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Sex story

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JLA - Dark Angel - Part 06 Of 25.

Clark's hand slid off of her breast and down Lois' side,
sliding under her back and, with practiced ease, unclasped the hook
of her bra. When his hand came back up around to her front and slid
under her now more loose brassiere, the material lifted and slid off
to her side.
His hand was warm on her breast, but it felt good, it felt right,
and as he slowly massaged it, kissing lightly at her lips, sliding his
tongue over hers, she knew that she was his and would do whatever he
Clark pulled Lois to him and kissed her with enthusiastic passion,
it wasn't one of the worlds great kisses, but enthusiasm and passion
usually more than make up for technique. His body naturally constrained
itself so that he wouldn't hurt her, so much so in fact that he wasn't
even aware he was doing it, but thought he was giving vent to his full
Clark ran his tongue deep down Lois' throat, his hand cupping and
kneading one of her medium-sized, firmly rounded breasts. He gave the
mammary a playful squeeze, making Lois laugh around the tongue in her
mouth. She was enjoying this a great deal, Clark rarely got 'frisky' in
this way, but tended to be a more gentle, careful lover, it was nice to
see him let loose, as he had done on the third evening of their honeymoon.
The sex on the first two days had been great, but the third day and each
subsequent day had been even better, as he fucked her everywhere he could
in every position he could imagine.
Since she was still seated on his lap, lifted up by his erection
under the sheets, and she was leaning forward, her tight little ass was
pushing out, presenting an admirable, apple like rear-end. He reached
up past her hips and cupped one tight little asscheeks.
Lois tried to pull back from the kiss to say something, Clark
tried to follow and they toppled over. The kiss was broken, but Lois
didn't speak, she just laughed, then squealed happily as he buried her
face into her neck.
She spread her legs beneath him, and the sheet, which had followed
them over due to his erection and remained between them, was quickly
ripped away.
Clark grabbed his boxers and didn't bother to pull them down
past his ankles or even his knees, but just ripped the material away
even as he pulled up her nightgown. Her panties were already beginning
to soak through, but seconds later he was ripping them away too.
"Clark! I just brought those!"
"I'll rip them all up!" he growled at her, smiling,"You can just
go without panties forever!"
"Clark!" she laughed.
But despite her protests her hips were already lunging up, her
shaven, trimmed pussy-hair a magnificent sight to behold. She slid her
crotch up against once muscled thigh, moaning happily as the
harder-than-steel muscle pressed down on her cunt and she left a light
trail of her flowing lubrication behind.
"Okay then, Clark," she laughed, not bothering to question what
had come over him, just enjoying the moment,"Stop talking about what you're
going to do and. DO. ME!"
Clark grabbed his wife by the back and pulled her chest up to
his mouth, suckling on her nipples, playing with her hard, erect nipples
with teeth and tongue.
Clark Kent - Superman - slid one hand between his wife's - Lois
Lane - thighs, cupping her hot cuntmound in his hand. He pressed the
palm of his hand against her clitoris even as he sucked on her tits and
rubbed his large, rock-hard cock against her smooth, toned thigh, a hot
throbbing member that seemed to send pulses of erotic sensation throughout
Lois' entire body.
He pulled his lips away from her tits, sat up and slid his hands
down under her firm, toned buttcheeks. He lifted her hips slightly, then
he pressed his own hips forward, the tip of his hard cock pushing against
her ready, willing pussy, ready to give her the fucking of a lifetime.


Dinah lifted her ass up as Dominic slid her panties down, he did
it slowly, sensuously, running the fabric down over her thighs, her knees
and ankles, pulling it off first one foot, then the other. Somehow it
seemed like the fabric of her panties was connected to her flesh and to
his, sending thrills of pleasure through both their bodies.
- This is it, - she thought, - Completely naked, I've got nothing
to hide from him now. -
The strange turn of events no longer bothered her, it seemed
perfectly natural that she should be with him, together as man and woman
despite the short amount of time they'd spent together.
His eyes ran up her body slowly, taking all of her in. Her
perfectly formed feet, her ankles, knees and thighs all formed together
to make a pair of the sexiest legs ever seen. Between her slightly
parted thighs was a thin rectangle of black pubic hair, she shaved her
cuntlips out of necessity, given the rather revealing nature of her
costume, although she had to admit to a secret thrill whenever she shaved
her regrowth.
His eyes stayed momentarily between her legs, then moved up onto
her flat, toned waist, then her nice, firm breasts, which had rolled
somewhat to the side, although it was barely noticeable. Her dark pink
nipples were erect, pointed at the ceiling, straining forward from her
breasts, buzzing with sensation.
Again his eyes strayed for a moment on her breasts, then he
moved up her slender neck to her beautiful face, framed by her glorious,
wavy blond hair.
He stared into her beautiful, blue-gray eyes with a look on his
face approaching wistfulness.
"So beautiful," he murmured almost imperceptibly, then he began
moving up over her, running his arms along the outside of her thighs,
over her hips and up to her breasts, until he was on all fours above
His presence was not looming, more comforting, like she was
finally complete. He didn't leap on her and beginning humping at her
like a rabid dog, instead he leaned down and kissed her again, softly,
And then he was in her, before she even knew it, his member was
entering her, sliding in with an almost familiar ease. She stretched
back, arching her back and biting her lower lip, moaning in pleasure as
she once again felt a real, live cock pushing up inside of her, filling
her up.
She realized that she hadn't even seen his penis, that her eyes
had been on his face almost the entire time, focused on his dark brown
eyes even when he'd stripped his clothes off. And even now, she couldn't
take her eyes from his, as he slowly moved up and down, pushing in and out
of her in a steady rhythm.
Every push of his cock into her cunt and every withdrawal seemed
to double her pleasure. Her hands gripped tightly to the sheets, her
toes balling and hips rising up to meet him as he slid in and out of her.
All thoughts of Oliver, her alter-ego as The Black Canary, Oracle or even
the rape she had brought up only half an hour ago had faded, all she knew
was that she was with Dominic, that he made her feel good, safe, secure
and loved.
He lowered his face to hers and lightly kissed her lips, then her
cheeks, her chin and forehead, the crook of her neck and the top of her
chest. Each kiss seemed to buzz lightly on her skin even as he moved
away, her skin hypersensitive, reacting to even the slightest touch.
He shifted his hips slightest, changing the angle of his cocks
entry inside of her parted, eager cuntlips. The top of his cock rasped
along her clitoris, driving her wild, making her moan and cry out in
Dominic was a gentle, sensitive lover, but also a very confident
one. He didn't pause everytime she cried out to check if she was all
right, he didn't spend all his time worrying about if he was doing the
right thing, he just did the right thing.
He lifted his upper body up by extending his arms, locking them
into place, while he pressed his hips down, getting deeper penetration
at a further angle, increasing both their pleasure.
Dinah moaned happily, it was so good, this was sex as it was
supposed to be. Guilt-free, angst-free, pleasurable to both sides with
no worries and no misconceptions.
"So beautiful," Dominic moaned again, staring down at her lust
driven face, flushed with pleasure, her hair plastering to her forehead
as sweat flowed from her skin. Her mouth was wide open, her eyes half
closed and her face pushing further and further back into the pillow
beneath her as she forgot all about Dinah Laurel Lance, all about The
Black Canary, all about Oliver Queen and Oracle. All that her thoughts
were focused on now was the pleasure, the sensation of sex with this
wonderful man, this man who was everything to her now.
And as Dominic gleefully plunged in and out of the sexy
superheroine's cunt, her clasping lips tugging and sucking back on his
meat, trying to keep him deep inside of her, the look in his eyes changed
slightly, from sexual gratification to an almost contemptuous look of
pleasure as he fucked The Black Canary harder and harder.


Clark Kent, otherwise known as Superman, moaned in pleasure,
feeling his wife's hot, tight cunt squeezing around his cock.
The Man Of Steel crammed inch after inch of his penis into Lois'
tight little pussy, gritting his teeth, throwing back his head, his eyes
squeezed shut.
As was usually the case, he could only get just over half of his
member into his wife's tight little snatch at first. And so he fucked six
inches of Kryptonian cock in and out of her, sliding his meat back and forth
into her juicy, tight, clinging cuntlips. Her hot little pussy was
gripping onto him as she slammed her hips up to meet his, only the tightness
of her cunt keeping their hips from slamming together, for now anyway.
Her head was thrown back against the base of the bed, her feet
pressing into the pillows at the head of the bed. She stared up at her
husband with wide eyes as he fucked in and out of her, getting more and
more of his meat inside of her with each thrust into her tight, shaven
Her beautiful, toned white legs were spread out on either side
of her husband's thrusting hips, lifting up with each downward thrust
of his cock into her. As Clark fucked her harder and deeper, grinding
more and more of his cock inside of Lois' sucking cuntlips, her legs
lifted higher and higher, as Superman pushed his cock deeper and deeper
into her steadily juicier fuckhole.
He lifted his ass up as his hips pulled back, getting more of
his cock out, meaning he could shove even more in to Lois' tight little
pussy, which seemed to suck in another inch with every thrust of his
cock into her.
He was almost fully inside of her now, fucking eight inches of
long, supercock deep into her cunt, his eyes crawling all over her body
lavisciously, taking in her bouncing, sweat-glistening breasts, her
firm waist, her sweat-plastered hair sticking to her flushed face, her
open mouth letting out moans of pleasure as her eyes rolled back in her
head and she gave herself up to the intense feeling of getting fucked by
The Man Of Tomorrow.
With a hungry growl, Clark let his arms bend so that his head
dropped down to just above her chest. He opened his mouth and grabbed
one light pink nipple into his mouth, sucking in some of the tit flesh
around it and sucking hungrily on her erect, straining nipples.
Lois' cunt was incredibly tight around his dick, gripping onto
him like a hot vise, but also sucking on his cock like a wet tube, the
mixed sensation were incredible, and were driving Clark towards the
He pumped his cock up and down, lifting his hips up until his
cock seemed as if it must end and pull loose, then dropping back down and
finally cramming every last inch of his cock down into Lois Lane's hot,
tight little fuck-box.
One hand kneaded and massaged the tit that wasn't in his mouth,
feeling the warm, yielding titflesh as he sucked on the other. His cock
plunged deep inside of her and he ground his hips hard against hers with
each meeting of hip against hip.
Her hot, tight little cunt felt so good, so tight and juicy
that all Clark could think of was shoving every last inch deep inside of
her and shooting his cum. He proceeded to attempt just that, fucking
hard into her, feeling her hips raise up to meet his own, rubbing her
clit tight against the base of his cock. He slammed his long, swollen
meat deep inside of her juicy cunt, fucking her with strong, deep strokes
of his prick.
Lois lifted and contracted her tight all ass, which was dripping
with sweat and making her squirm around on the sheets. Crazily, she
actually thought to herself in the throes of passion that she'd have to
change the sheets tomorrow.
She was fucking back at him with everything she had, which wasn't
easy considering that he was Superman. She managed to meet the speed
and timing of his thrusts, but she was growing more and more fatigued,
but feeling more and more sexually gratified.
She wrapped her long legs around Clark's waist in an attempt
to keep him close, wanting to feel his cock deep inside of her always,
but when Superman wanted to pull back, not much could stop him. The end
result was that her legs were sawing back and forth across his back, which
actually began to arouse them both even more.
Her body began to tremble in ecstasy, her moans of excitement
as her body's muscles began to lock up, as they always did before she
climaxed. Clark seemed to sense this, and pulled his mouth from her
tit to stare up at her. Their eyes locked and they stared at each other,
wanting to see the moment of orgasm. Her flushed, sweating face was a
clear indication that she was close to gushing, while Clark, despite his
grunts of pleasure and ecstasy, had only a slight flush in his face and
muss in his hair, with not even a light sheen of perspiration.
Lois' tits rose and fell rapidly as her breathing came more and
more quickly, sweat glistened all over her toned, sexy body. Her legs
were locked tightly around his waist, her hips grinding up hard against
his fucking cock as she moaned and squealed happily.
Her cunt was clamping tighter around his cock than it had before,
sucking on his cock, tugging it back down inside of her.
"CLARK!!" she squealed,"IT'S COMING, IT'S COMING!!!"
Her body seized up totally, her legs locking around his waist
so tight that Clark realized pulling back now would do an injury, so he
just shoved his cock deep into her cunt, which was squeezing so tight
on his prick now that an ordinary man would probably have had bruising
the next day.
Lois' moans were getting so loud now, coming so close together
that she was having trouble breathing. She'd held back orgasming as
long as possible purely for her own pleasure, because she found the moment
just before orgasm to be such a high she wanted it to last forever. Now
she gave up on trying to last any longer and allowed herself to release,
her juices exploding from her cunt and spraying out in small sprays from
her cock-stuffed cunt. He pulled back slightly, and before he could
slam back in to the now juicy heat of her pussy, her juices flowed out
over his balls, her asscheeks, and the sheets.
She let out a squeal of absolute, total sexual ecstasy, then
went limp beneath him, her legs falling to his sides as he continued
to fuck her. She was still conscious, but in a state of post-orgasmic
shock, her body lying beneath him, her chest rising and falling rapidly,
breasts moving erotically up and down as she tried to tune back in to the
real world after such fantastic pleasure.
Clark continued fucking her now incredibly sensitive cunt, then
looked up at her well fucked body and grinned fiercely, making a low
growling noise in the back of his throat.
He grabbed her hips and pulled his hips back, his long cock
finally popping out of her cunt, her juices flowing out of her gaping
cunt before her pussylips relaxed slightly and closed somewhat.
"Lois!" growled Clark, then flipped her easily about onto her
stomach. Lois' eyes widened slightly, but the same happy, sated smile
remained on her face as he lifted her up onto her knees, her face buried
into the bed, her tight apple of an ass pointed straight up at him.
He grabbed her by the hips and with ease shoved his cock back into
tight, well fucked pussy, then began to fuck her even harder than before.
Lois just moaned happily as her firm, rounded breasts bounced
back and forward and her asscheeks seemed to have a small shockwave pass
through them each time Clark's hips smacked against her firm, tight little
ass as hey cunt clung tightly to his hard cock.
He fucked her hard and fast, fucking her with short, quick hard
thrusts with his pleasure more in mind than hers. She'd cum, now it was
his turn.
He ground his hips hard against her asscheeks, his cock crammed
fully into her cunt as he released his cum, shooting his sperm deep into
her fuckchannel. He still remembered his fear the first time they'd
fucked, his irrational worries that when he came he might send her flying
across the room. Of course he hadn't, and after that he'd become more
confident in their sex.
"AH.... Lois," he moaned, gripping onto her thighs, he made a
couple more thrusts into her tight little pussy, then leaned forward
and rested his head against her back, his arms draped over her sides,
his hips pressed against her ass. They lay like that for quite some
time, eventually he rolled off her, his cock pulling out with a wet,
sluicing noise, and lay next to her, holding her close to him, his crotch
pressed against her buttocks.
A satisfied smile on his face.


Dinah felt it building, it seemed as if her orgasm had been
coming from the moment Dominic had slid his cock into her. Every thrust
of his prick into her pussy just seemed to increase the growing pleasure
she was feeling.
"Oh... Dominic, I can.... don't stop!" she groaned, her hands
coming up and feeling up her own breasts, something she had never done
during sex before. She fingered her nipples, twisting the straining,
erect nipples between thumb and forefinger, feeling the sensations running
through her body, which intensified with every stroke of her fingers,
every thrust of Dominic's cock.
"Yes, yes!" grunted her lover, his hips sliding in and out of
The Black Canary's snatch faster and faster, riding along her clitoris,
her cunt gripping and sucking back on his cock.
She'd never enjoyed being so submissive before, she could happily
do this forever, just lie back and let him fuck her for all eternity,
staring at his face, his eyes, his hypnotic eyes.
"Mine," he whispered, staring down at her,"You feel good, Dinah?
Are you enjoying yourself?"
"Yes," she moaned, then let out a gasp as she felt the first
pre-cursor of her orgasm.
"Yes," he moaned, leaning further forward, his eyes seeming
to capture and lock her gaze into place.
"Yes!" she repeated, the felt it happen, felt herself let go,
her orgasm coming and her entire body just seeming to totally relax,
to let go.
And as cum gushed from her cunt, all over Dominic's cock, she
felt something similar happen to her mind. It relaxed, then let go,
all her inhibitions and safely guarded secrets forgotten, all her worries
and fears disappearing into Dominic's deep, brown eyes.
"Ahhhhhh," she moaned, a cry of deep release,"Ahhhh."
Dominic grunted, and pushed his hips forward hard, his cock buried
entirely inside of her, then he cried out happily and shot deep inside
of her, looking hard into her eyes.
"Mine," he whispered,"All mine forever."
"Yes," she gasped, her hands lying limply on her breasts, her
legs casually spread, his cock pressed deep inside of her. His entire
demeanour had become completely relaxed, almost as if he was going to
collapse in a pile of goo.
"Anything I want," he whispered to her, staring into her eyes
and smirking,"Anything at all."
"Anything," Dinah whispered.
"Anything," he repeated with a smile, then pulled free from her,
rolling over and lying on the bed beside her.
They lay silently for a few moments, then a shadow fell over
Dinah's body. A woman stood next to the bed, staring down at Dinah with
bemused contempt.
"One of the Founders of The Justice League Of America," said the
woman, smiling at Dominic,"How easy it was to get at her."
The woman had large, long purplish hair which ran all the
way down to her firm ass, accentuated by the skin-tight,
figure-hugging green costume which ran over her entire body, over
her legs, waist and breasts, to a single strap running over her left
shoulder. She wore green metal straps around her arms, three on her
left arm and one of her right. On the right arm the strap was over
her forearm, on the left it was just below her shoulder, with
two other straps on the forearm. Her gloves were a slightly
darker shade of green than the bodysuit she was wearing.
A green belt ran around her waist with a thin strip of
dark green material running down over her crotch. On her left thigh
sat a pocket pouch, attached by small clasps which attached to the
belt and also ran around her inner thigh.
A green metal ring ran around the lower part of her left
thigh and she wore knee high green boots that looked to be made from
a crumpled kind of leather. Over her breasts were bark-like breast
guards that acted like an external bra, it had leaf-like chains hanging
off that circled around to her back.
She wore green mascara above her eyes and bone earrings on her
ears, and despite her great beauty she had a hardness about her which
took away from her attractiveness.
"Circe," muttered Dominic, as if she was more an annoyance to
him than a surprise. Her eyes narrowed slightly at the perceived insult,
as a Sorceress who had once manipulated several pantheons of god's into
going to war against each other, she wasn't used to being treated like
an underling.
Then again, Dominic wasn't just anybody.
"How proceeds the plan?" he asked her, ignoring the comment
about the naked superheroine next to him, who didn't react to the other
woman's presence at all,"Is everyone else fulfilling their ends of the
"So far, yes," replied the woman,"Oracle has been neutralized
by her attempts to solve the Green Lantern and Huntress mysteries, which
had also taken The Flash out of the picture. Aquaman was easy to deal
with, diverted by a threat to his precious ecological sensibilities.
WonderWoman is, as you know, neutralized, as is The Manhunter, while
Orion has not made an appearance, just as you predicted. If you've
taken care of Superman and Batman like you said you would, I don't foresee
any problems from Steel, Big Barda or Plastic Man, of course."
"The Joker?"
"Being taken care off as we speak."
"Good," said Dominic with a smile, then slapped at Circe's hand
as the Sorceress ran a finger up Dinah's waist,"Don't do that."
Circe's eyes narrowed again, but she did as she was told, and
put her arm back to her side.
"I want WonderWoman's indoctrination sped up," Dominic muttered,
as at ease making instructions in the nude next to an incredibly beautiful
naked superheroine as he would have been fully dressed in a boardroom,"And
I want Catwoman brought in as soon as possible, when can we have our
triggerwoman out?"
"Once Joker is taken care off," returned Circe,"She can be out
almost immediately."
"I love this city," chuckled Dominic,"Can you imagine trying to
pull this off in Metropolis!"
He laughed at the joke, but Circe remained serious.
"The machine?"
"Those pathetic scientists of yours are salivating all over it,"
Circe said contemptuously, rolling her eyes,"They don't even seem to
notice me while they're working on it."
"I can hardly imagine that," said Dominic with a smile, casting
an appreciative eye up Circe's lithe, sexy body. Circe allowed a small
smile to cross her lips and her own eyes darted down Dominic's body, then
she went serious again, back to business.
"Well?" he asked her, seeing that she wasn't finished reporting
yet,"What is it?"
"It's just... all your plans and designs...." she trailed off,
unsure of how to continue.
"Well, what?" he snapped, his eyes narrowing, the same hypnotic
brown eyes that had captivated The Black Canary had now taken on a hard,
bitter glint.
"You haven't said anything about the Angel," she said at last.
Dominic frowned slightly, then waved an arm at Circe, dismissing
her like one would a servant. Even though she was unused to being treated
in such a cavalier fashion, she turned and faded into the shadows along
the wall.
- I'll remember each and every one of those superior little
gestures, - Circe thought to herself with a grim grin, - And make you
answer to each one. -
Then she was gone.
Dominic sat naked on the bed, next to Dinah's nude body. The
superheroine hadn't responded to Circe's presence, not even when the
Sorceress had ran a finger over her waist. She just lay on the bed,
a slight smile on her face, looking completely and totally content.
But Dominic did not.
His eyes had narrowed, and a light frown crossed his lips before
he finally spoke.
"The Angel... I'll take care of The Angel."

End Part 06 Of 25.
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