching nipples, her teeth clamping tentatively, then harder,
into the flaring, throbbing buds. But not hard enough for Laura, who
was keening and quivering on the edge of an exquisite climax.

"Oh . . . oh, harder!" she begged Rina. "Do it hard! Really

Rina's eyes widened. She had one of Laura's breasts in her
mouth already, as she looked up at Laura. And then, slowly, she sank
her teeth into it, biting deep into Laura's erect, rubbery nipple.
At the same instant, she drove her hand against Laura's clit, rubbing
it hard.

"Anngghnnmnmggiieee!" Laura exploded in a rupturing orgasm,
gagging and squirming uncontrollably on the sofa as wave after wave
of shattering pleasure broke over her shuddering body.

She moaned and writhed for minutes as the electrifying spasms
raked her flexing body. Finally, it was over, and Rina was holding
her and kissing her.

"Baby, I never saw anybody come like that," she whispered to
Laura. She licked Laura's nipples tenderly. "Doesn't that hurt?"

"Yes," Laura nodded, surfacing from a profound sexual trance.
The power of her orgasm really had shocked her. "A little. But it's
worth it. You better stop licking me or I'll want you to do it

"I didn't want to hurt you," Rina said.

"Oh, Rina," Laura said, kissing her warmly. "You just made me
come harder than I've ever come before. You didn't hurt me."

"But your nipples must hurt."

"They hurt for your teeth," Laura said, blushing suddenly as
she realized she was repeating Karen's words to her.

She pulled the delicious girl down on top of her, and they
wrestled and struggled playfully together on the sofa, before
spilling off onto the floor. Wrestling with Rina was more exciting
than Laura had ever thought it could be, and Rina clearly felt the
same way because in a few minutes they were panting and moaning again
with sexual need.

This time they did a true sixty-nine for the first time, each
girl carefully bringing the other along, shaping the flow of arousal,
aiming for a dual explosion. When one seemed about to pop, the other
pulled back momentarily, concentrating on getting to the same level
herself, then returning to the task. They manipulated one another
with great skill, even though both were shaking and moaning with
feverish lust, and when the double orgasm finally arrived, it
throttled them both with horrific spasms of pleasure.

Afterward, they could hardly move, and Laura found herself
wondering if they were finished for the evening. How could they
possible come any more. Even she had lost count, though she figured
they had both climaxed about sixteen or seventeen times.

Part of her wanted to keep going, no matter what. She loved
fucking Rina. She knew that numbers were unimportant, but she also
knew that when Rina remembered this night, if she remembered a
collosal number of orgasms she would be more tempted to want to
repeat it, no matter how guilty she might feel. But Laura also knew,
from experience, that the more orgasms Rina, and she herself, had,
the rougher they would be with one another, as she had learned with
Karen during their many marathon fucks.

Finally you had to flog and pinch and bite and squeeze those
agonizing orgasms out of your exhausted, overstimulated flesh and
nerves, or out of your lover's body, and you had to be a little
obsessed to even want to. She was obsessed with Rina, and with
Rina's body. But did Rina feel that way? Would she be willing to
undergo a little pain, as Laura had done, to have an excruciating
orgasm, like Laura's when Rina had bit her?

But who could say? Maybe it wouldn't be necessary. Rina had
just come fairly easily, when they were doing sixty-nine. Though she
claimed to have a hard time coming with her boyfriend, she didn't
seem to have extra trouble with Laura.

They returned to the bedroom, where Laura pushed Rina down on
the bed and began making love to her again, unable to cool off her
hot blood and her insatiable need for the girl.

"I hope you don't mind," she murmured, "but I can't get enough
of you. No man ever wanted you as much as I do."

"I know that's true, baby," Rina purred back. "Because no man
ever fucked me as much as you have tonight. Or made me come so many

"Mmmmmm, you like that?" Laura asked.

"I love it."

"Mmmmmm, then how about this?"

Laura slid between Rina's long, shapely legs and began to lick
the girl's pussy again, awakening her clit skillfully. The puffy,
glistening black petals of Rina's cunt, with their slick pink
insides, invited her tongue, her lips, and she quickly had Rina
climbing the walls again, and coming again in a few minutes. And
once Rina was in a state of overheated frenzy, Laura wouldn't let her

She filled her hands and mouth with Rina's incredible breasts,
sucking the girl's huge, swollen nipples hard and hand-fucking her
pussy until Rina came again in under thirty seconds. Now Laura had
her going, in a state of constant arousal, her luscious body pliant
and submissive to every caress, her erotic condition hair-trigger, so
that the smallest gesture could bring her to a climax, if it were
skillfully applied.

And Laura had the skill, which she used relentlessly, bringing
Rina to one orgasm after another until Rina had come five more times
and collapsed in whimpering fatigue, almost begging Laura to stop.

"Ohhhh . . . ohhnnnnn god, I can't do any more," she sighed,
her hand quavering as she reached up to touch Laura's face. She drew
Laura down to her, kissing Laura languidly, her body shaking with
exhaustion. "God, I don't think I can do it any more, Laura," she
whispered, her eyes glazed and glistening.

"Mmmmmm . . . I might make you beg me to stop," Laura purred,
still kissing the wonderful girl's naked body everywhere she could.

"Then please . . . please stop," Rina pleaded. "At least for a
minute or two. My body is still throbbing from all those climaxes."

Laura pouted but agreed. "Okay, if you insist." She snuggled
up to the exhausted girl, murmured softly in her ear. "But when you
remember this night, I want you to remember me as the girl you had to
beg to stop fucking you. After she made you come and come so much
that you couldn't come any more."

And Rina dissolved into a few exhausted giggles. "All right, I
promise," she laughed. "You fucked me silly, and I came about ten
times and asked you to stop before I died in the middle of another
climax. Okay?"

Laura grinned and kissed her. "Okay."

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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Arabic Sex Sex picture

Arabic Sex Sex picture

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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Arabic Sex Sex story



Once again we all gathered in my room and the girls, as usual sitting
cross legged. They had changed into their nightgowns. I knew damn well my
sisters didn't bother with any underwear.

Donna had on a thin duster with nothing underneath.

We had the textbooks out and I quizzed the girls on several points that
might be on the final test tomorrow. We were surprised that Donna knew
most of the answers. Cindi giving me constant smiles of appreciation every
chance she got, AND a peek at her pussy.

I asked them how things went at the doctor's office today. They all
giggled. Hold on Kenny.....Karen ran into her room and returned with a big
smile. Holding up a round container.


"Mom said Cindi and I could have them now." "I got mine refilled too
honey." Donna added.

We had to promise mom that we would act like ladies and not spread out
legs all over town. "Well that should have been easy." I said.

"Yeah, but now that I have them, I'm thinking about it." Karen laughed.
"Yeah, let's go slutting this weekend." Cindi laughed.

"I'll fuck all the guys with blond hair at the mall, Karen can fuck all
the guys with brown hair, and Donna can fuck the guys with black hair." All
three of them laughed again. Karen was deliberately sitting with her knees
up so that I could see her bare pussy without Donna realizing it. I could
see all of it the way she had her legs spread. She was deliberately making
my mouth water!

She smiled as I looked at her, knowing she was teasing the shit out of
me. Especially seeing my cock getting hard in my shorts.

"Well, Karen said, We have to get some sleep for the test tomorrow.
Come on Cin, "Let these two love birds be." Both of them gave me a sensuous
kiss good night and left for their own room. BOTH of them doing the same
damn thing and pressing their tits into me also.

Donna and I got under the blanket and held each other tight for a long

"Were you pleased with my mother this afternoon honey?" "Oh yes, Honey.
It was nice." I'm glad." Her hand was caressing my chest as my hand was
stroking her hair. It felt so nice to feel her naked tits against my
chest, and now her soft hand caressing my cock.

"She's hoping you'll REQUIRE her soon, honey." "What?" "Yeah, she
mentioned it down at the pool to me." "She's hoping that if you have time
that you will visit her and have your needs taken care of again."

"Oh honey, I am about to get MY NEEDS right now." As I rolled on top of
her. She spread her legs and smiled up to me in the moonlit room.

"I was hoping you would need me Kenny." "My pussy is ready for you ."

I got between her legs and she reached for me. Softly stoking me and
then guiding me . into her warmth. She let out a soft moan as I sank into
her. "Oh honey...."I've hoped you would REQUIRE me all evening." AGAIN,
that damn word! I thought.

"We should have stayed up here, instead of going down to the pool." I
said. But your mom needed to relax too honey. I think it's good that she
at least has mom & dad to talk to right now.

Now, we concentrated on loving each other. Kissing and fucking each
other. Feeling her hands on my back urging me deeper into her. Her knees
were spread wide and her pussy completely open to me.

"Do I feel good for you honey, is my pussy satisfying you?" "Oh yesssss,
Donna. Yessss. "I love being inside you honey."

I hugged her tight to me and fucked her harder, hoping that we could cum
together. Rocking back and forth over her pussy as I stayed buried so deep
in her. Feeling her wetness increase by the minute.

"OOOOHH Donna honey, I'm almost there honey...I'm almost...." "I'm
waiting for you Kenny, shoot honey." She whispered in my ear. Her pussy
was caressing me so magically. So lovingly.

Feeling my balls tighten as I began to spurt into her. She felt me
cumming and moaned softly. Her arms wrapped tight around my neck. Her
shaking and shivering told me she was also cumming.

We stayed tight to each other for quite some time. Kissing and still
feeling her pussy massaging my softened cock deep inside her wet pussy. I
know she liked this too.

I rolled next to her and then pulled her close to me on our sides.
Stroking her hair as her hand went up and down my back. Feeling her soft
breath on my chest. I knew we just shared love and deep feelings.

It wasn't long before I realized she had fallen asleep.

I laid there for a while, and then looked at the clock. It was about
11:15. I wondered if mom would be downstairs waiting for me?

I crawled out of bed slowly so I wouldn't wake Donna. Grabbing a
bathrobe, I went down to the darkened parlor.

"I'm here Kenny." I walked over toward the couch in the darkness and mom
reached out for me, pulling me toward her. Her face going into my crotch
as her arms went around me.

I felt her hand slide into my bathrobe and then cradle my balls. I felt
her mouth slowly go down my cock and suck me softly. Now her hands going
to my ass and urging me to her mouth as she sucked.

UUUUMMMM Kenny, she finally moaned. At least you can get hard honey.

She moved to the end of the couch and asked me to lay with my head in
her lap. Good. We needed to talk.

Once I was settled, she leaned forward and pressed her tit to my mouth.
I caressed it and sucked it softly for a while as she moaned softly. Her
hand stroking my hair.

"Reminds me of when you were a little baby honey when I fed you these
tits." "I remember how you made them sore also."

" Now, you suck them with passion and love. Just as I sucked you a
minute ago."

"Did you make love with her honey?" "Yeah mom, it was nice." "It was
nice with your father too, honey." "Oh how I enjoy feeling him in me and
knowing that our love is also pleasuring him too."

"His touch is tender too, Kenny. Always." "I was smiling while your dad
was in me and thinking that you were in Donna at the same time."

"I let the girls get their Birth Control Pills honey." "Yeah, they told
me." "They're excited that you allowed them to get them." "Well, I remember
when I was their age and we didn't have the pill then. " "Your dad and me
were pretty responsible though, and always used protection."

"I know how they feel around their boyfriends." "I just asked them to be
adult about this, and careful." "They're growing fast too, Kenny." "Yeah,
they are mom." "Marie seemed kind of sad when you went upstairs. Like she
wouldn't see you again or something."

Mom, she's treating ME like her Master. Really!" "When I went down
there today, she offered me a nice beef sandwich, a beer and then she knelt
down right there in the kitchen and sucked me until I came." She wouldn't
let go with her mouth until I told her I was finished."

"Mom, she was waiting for PERMISSION to get up." "Then I moved her
bedroom around for her, moved the boxes to the garage, she asked if I
REQUIRED another beer." "When I was in the parlor drinking it, she stood in
front of me and asked what ELSE she could do to pleasure me?" "Mom, she
stood there and stripped and held up her tits for me to suck them, and
asked if they were satisfactory for my pleasure?"

"Then she waited and waited for ME to give her an ORDER!" "I asked her
to take MY clothes off and take me to her bed." "I knew damn well that's
what she was expecting from me."

"When we got in the bedroom, she looked so beautiful standing there
completely naked, I kissed her and remembered how You and me made love this
morning." "You DID honey" "Yeah mom."

"Well she knelt on the bed and waited for me to enter her." "Mom! She
thought I was going to put it in...."

Mom smiled now. "In her ass, honey?" "Yeah. Mom." "But I just slid
into her and we did it like you and I did." "Mom. She asked MY permission
to allow her to cum!"

"What else did you do with her honey?" Well, after I gave her PERMISSION
that she was waiting for, I asked her to Lay next to me a while. Then I
asked her if I could put it between her tits?"

Her face lit up and she asked if she could suck me again to make me
really hard for doing it that way." "Oh, mom, It was so damn sexy and sad
at the same time."

"I didn't like the idea of being her MASTER."

"Well honey, it seems it will take a while to get her past how her scum
husband treated them." "I guess you're right mom." "'s the thing
mom." Donna told me that her mother and her want to REPAY DAD also for the
way he has helped them out do much!" "They are waiting for MY PERMISSION
and if its OK with you, to ......"

"You mean they both want to fuck your father to thank him???" "Yeah.
Exactly!" "Did you notice dad's eyes on her tonight out at the pool?" "Yes
I did honey." "I ALSO saw his hard on too. AND I think your sister Karen
saw it too." "I don't miss too much honey." "I guess not mom." :Mom, I had
an idea for dad's birthday if it wouldn't make You mad?"

"I just can't wait honey, what?" "I was wondering if you would like to
let Marie make love with dad on his birthday night?" "Do you think he would

"Oh Kenny, do you KNOW what you're asking?" "He's my husband honey."

"Well, I had this idea of You writing a fancy poster that she could hold
up to him from You telling him SHE was YOUR present for his birthday and
enjoy with your blessings or something like that." "Then, I figured they
would BOTH be out at the pool and if yu wanted to watch, you could see them
from MY room."

"Oh Kenny...." "Well mom, I think it would really be something for dad
to remember." He's always been faithful all these years , and I thought
...." "I thought that since YOU wanted to work on Donna for YOU and me to
make love while she's with us...." "OOOOHHH Kenny....Now your have MY mind
spinning." "Think of it mom!" I said. Looking up to her shadowy face in
the darkness. "You can even watch the whole thing."

"Marie will do it for ME, because I will give her PERMISSION."

"Mom, the way Donna and her make love is so wonderful!" "They do so many
of the same things."

"Oh, Kenny honey!" "We can't have the girls here if it was to happen. I
would NEVER let them see anything like that." "Not their own father fucking
Donna's mother. No way." "Well, Cindi always likes to stay at her
girlfriend's house, I can tell Donna that it was going to happen, because
she would know anyway." Then SHE can go down to Marie's sister's house for
the night with Karen."

"Oh, I see.....YOU want to watch it too huh?" "Mom, I smiled, I'm the
one setting it up, why miss the main event?" "Oh you ARE shrewd KENNETH!"
"I got it from sucking these wonderful tits mom." As I went back to licking

She was quiet for a while, enjoying my licking her nipples, as I laid in
her lap. Her hand had reached down and was softly caressing my cock.

"Oh Kenny, your father has NEVER cheated. I have never cheated, until
YOU, honey."

Well, it's not cheating mom. It's YOUR gift to HIM." "You can say it's
because he's been such a good husband and father all these years and

"After they're done, I will have Marie come up to MY room and spend the
rest of the night with me."

You can put on the note that you will meet him afterward in YOUR PASSION
PIT at 2 AM or something like that.

"You can go back to bed with dad and really have a nice night talking
about it."

"Oh Kenny!." "Damn it! Kenny! Now you're getting me wet." "Imagining
YOUR father fucking her."

"Mom, When he sees a nice fancy sign made BY YOU for her to give him,
his head will spin too."

"Something ELSE mom......" "Oh no, not MORE...I'm getting a
headache....." "Oh mom, I want YOU to come down to her place and WATCH US
make love, too!"

Now, I leaned up and kissed her softly. My hand caressing her tit
still. Her hand still caressing my cock that she managed to get hard.

I eased off the couch and then moved her so she was laying and then got
between her welcoming legs. Wordlessly, my mother guided me into her
warmness once more. Her arms and hands softly running up and down my back
as she gave herself to me.

"I'll do it." "I'll do it honey, if you fuck me while we watch them!"

"Mom, I whispered back, "I already planned on THAT!"

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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Arabic Sex Sex picture

Arabic Sex Sex picture

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