Sunday, June 27, 2004

Sex story

"The Lottery" - Part 11 (mf, oral, mast, con, non-con)

Jack woke up at six o'clock and climbed out of the
cabin. He stretched and walked to the back of the
boat to relieve himself. With his morning duties out
of the way, he flipped the battery switch to the
number one battery and went forward to the helmsman
position. He turned on the blower and waited a few
minutes for the bilge to clear of any fumes. He then
turned on the radar and while it warmed up he turned
on the rest of the electronics. The screen of the
radar was clear, indicating no adverse weather
conditions. Jack turned the key and the engine
cranked then came to life. He revved the cold engine,
watching the gages on the dash. The boat sat idling
while Jack removed the foul weather curtains and
stored them away.

Tom was the next one to exit the cabin, rubbing his
eyes. He walked to the back of the boat to talk with
Jack. He chatted with his cousin as he stood against
the side peeing into the water.

"Are the girls up yet?" Jack asked.

"Yes" he replied, "They said they would be out in a
few minutes."

Kim and Sally straightened the cabin, putting away
the sleeping bags and other things that were strewn
about. They went outside and greeted their brothers,
commenting on how they had slept. The teens milled
around the deck, looking at the steep walls of rock
and tall trees that had provided a sanctuary during
the storm. The tops of the trees were perfectly
still, indicating a lack of any wind. The smooth
water of the small cove reflected an image of the boat
in the morning light.

Sally walked up to Tom and whispered into his ear,
"You owe me one."

Tom, his face turning red, smiled nervously and nodded.

Telling Tom to pull the anchor, Jack jumped into his
seat ready to head for home. The anchor stored, Jack
eased the boat out of the cove into the lake. The
water was cloudy from the storm. Jack pushed the
throttle forward and started the journey back to the
beach house. Pushing the buttons on the GPS for their
temporary homeport, he saw that they were thirty-five
miles away. With the lake as flat as it was he felt
that they could be back in about two hours.

The radio barked out the name of his boat, and Jack
responded to the call. It was his dad checking to be
sure they had survived the storm. Jack told him that
all was ok and gave him their ETA.

Kim and Sally went to the back of the boat and stood
in the cool morning air. The wind pressed their thin
nylon suits against their bodies. Their nipples were
visible, the brisk temperature caused them to stand
erect. The girls talked about the night and the
things that had happened with their brothers. Sally
told Kim about her first experience with oral sex and
the taste of Tom's cum.

Kim asked Sally, "Do you think you would go all the
way with him?"

"I don't know, the messing around we have done so far
has been fun, but to really do it..."

Kim told Sally that she was also confused and didn't
really know where all of this activity was leading.
They agreed that it might just be the vacation and the
opportunities that had presented themselves.

Sally said, "In a few weeks we will be back in school
and things are sure to be different."

Kim nodded and turned her attention to the lake,
watching the shoreline zip by.

Jack and Tom also talked about the night's adventures
and the contact with their sisters.

Tom asked Jack, "Do you think you would fuck her?"

"Who?" Jack asked.


"Are you nuts, she is my little sister!" Jack seemed
aggravated with Tom's questions. "Besides what if I
knocked her up? Or if Sally got pregnant?"

Tom told Jack that he hadn't really thought about it.
He just couldn't help thinking about the girls and the
things the four of them had done in the past weeks.

"Our dads would beat the crap out of us and we would
be grounded for years if they knew what we have done
let alone anything more." Jack said.

"I know, but I get a hard-on thinking about it," Tom

Jack told Tom that they would be the laughing stock
of their new school if any of the guys there ever
found out. Jack changed the subject and the boys
talked about what they were going to do for the last
few days of the vacation.

"I would sure like to take our dads out fishing, now
that we know how to catch these big fish," Tom said.

Jack agreed and told his cousin that they should talk
to them about it when they get back.

Jack told the girls he could see the house. Kim and
Sally came up to the front and stood with their
brothers. The pier was in sight, and the kids could
see their parents standing at the end of it, waiting
for them. The two girls returned to the rear of the
boat. They stretched over the side and waved at their
parents. The four adults waved at the approaching
boat, feeling relived that their children had returned

Jack eased the boat into the slip and Don and Marc
helped tie it up. The girls climbed out onto the dock
and their mothers immediately hugged them.

"We are so glad you are home safe!" Marge told the

"We worried all night." Anne added.

The boys talked with their fathers as they pulled the
fish out and put them into the cooler that was on the
dock. Jack and Tom each grabbed a handle and carried
the heavy load up the hill to the beach house.

Anne said, "I'll bet you kids are starved. What do
you want for breakfast?

They told the women it didn't matter, they were so
hungry they could eat anything.

Marge and Anne went into the kitchen to fix the
morning meal, while the boys and their dads took the
fish to the cleaning hut.

Kim and Sally went upstairs to clean up, taking quick
showers and changing into clean clothes.

The two families gathered on the porch and sat down
to eat. Kim and Sally talked endlessly between their
mouthfuls of food, going on about how Jack and Tom had
been so brave and quick thinking. They told their
parents about the large waves and wind, and how Jack
had found the cove and Tom had gotten the boat there

Don and Marc swelled with pride hearing about their
son's bravery. Marge and Anne's eyes filled with
tears as they realized that their children were
growing up. Their sons were crossing the threshold of
manhood, and the little girls they have cherished,
were on the verge of becoming women.

The families sat and talked about the last few days
of this trip and what they were going to do. Jack and
Tom told their dads they would like to take them
fishing. Marc and Don agreed to go in the morning and
then they could load the boat for the trip home. The
girls said that they wanted to work on their tans and
maybe do a little shopping with their moms. Marge and
Anne thought it would be fun to spend the day with
their daughters. They decided that tomorrow night
they would go to a nice restaurant for dinner.

For the rest of the day everyone just laid around the
house and got some much needed rest. Jack and Tom
took the boat to the gas dock to fill the near empty
tanks. Don and Marc went and played nine holes of
golf. The women cleaned the house.

Kim and Sally were in their room talking about the
adventure they had experienced. Kim looked at the bed
and suddenly stopped talking.

"What's wrong?" Sally asked. Kim pointed at the bed
with the look of fear covering her face.

"Oh no!" Sally cried. The two young teens stared at
the bed, freshly made.

"Do you think they saw the blood?" Kim asked.

"I don't know how they could have missed it," Sally
replied. For the rest of the day the girls tried to
avoid contact with their moms.

The day passed quickly, and soon it was time for
dinner. Don cooked burgers on the grill and everyone
ate and watched the sun set. It was about nine
o'clock when Tom and Jack said they were going to turn
in. Shortly after, the girls went to their room and
went to bed.

The next thing the girls knew, their moms were
jumping on their bed and telling the girls to get up.
Anne and Marge were laughing and bouncing around like
a couple of little kids. The girls pulled the covers
over their heads trying to escape the two women, who
had obviously gone crazy. Anne gripped the blankets
and jerked them off the teens, revealing two topless,
panty clad girls. Ignoring their state of undress
they told their daughters to get dressed so they could
go shopping. Kim and Sally sat up and said they would
be ready in a little while.

"What's it like outside?" Sally asked.

"It is just gorgeous!" Marge told her niece.

Kim asked, "What are we going to do this morning?"

"Anything you two want to," Marge replied. The moms
left telling the girls to get going.

Kim and Sally took showers and dressed in shorts and
tank tops, fixed their hair and went down stairs.
They sat at the table while the two women fixed them

"Why are you two being so silly?" Kim asked.

"Silly?" Marge said, "Who is being silly?"

With that she gave Anne a pat on the butt, skipped
over to Kim and planted a kiss on her lips. The girls
laughed at their mother's silliness and ate the cereal
and juice in front of them.

Jack, Tom, and their dads had left at six and were
fishing a spot that had been productive earlier in the
vacation. The boys showed their dads how to set the
lines and watch the rods. They hadn't trolled for
twenty minutes when one of the rods went off and Jack
grabbed it and handed it to his uncle. Marc fought
the fish and Tom netted it after a good fight. Soon
another fish was on and Don landed this one. After
resetting the rods the four guys stood waiting for the
next one. Don and Marc told the boys how proud they
were of them and thanked them for taking such good
care of their sisters.

Back at the house, the girls sat on the porch and
waited for their mothers to come and join them.

"Do you think they will say anything about the
sheets?" Sally asked Kim.

Kim shrugged her shoulders and said, "They sure are
acting strange."

The girls talked and their moms came out and sat with
them. The four talked, trying to agree on an
activity. It was determined that they could go
shopping anytime and it would be a shame to waste such
a nice day inside. They all went into the house to
change into bathing suits for a walk on the beach and
some sunbathing.

As the two girls bounded up the stairs, Anne called
to them, "Wear your new ones girls."

Sally and Kim changed into the skimpy suits their
moms had purchased for them, and put on short wrap
around skirts. They went down stairs and found their
mothers in the same outfits, although they also had
unbuttoned shirts on. The four of them left the house
and walked down to the beach. Looking in the
direction of their secluded sunbathing spot, they saw
other people walking in the sand.

Anne and Marge removed their shirts, and the four
women walked along the waters edge, their tiny tops
only covering the areola and nipples, allowing a view
of most of their breasts. As they walked along, they
passed a couple of teenage boys, about the same age as
the girls. They had trouble not staring at the women
as they passed with in a couple of feet of them.
After they had passed, Kim removed her skirt and put
it into the bag she carried, glancing over her
shoulder. She saw the boys stopped and watching her
and her companions walk away.

Kim told her mom and her aunt and cousin overheard
her. Sally was next to remove her skirt. The two
teen's firm butts were on display for anyone to see.

Anne said, "I wonder how these suits will hold up in
the water?"

Marge replied, "There's only one way to find out."
The two adults removed their skirts and the mothers
and daughters walked into the lake.

They swam and splashed around for a while and decided
to continue their walk. Coming out of the water, Kim
spotted the teenage boys walking back in their
direction. No one paid any attention to them as the
mother and daughter teams walked slowly in the wet
sand along the waters edge.

Kim whispered onto Sally's ear, "Those boys are
following us."

Sally nodded, letting Kim know that she was aware of
their presence. The girls could feel the thin strap,
that ran between their legs, massage them as they
walked. Kim, feeling very sexy, surprised her mother
and aunt by turning around, walking back to the boys
and kissing one of them. She quickly jogged back to
her group and continued along.

"Kim, you are terrible," her mother said, "why did
you do that to that poor boy?"

Kim just smiled and told her mother that she just
felt like teasing him.

The women found a spot, spread their towels out, and
reclined in the warm noonday sun. Kim saw the young
boys walking slowly past them. She rose up, placing
her hands behind her to provide support and watched
the two as they looked at the scantly clad females.
She smiled at the boys and asked where they were from.
The teens said they lived in town and often came to
the beach. They chatted for a few minutes then the
boys walked off.

"I'll bet they come back," Anne said.

They all laughed and Kim returned to the same
position and the rest of the women. Just as Anne had
predicted, the boys walked back by the nearly nude

After about an hour in the sun, they got up and
headed back towards the beach house. The few people
that shared the beach with them turned and watched as
they walked by. Kim and Sally walked a few feet in
front of their moms talking about the reaction of the
two boys they had encountered.

"It was exciting, watching those boys," Kim said,
I'll bet we made them hard!"

Sally giggled and said, "You're right, I was getting
a little turned on watching them look at us." The
girls continued to chatter, as they maintained the gap
between their mothers.

Anne and Marge also talked as they watched their
fourteen-year-old daughters. They looked at the
girl's narrow waists and flared hips were developing a
sway as they walked.

"What are we going to do with those two?" Marge
asked her sister-in-law.

"I don't know, they seem to be growing up so fast,"
Anne said, "They will be fifteen soon and this is
their first year of high school. I hope they like the
new school, and are able to meet new friends. It is
so hard to leave everything behind and move."

Marge agreed and added, "Do you think the boys will
find that school fun?"

"I am not sure," Anne said, "Their fathers insisted
on the private academy, they felt the kids would get a
better education there, and find other kids that have
the same interests."

Marge went on to say that Jack had mentioned that the
school didn't have a football team, but lacrosse and
soccer teams.

"I know," Anne replied. "Don said that may a
drawback because the boys enjoy football. I still
remember the fun we had on game nights."

"Well I can remember that the girls all hung around
the football players, hoping to get a date with one.
Maybe the girls at the new school are the same way
about lacrosse and soccer players." Marge said. The
two women continued to talk about the upcoming school
year as they neared the beach house.

It was about three-thirty when the four women got
back to the large porch. Turning to the girls, Anne
said, "Want to get in the hot tub for awhile?"

They agreed and walked over to large tub. Marge
flipped on the switch that started the water swirling,
creating white foam on its surface. The teens started
to climb into the turbulent water, but Anne stopped
them. Removing the top of her suit, she told the
girls that the chemicals in the tub would ruin their
new suits.

Their moms, now nude, stepped into the water and sank
below its frothing surface. Kim and Sally glanced at
each other and removed the tiny suits, joining their
moms. The girls lounged in the tub, letting the warm
water lap at their bodies.

Kim said, "You know, we have been here for over three
weeks and this is only the second time I have been in

Marge and Anne watched their daughters. Kim slid
next to Sally and whispered something in her ear. Kim
moved back to her original spot, and Sally adjusted
her position. Her mom and aunt saw a smile come
across her face and her eyes widen.

"You found one!" her mother said.

"What?" Sally replied to Anne.

"One of the water jets," Anne said, smiling.

Sally had indeed found one of the jets her cousin had
told her about, she sat in just the right position,
allowing the pulsating water to massage her vagina.

"Now we each have one," Marge laughed.

The four women relaxed in the tub, allowing the water
to gently masturbate them. It wasn't the type of
stimulation that would bring an earth shattering
orgasm, rather a steady pressure that kept them on the
edge of sexual awareness. Watching their mothers, the
girls soon discovered that by moving their bottoms in
just the right way, they could control where the
stream of water struck them. The four of them sat in
silent meditation, their minds a thousand miles away.

The mood was shattered as a deep male voice said,
"Hi! What are you guys up to?"

Marc had startled them. They all opened their eyes
to see the four male members of the group standing on
the porch, having returned from their fishing trip.

"Dad!" Sally exclaimed, "Go away, we are naked!"

The two fathers laughed and the younger boys smiled.
Kim and Sally were sitting so only their heads were
exposed, their mothers on the other hand, sat a bit
higher and the tops of their breasts could be seen
briefly as the foamy water swirled causing the bubbles
to dissipate momentarily only to conceal them again.

"That's fine honey," Marc quipped, "We're hungry!
Let's get going." With that the men disappeared
around the side of the house, taking their catch to be

As they rounded the corner, Don added, "And dress

With their fathers and brothers out of view the young
girls scrambled out of the water and quickly concealed
their nude bodies with towels, wrapping them around
their backs and tucking the end between their breasts.
Marge and Anne exited with far less urgency, causally
drying themselves before wrapping their towels around
them and securing them in the same manor as their

"I am so embarrassed." Kim said.

The two adult women assured the girls that the men
were unable to see them and not to worry.

Kim and Sally gathered their things and went up to
their room. They talked about their dads and brothers
surprising them. They also talked about the water
jets and how they had turned the girls on. The teens
moved slowly around the room, getting ready for the
evening with the entire family. They showered,
touched up the neat trim of their pubic area, and
removed any unwanted hair with their razors. Like in
the past, each girl helped the other in shaving the
area they could feel, but not see. They used blow
dryers to shape their hair and applied a minimal
amount of make-up. Their parents did not allow them
to use too much of the stuff, limiting them to a
little eyeliner and mascara.

In the bedroom, Kim went to her dresser and selected
a very sheer bra and panty outfit. The yellow bra was
made of a very thin silky material and was almost
transparent. Kim put her arms through the thin straps
and hooked the clasp between her breasts. She
adjusted the small thin cups that crossed the top of
each firm breast just above the darker areola, and
then dove down to the string like band that joined the
two halves. Even though the garment was very
delicate, it did push Kim's breasts up, creating
cleavage. The thong panties were equally sheer, and
after steeping into them and pulling them into place,
Kim could clearly make out the thin strip of pubic
hair that adorned her pubic mound. She turned, and
looking over her shoulder in the full-length mirror,
positioned the thin band of material that left the
lacy waistband and disappeared between the cheeks of
her firm ass.

Sally nodded in approval at her cousin's choice of
lingerie. She selected a light blue push-up bra that
was very lightly padded and offered some unnecessary
support for her slightly larger breasts. Sally's bra
also closed in the front and had slightly wider
shoulder straps. Her matching thong panties completed
the sexy ensemble.

The girls retrieved the one-piece shorts outfits they
had purchased on one of their shopping adventures.
Sally stepped into the powder blue outfit and pulled
it up over her hips, putting her arms through the
holes of the sleeveless suit. She pulled up on the
small tab of the zipper; the form fitting knit
material hugged her trim body, accenting her in all
the right places.

Kim put the yellow matching suit on and zipped it up,
leaving a gap in the front that allowed the tops of
her breasts to show slightly. She examined herself in
the mirror; she noticed the lack of a panty line,
giving the impression that she was nude beneath the
garment. A slim valley formed between her butt
cheeks, defining the firm flesh of her bottom.

Satisfied that they were done, the girls went
downstairs the find their parents. The teens went out
onto the porch in search of their families. The guys
were sitting in the chairs that lined the long porch,
dressed in cotton slacks and pull over shirts that had
two or three buttons forming a V opening and collars.
The fathers let out low wolf whistles as they saw
their young daughters appear.

"Stop that Dad!" Sally told her father, "Where are
our moms?"

"Still dressing" Don answered.

The two brothers looked over their younger sisters,
unable to believe they could look so hot. Over the
past three weeks, the boys had seen them in the
smallest swimsuits they could imagine and completely
nude. They had played harmless little sex games and
even came at the hands of the girls, but now, standing
before them were the sexiest girls they had ever seen.
For a moment the boys forgot that they were their
sisters and saw them in a completely different light.

The mood was broken when Don said, "Go and hurry them
up, we are starved."

Kim and Sally, conscious of their brother's stares,
went in to find their moms.

Sally went to her parent's room and called out to
Kim, "They're in here Kim."

Kim went into her aunt and uncle's room and found her
mom and aunt, both dressed like her and Sally. Their
mothers were just finishing their make-up and were
ready to go.

When the four women stepped out onto the porch, the
men stood and starred in awe. Their eyes darted from
one of the women to the other, trying to absorb the

Marge finally said, "Ok guys, close your mouths and
let's go."

Everyone laughed and the eight family members went
through the house to the cars.

"Do you think we can all fit into one vehicle?" Don
posed the question to no one in particular.

"Sure," Tom said, "Jack and I will ride in the back
of the Suburban."

The men got into the front seat, the four women in
the backseat and Jack and his cousin into the
compartment to the rear. Don started the engine and
they left for dinner.

The restaurant was in the clubhouse of one of the
golf courses the men had played two weeks ago. The
dining room was on the second floor, with large
windows over looking the eighteenth green. The host
seated the group at a table that afforded an
unobstructed view. Having no interest in the game of
golf, the boys opted for the seats that put their
backs to the windows. They were far more interested
in looking at the four women that sat before them.

Their server, a girl about eighteen of nineteen,
dressed in a short black uniform, distributed menus to
each of them. Tom and Jack glanced at the scoop
neckline of her white blouse, revealing the tops of
her more than ample breasts. When she leaned to hand
Tom his list of fare, the material fell away slightly
providing a view of her white lacy bra. Don noticed
the boys, and told them to stop staring, after the
girl had left. Jack and Tom's faces reddened, and
their sisters giggled.

They made their selections and placed their orders
with the server. The dinner came in waves, starting
with soup, followed by salad and the entr´┐Że. The
family dined; talking about the wonderful vacation
they were experiencing, and about their next
adventure. They thought that maybe they get away
during winter break and go skiing, or to someplace
warm. Anne and Marge indicated that it would depend
on the kid's performance in school.

While they ate, Kim and Sally became aware of the men
in the dining room. Eyes were constantly being
directed towards the four women at the table. Kim
glanced down at her cousin, seated beside her. The
short outfit had ridden up her leg, exposing most of
her thigh. She noticed the same thing on her aunt on
the other side of her. Kim leaned close to Sally and
told her about their condition. Sally looked and
confirmed her cousin's observation.

They were waiting for desert when Sally asked Kim to
go with her to the bathroom. The teens excused
themselves, stood up adjusting the bottom of their
garments, and walked away from the table. As the
girls crossed the span to the restrooms, their
brothers, as well as most of the other men in the
dining room, found it difficult to divert their
stares. The firm flesh of the girls apparently panty
less rear-ends, swiveled with each step they took.
The girls, knowing the effect they were having on the
establishment's male cliental, deliberately accented
their movements. Marge and Anne quickly got up and
followed the girls to the restroom, having seen what
the teens were up to.

The two adults stood next to their daughters as Kim
and Sally primped in front of the mirror.

Anne spoke sternly, "Now you two stop that
immediately, you looked like a couple of little sluts
coming in here!"

Marge added, "Is that how you want guys to think of
you girls?"

Kim and Sally stood next to their mothers looking
down at the sandals they wore.

"No, I guess not," Sally said meekly, and then added,
"What about today on the beach?"

"There is a time and place for everything," Marge
said, "The beach is a place you expect to see people
barely dressed and acting sexy, in a restaurant or a
place like a mall it is inappropriate."

The girls listened as their mothers finished their
lecture on the virtues of a girl's behavior, and left
with them to return to the table after receiving
reassuring hugs.

Don quietly asked his wife if everything was ok.
Marge assured him it was under control and she would
talk to him later.

Having completed their meal, they sat and talked.
Don ordered after dinner drinks for the adults. The
four children asked if they could go outside and look
around. Their parents said ok, that they would be
ready to leave shortly. The four teens got up from
the table and headed for the exit, Marge and Anne
watched as their daughters walked away, like young

Tom and Don quizzed their spouses about the reason
they followed the girls. The mom's explained what
they had seen and the talk they gave the girls in the

"Oh to be fifteen again," Don said, Marc nodding in

"They are only fourteen," Marge reminded them.

"So shoot me for a couple of months," Marc said. The
women realized that Marc was right, that Sally would
be fifteen in a couple of weeks and Kim a month later.

The four finished their drinks and ordered coffee.
They talked quietly about their children and the
future for the kids. Marge and Anne informed their
husbands about some of the things they had discovered
about the girls, leaving out details about their
mutual activities. It was an hour later when Don paid
the bill and they went to find their children.

"I think I know how to handle this," Don said as they
stepped out into the darkening evening. "You guys
just follow my lead tonight, and we may be able to
resolve a lot."

Even though the other three adults had no idea what
he had in mind, Don had always been the leader of
their group and had never steered them wrong.

They found the four teenagers watching a flock of
geese that were gathered around a small pond. They
told them it was time to leave, and the group went to
the large Suburban and took the seats they had sat in
earlier. Very little was said on he short ride home.
Along the way, Don stopped at a store and went inside.
He returned carrying a large brown paper bag that hid
his purchase.

When they turned onto the road to the beach house,
Don said, "Tonight we are going to have a family

When he had parked the car, Don asked Marge to get a
couple of blankets and they made their way down the
hill to the small area near the beach that, days
earlier the teen's had watched their parents engage in
the strange sexual behavior. Don and Marc placed the
wood the owner had provided into the fire ring and
squirted charcoal lighter on it. Marc tossed a match
into the pile and the flames shot up, casting an
orange glow over the sandy area.

The moms and the girls spread the blankets on the
ground so that they could all see the lake. The boys
gathered some of the small logs and stacked them near
the fire so it would be easy to add to it. While
arranging the blankets Kim told her mother she was
sorry for her behavior at the restaurant, Sally also
apologized. The older women told them to forget about
it, but not to repeat it. Kim and Sally agreed and
sat on one of the blankets, removing their sandals.
The night was warm and the stars and quarter moon
illuminated the beach.

Marge and Anne sat on the other blanket, forcing the
boys to join their sisters.

Don and Marc were at the wooden picnic table, the
kids could not see what they were doing. Don
retrieved a bottle of red wine from the bag and a
stack of plastic cups. He removed the cork from the
bottle and began to pour the dull red liquid into the
cups. He filled four of the cups a little more than
half way, and filled the others to capacity. Don and
Marc carried the cups over to the blankets and handed
one to each of the teens. They returned to the table
and picked up the full cups handing one to each of
their wives.

The four teenagers stared into the cups at the wine.
Their parents had never before given them alcohol.

Don raised his cup and said, "I would like to propose
a toast to a great vacation and wonderful family."

Everyone raised their cups and said something short
and appropriate. The kids put the cups to their lips
and drank some of the wine. They could taste the
tartness of the drink and feel the warmth as they
swallowed. The adults drank slowly as the children
were quick to empty their cups of the forbidden

Don noticed their empty containers, went to the
table, and opened another bottle. He went to each
teen and asked if they would like a little more. Each
one presented their empty cup for a refill. Again Don
filled each cup half way. He told the teens to slow
down and enjoy it.

The combination of the fire and the wine warmed the
group. They sat quietly, mesmerized by the dancing
flames in front of them. Each of their minds replayed
the events of the past four weeks. Tonight was the
second to last night they would be here, tomorrow
would be spent, for the most part, preparing for the
trip home. Sally and Kim spoke to each other softly,
so only they could make out what was being said. Kim
told Sally to look up the hill, pointing with her
eyes. Sally glanced and took a deep breath as she
realized that the hiding place they had used to spy on
their parents was in plain view.

Don again was the one to speak, breaking the little
side conversations that the others were carrying on.
"Well," he said, "Is anyone up for a little late night

Marge and Anne looked at him in disbelief. They felt
they knew what was coming next and were not sure if it
was a very good idea. Nonetheless, they agreed with
Don, remembering his earlier statement.

Kim and Sally stood quickly as did Tom and Jack.
They felt the effect of the wine they had been
drinking and were a little dizzy.

Regaining her bearings, Kim said, "That sounds fun
lets go get out suits on."

Don undid the buckle of his belt, unfastened the
button of his pants, and lowered the zipper. As his
pants slid down his legs, the kids stood and stared.
Marge was next to open the front of her outfit and
pealed it down over her hips. She stood in her bra
and panties as Marc and Anne followed suit. Soon the
four parents were nude and headed to the lake.

Kim and Sally looked at each other, remembering the
day on the boat, and then quickly shed their clothing.
The boys were a bit more hesitant, but neither wanted
to be the odd man out and also stripped.

The teens followed their parents into the cool water
of the lake. The girls and their brothers waded past
the knee-deep water the adults had stopped in until
they were waist deep. Kim and Sally stood, watching
their parents frolic in the small waves, their arms
folded over their breasts. The moms and dads made
their way over to their children and splashed water at
them. Soon the teens relaxed a little and joined the
fun. They were splashing and diving into the water to
escape their foe.

After about thirty minutes of the games, Don said,
"I'm going back to the fire." With that, he began to
walk towards shore. Marge, Anne, and Marc followed as
the teens watched their naked parents exit the water.

Jack said, "I guess we should go too."

The four of them walked back to the blankets and
fire. They saw their parents sitting on their
blanket, joking, and laughing. Feeling very self-
conscious, the kids thought they might be the source
of their amusement.

Kim realized that there were no towels to dry off
with. She sat on the blanket, pulled her knees up
tightly to her bare chest, and wrapped her arms around
them. Sally sat next to Kim and matched her cousin's
position. The boys also returned to their spot on he
blanket, fidgeting to find a way to sit that would
mask their nudity.

Marc was putting more wood on the fire, causing it to
get larger. The now roaring fire provided more heat,
but also more light. While Marc was poking at the
fire with a long stick, trying to arrange the logs,
Don went to the table and picked up another bottle of
wine. He removed the cork and walked towards the four
very embarrassed teens as they sat quietly on the
covered sand.

"Would you like a little more wine?" he asked Kim.

"Sure," she replied, carefully removing one arm and
picking up her empty cup.

She could see her father's penis and balls, hanging
limply between his legs. In her mind she compared her
father to her brother, noting his was thicker and a
bit longer. As Don moved among the kids, pouring a
small amount of wine into each cup, Kim continued to
watch. She looked around at the others; she noted
that Sally was watching her dad and then her uncle.

The boys were staring across the fire at the two
adult women. Looking quite comfortable, their mothers
made no attempt to cover their naked bodies. Jack
looked at his mom's ample breasts and the large
extended nipples. He felt his penis growing again,
having been hard most of the time in the lake. His
eyes traveled down to her vagina. She was sitting
with her heels dug into the sand about a shoulders
width apart, her knees parted, providing her son with
a clear view of her hairless crotch. The fire cast an
orange glow over his mother, highlighting the
protrusion of her clitoris, between the puffy lips of
her vagina.

Each of the cousins looked and studied the adults,
who sat talking among themselves as if they were fully
dressed. As the teens watched their parents, it
appeared they didn't know they were present, let alone
nude. The teens sipped the wine that Don had given

Kim and Sally began to talk softly between
themselves, their brothers moving closer to hear what
was being said.

"What the hell is happening here?" Kim said.

The teens didn't have any idea what had come over
their parents. Soon, warmed by the fire and wine, Kim
and Sally began to relax, and moved around until they
were sitting cross-legged, in an Indian position. As
they talked they let their arms become more animated,
no longer trying to cover themselves.

Tom stretched his legs out in front of him and leaned
back on his rearward-extended arms. Jack laid on his
side, propping his head with one hand, his semi-erect
penis hanging against the top of his thigh. They had
all become somewhat accustom to their nudity and began
to behave like they were dressed.

Don stood up and began to pace between the teens and
their parents. He shuffled his feet in the sand.
Looking at his children and niece and nephew, he said,
"This is a lesson in human behavior. You (pointing at
the four youngsters) began this adventure embarrassed
and apprehensive and now you have started to accept
the circumstances." Don went on, telling them that
when their parents were young, sex and nudity was
taboo. He explained that the kids' grandparents had
taught them that seeing another person's body or
having any contact was dirty. Sex was only for making

The four teens listened carefully to their parent's
spokesman. Don went on to tell them that whenever
they did explore anything sexual, they felt guilty.

"We decided long ago, when we were first married,
that we wouldn't raise you guys like that. We also
want you to know that the things you are doing, have
done, or will do, have all been done before."

Don kept talking, telling the teens that he and their
parents have been together a long time, having met at
about the same age as they are now. He said that they
had gone skinny-dipping and even fooled around with
each other.

"Anne and I were told that it was not proper to see
the other's underwear, even if it wasn't on," he

Marc and Marge nodded their heads in agreement.

"For some unknown reason, it is terrible if you are
seen in your bra and panties," referring to the girls.
"However, you think nothing of parading around in a
bikini that reveals twice as much!"

Kim and Sally thought about that and had to agree.

Don told the teens that their lives have been changed
because of the money he had won in the lottery. He
said that it was up to them to handle that change. He
talked about the material things they were now able to
afford, but he said that was not happiness.

Rhetorically, he asked everyone if they were happy
before the windfall. He told them to be sure that
they remember that, and realize that a family can be
happy no matter what, if they love and trust each
other. Don explained that now that the girls were
starting high school and they all were going to a new
school they must be careful of the traps that await

"The new kids you meet may want you to do things, you
may not want to, in order to be accepted. Look around
you. Look at each other. This is who you are. No
fancy clothes or shiny cars, that's not what makes a
person, it's what you do, not what you have."

Pointing over to the blanket with the adults, he told
them about a time in high school that made him really
fall in love with Marge.

The night that Don was telling their kids about, was
right after a big victory over the team from the next
town, and their arch rivals. This was always the
biggest game of the year, and when their team won,
there was a bonfire and all school party at the park.

Marge's mind slipped back to the time she and Anne
were fifteen.

* * * *
They were cheerleaders on the junior varsity squad.
The captain of the varsity squad was Suzie Armstrong,
and was the most popular girl in school. Suzie only
dated the star football players and allowed a select
group of the other cheerleaders to be in her clique.
Marge and Anne wanted to be a part of the group and
felt they would do just about anything to get there.
She could remember following Suzie, along with an
entourage of other girls that waited to be invited in
to the 'A' crowd. To be accepted into this elite
group meant dates with the cutest guys and going to
the best parties.

Marge and Anne had begged their brothers, both first
string players on the team, to help them get in. Don
and Marc told the girls that they didn't want to be
part of that group of "stuck-up little bitches."
Marge and Anne persisted and the boys said that they
would see what they could do.

It was October, and the night was cool, but not cold.
The cheerleaders, still dressed in their uniforms,
stayed close to Suzie and the team. As the partygoers
began to disperse, Suzie made her rounds, handing
small slips of paper to a very select few. Anne and
Marge were shocked when this tall busty blonde
cheerleader pressed one of the cherished invitations
into each of their hands.

Suzie told the girls, "Don't blow it."

The two girls unfolded the paper and stared at the
address, even though they knew where they were going.

Suzie lived with her parents in a large house on the
edge of town, and often had parties for her friends.
Anyone attending one of these exclusive functions was
the envy of the school.

Marge and Anne walked towards the house, talking
about their good luck. As they turned a corner that
would lead them to Suzie's house, two other members of
the junior squad joined them. The four girls bounced
and giggled as they approached the two-story colonial
that sat on top of a hill. Starting up the drive, the
four girls realized that they were the only members of
the underclass cheerleading squad that had received an

The four young girls entered the house and were
directed to the large finished walkout basement.
Reaching the bottom of the stairs, they could see most
of the players and the other cheerleaders. The JV
squad's uniform displayed the school colors in the
reverse of the older girls. Marge and her friends
wore short red skirts with alternate white strips,
hidden within the three inch pleats, showing only when
they spun around, causing the skirts to flair out.
The top half of the outfit was a red sweater with
white lettering.

The four became separated among the fifteen or twenty
partiers. Marge and Anne searched for their brothers,
locating them near two sliding glass doors that led to
the back yard. As they made their way to the boys,
someone handed each of them a large plastic cup filled
with beer. They accepted the offering, commenting to
each other on the punishment that they would receive
if they went home drunk.

Anne and Marge walked up to the boys, who
acknowledged their presence, but were a bit cold, not
wanting the others to see them fraternizing with their
sisters. The girls tried to join the conversation,
only to be ignored. As they walked away, feeling hurt
by the two boys that they adored so much, Suzie came
up to them and told them she was glad they decided to
come. Their hostess had changed into tight jeans and
an equally tight sweater. The white sweater was very
thin and made Suzie's breasts seem larger than they
really were. Several of the buttons were undone,
showing a great deal of cleavage.

The two girls that Marge and Anne had arrived with
were talking with several members of the varsity
squad. They were speaking very low and changed the
subject when Anne and Marge walked up to them. The
older girls said hi and went off to another part of
the room leaving the four alone. Then Marge and Anne
sipped the cups of amber liquid they had received
earlier; the other two girls said they had refilled
their cups a few times.

The party was about two hours old. Marge and Anne
could see that some of the group started to show signs
of being a bit drunk, and had thinned out, leaving
about fourteen players and half as many girls. Suzie
turned down the loud music and announced it was time
to show the guys how grateful they were for the
victory. The two newcomers watched as the football
players moved to one side of the room, opening a large
area in front of the glass doors. Two of the
remaining varsity cheerleaders, and Susie walked to
the open area and started to do some simple cheers.

After a couple of the short routines, the four
younger girls were invited to join. Marge and Anne
got into the line along with their classmates and
tried to copy the actions of the older girls. Their
leader, Suzie, called for a cartwheel, and all of the
girls extended their arms over their heads and rolled
over, their legs strait in the air. The boys clapped
and cheered as they watched the girls in their brief
inverted position. Marge was the first to notice why
the boys were so vocal. The older girls had removed
their panties and were exposing themselves to the
boys. Upright again Marge told Anne what she had
witnessed. The next cheer involved a rapid spin,
causing the pleated skirts to flair, again exposing
the girls. Anne saw the naked flesh of the older
girls and looked at Marge, indicating she had no
desire to participate.

The show stopped and Suzie walked up the four new
girls and asked if they wanted to be part of the
group. Marge and Anne said that they couldn't do that
in front of all of the boys, the other two girls
nodded. Suzie explained, that if they wanted to be
part of the group, they had to join in, and it may be
their only chance.

The group of girls broke up, the older girls milled
around with the boys the younger girls discussed their
options. Marge and Anne simply refused while their
two friends said it was harmless and they wanted to be
included with the older girls so bad that they might
just do it. The four parted. Marge and Anne watched
as the other two went to the room with the beer and
refilled their cups. The two teens drank, non-stop,
until their cups were empty and refilled them again.
They set the plastic cups down, and reached under
their short skirts and removed their cheer panties and
underwear. Picking up the full beers, they found
Suzie and the other girls.

Marge and Anne looked on as the group reassembled and
began to cheer again, this time with two new bare
bottoms. The boys were yelling and encouraging the
two new girls as they spun and turned upside down.
The four exhibitionists huddled then turned and faced
their audience. They did a short cheer, ending in the
splits. Suzie knelt at the end of the line, unable to
do the splits in her tight jeans, and together the
girls removed their sweaters and bras.

Marge and Anne stood, mouths open, and stared at the
display. Lined up on the floor were five girls each
exposing their breasts to the now frenzied boys. The
quarterback, and team captain, was the first to make a
move. He walked up to Suzie, lowering his fly and
produced his erect penis, just inches from the topless
teen's face. She reached out, wrapping her hand
around it and pulled it into her open mouth. Suzie
pushed her head forward engulfing it and began to move
her head forward and back, making loud sucking sounds.
Immediately, the other boys started to remove their
hardened manhood and present it to an available

The older girls accepted the offerings with savage
hunger, while Marge and Anne's two younger friends
tried to just stroke the boys, having realized what
they had gotten themselves into. The boys would have
none of the hand jobs the girls offered and held their
heads as they forced their penises into the girl's
virgin mouths. The two young girls gagged and choked
on the unwelcome flesh, but with tears streaming from
the corners of their eyes, they continued.

The first group of boys reached their climax and
pulling back momentarily, each sent the first stream
of hot sticky semen onto the girl's faces, replacing
themselves in the open mouths to complete their
ejaculation. When the first group had finished, the
next wave of oversexed horny football players stepped
up and began to receive their blow-job from the cum
splattered girls.

During the third or fourth group of boys, some for
the second time, Marge and Anne's brothers stepped up
to be serviced. The two disgusted girls voiced their
opposition to the activity they were witnessing and
headed for the stairs to leave. Suzie called them as
they reached the first step. The girls turned around
to see the girl they had worshiped, holding Don's
engorged penis just inches from her mouth, say "You'll
never fit in with us!"

Marge and Anne, appalled that they could have wanted
to be part of this, quickly exited the orgy and headed
for home.

* * * *
Don's explanation of the events that night left out
most of the detail. He simply told the four attentive
teens that their mothers had refused to do the sexual
things they didn't want to do, just to be accepted as
part of a group. He went on to say that he and Marc
displayed much less character and had participated in
the activities. He added that their sisters wouldn't
talk to them for weeks following the party, and only
after he and Marc had broken ties with the group, did
they start to regain their respect. Don also said,
that Marge and Anne also gained the respect of a lot
of their classmates, and soon there was another
clique. This group attracted a much nicer group of
kids and they had just as much fun. By the end of the
school year this new group far out numbered Suzie's.

Then Don shocked the teens as well as the adults.

"We know," he started, "That you guys snuck down here
the other night and spied on us. We are consenting
adults, and what we do is none of your business."

He went on to explain that what consenting adults do
among them, is only for them to know. He cautioned
the children that if certain people discovered the
activity they, pointing at his counter parts, could
get into trouble.

Don concluded his speech by telling the teens, "We
will make you guys a deal, you don't spy on us, and we
won't spy on you ... anymore than necessary. After
all, we are your parents."

He looked at the bewildered faces of the youngsters
as they sat memorized by his lecture. The fire had
reduced its self to a bed of coals radiating more heat
than light. He asked if the kids had any questions.

They all sat in silence, until Jack spoke. "Dad," he
started, "Isn't it wrong for all of us to be together
in the nude?"

Don explained that nudity was a lifestyle that many
people enjoyed and practiced. He went on telling them
that he was sure that they had heard of nudist camps,
and this "natural" lifestyle was acceptable in the
right time and place, but only if a person wants to do

"Tonight we wanted to prove a point," again pointing
at the adults, "and will never ask you to do this

Don returned to the blanket he shared with his wife,
sister, and brother-in-law and sat down close to
Marge. They talked quietly between themselves as
their children sat in silence, still bewildered.

Kim was the first of her group to stand. Picking up
her things, she said she was tired and going to bed.
Don and Marge stood and embraced their daughter and
told her good night. Sally and Tom also stood,
followed by Jack. Each of the teens briefly hugged
their respective parents, the men just shaking hands.
The group started up the hill to the house, the teens
clutching their clothing in an attempt to conceal
their nudity, still uncomfortable with the concept of
wholesale exposure.

Back in the safety of their room, Kim and Sally
talked about the things that Don had said. Kim said
that she felt so embarrassed and ashamed that their
parents knew that they had watched them.

Sally said she was also upset with the adult's
knowledge and wished they had never spied on them, let
alone invite their brothers.

The girls went to their dressers and removed the
garments they would sleep in. Sally took out a pair
of cotton pajamas and for the first time on the trip
dressed for bed in something other than the usual tee
shirt and panties. She called Kim over to her,
pointing into the drawer.

"Look," she said, "they've been moved!"

She was pointing at the sex toys the girls had
deflowered themselves with. Sally told Kim that they
were not in this spot when she had hidden them. The
teens knew the implication of their discovery, their
mom's were aware they possessed the items. They
talked briefly about the ramifications of their
mother's knowledge, and tried to come up with a
plausible explanation, in the event they were

Next door in the boy's room, Jack and Tom, now
dressed it sweatpants and tee shirts sat on their beds
and tried to make some sense of the night on the
beach. They tried to understand the things that Don
had told them, but the conversion quickly
disintegrated into comments about their adult mothers
bodies. They made reference to the size and shape of
their breasts and nipples, comparing them to those of
their sisters. They talked about the fact that each
of their mothers had shaven their pussy hair and about
the protruding clits and the fact that Sally and Kim's
were much less prominent.

Jack said, "Maybe they will take us to one of the
camps dad talked about and we could look at naked
women until our hearts content."

Tom laughed and said, "That would be the bomb. I
wonder if they have been to one."

The boys continued their conversation, working
themselves into a state of arousal. Tom told his
cousin he had to take care of his condition and went
into the bathroom. Jack followed Tom and found him
standing in front of the shower stall, his sweats
around his ankles, stroking his hard penis. Jack
dropped his pants and standing next to Tom, proceeded
to jack off. The boys were quick about their task,
each sending ropes of white cum into the shower stall.
When they were done, Tom turned on the water and used
the removable spray head to rinse the evidence down
the drain. They pulled their pants up over their now
deflated penises and went back into the bedroom.

They heard voices on the balcony and went out to
investigate. Standing against the rail, they saw
their sisters talking. They approached the girls
quietly, startling them when they made their presence

"You scared us you jerks!" Sally snapped at the

"Sorry," Jack said, not really meaning it, adding.
"So, what are you guys talking about?"

Sally and Kim, trying to act older than their
fourteen years, said that they were just trying to
figure out what their parents were up to, and the
reasons for what had happened on the beach.

Jack smirked and said, "They were telling us we
should all have sex, so let's get started."

Kim smacked her brother's arm calling him a pig.
Sally also hit Tom as he laughed at his cousin's

"Can't you two be serious about anything?" Sally
said. "You guys talk a good game, but I'll bet you
would run if push came to shove... not that you'll
ever find out!"

With that the girls turned and went back into their
room, latching the door and pulling the drapes
completely closed.

Jack went to the doors that lead the girl's room and
knocked softly. Kim unlocked the door and opened it.

"What!" she snapped at her brother.

Tom walked over and the two boys stood outside the
open door, looking into the girl's room.

"I'm sorry," Jack told his sister and cousin, "I
don't know what's come over me, I should have never
said that to you guys."

Tom also apologized.

The girls stood quietly and looked at the boys, Kim
finally spoke saying, "Maybe it was the wine, now go
to bed."

She closed the door and she and Sally climbed into
their bed.

The two confused girls lay close and continued to
talk. They both admitted that they, in some ways,
enjoyed the feeling of freedom being nude with their
parents and brothers.

Kim said, "I didn't feel turned on at all, and once I
got use to being naked it wasn't all that bad."

Sally said that she felt a little excited at first,
but it soon went away and she forgot that she was not
dressed. They talked for a while then Sally looked
into Kim's eyes and said, "You know, that we will
start dating boys soon,"

Kim nodded.

"Do you think we will stay close when we have
boyfriends?" Sally completed her question, gently
massaging her cousin's breast to cement the meaning of
her inquiry.

Kim allowed Sally to fondle her breast for a moment,
feeling the warmth she always enjoyed when the two
were intimate.

Kim placed her hands on the sides of Sally's face,
kissed her lightly, and said, "Yes ... it would seem
that our mothers have."

Sally, feeling reassured, released the firm warm
flesh, and put her arm around Kim. Kim also hugged
Sally and the girls fell asleep in each other's arms.
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