Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Sex story

WARNING! This document includes material of a
sexual nature. Reader discretion is advised. If
this stuff is illegal where you live, please
don't read it. If you are under the age of 21,
please, find something else. The characters in
this document engage in risky sexual behavior
that could result in pregnancy, disease, or
social distress. They are imaginary
professionals; they don't worry about such
things. Please, don't try this at home. Please
don't redistribute this document without my
express permission. Reposts are fine, provided
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without my permission. Trying to make money from
this is a definite nono.
(c) 2003 by Demotic


Part Two


Cindy didn't look thrilled at the idea, but she
took the beer anyway. I gulped, and leaned back,
as Cindy had done. Cindy raised the beer and the
first stream of beer surged into my mouth.

"No, try it like this," Selene said. I felt a
leg against my hip, then a pleasant weight
astride my pelvis, with her other leg against my
other hip. I could feel a warmth suffuse my
crotch, and I struggled mightily to rein in the
stirring in my loins. I could see her face
coming into view, then felt the beer in my mouth,
burning down my throat. I swallowed almost
convulsively, trying desperately to breath
through my nose. Selene had shifted and put more
direct weight on my groin, and I felt my penis
engorge. Selene stopped, leaning back. It felt
like she was grinding against me with each
movement. She stood up, and looked forward as I
gasped for breath. Selene caught my eyes and
gave me a smug smirk. There was no doubt she had
felt my hardon.

Cindy smiled at me bashfully and through a leg
over my hip. She felt different, light on my
pelvis. She was barely touching my erection.
She blinked at me. She leaned forward, bringing
her pelvis into closer contact with mine. Her
smile broadened mischievously and she glanced
down at our waists for a split second. I saw the
color rise in her already pink cheeks.

"Ready?" she asked.

I nodded and threw my head back. I felt the beer
splash into my mouth, and I began to swallow the
bitter stuff as quickly as I could, remembering
to breathe through my nose. As fast as I
swallowed, however, the brew seemed to be filling
my mouth, and soon it spilled over and ran down
my cheek.

"Oops," Cindy said, shifting her weight slightly
and stopping the flow of alcohol. Her pelvis
ground against my erection. She was radiating
heat. I swallowed the beer I had in my mouth and
caught my breath. Cindy sat over me as I did,
this time making no effort to stay off my pelvis.
The pressure on my penis was far from unpleasant.
After catching my breath, I leaned back. Cindy
shifted on me again, and it felt so good this
time I almost groaned. The beer poured into my
mouth, and then I felt cold aluminum on my lip,
and I struggled to swallow, breathe, swallow,
breathe. The beer no longer tasted bitter, but
it did burn as it touched my throat.

The doorbell rang, and I heard someone walk over
to get it. I heard the familiar voices of Tom
and Anna greeting Jessica. Still the beer poured
down my throat. Cindy then did something most
unexpected. She deliberately ground herself down
onto me.

I sprayed the contents of my mouth into the air,
and beer spilled all over my face, chin and onto
the floor.

"Oh," Cindy said, appalled. Her hand was clapped
to her face, and I could see the hint of fear in
her eyes. "I'm so sorry."

I was laughing and trying to catch my breath at
the same time. When Cindy saw this, she laughed
too. I wiped my face off as best I could with
the back of my hand.

Tom and Anna were looking at us, and I could see
from the surprised smirk on his face that he
found our compromising position incredibly
amusing. Tom was dressed as he was when left
this afternoon: black poloshirt with broad
white stripe on his chest, old, torn blue jeans,
and a pair of new running shoes.

Anna had put on a pair of baggy, gray sweat
shorts, socks and running shoes, and maroon sweat
shirt with A.S.U. written on the front. She wore
a lot less makeup than the last time I had seen
her, but her lips were still vermilion red. Her
hair was tied back in a ponytail. I realized
once more that Anna had great legs.

"Hey, guys," I said, feeling my already burning
cheeks go up another few degrees.

Anna and Tom just grinned at us and waved.
Selene was approaching them, pressing cold beers
and wine coolers into appropriate hands.

"We were just watching Cindy and Justin," Jessica
told them. "Selene's trying to get them wasted."

"Am not!" said Selene, in mock seriousness.
"Okay, maybe I am, but it's Friday night. Let's
fucking party!"

With that, a number of people hooted, and Tom and
Anna made their way to the couch to drop off
their stuff. Selene walked back over to us and
sat down, her beautiful, athletic legs flexing.
"Don't stop, you two," Selene told us. "Finish
that beer."

Cindy looked into my eyes and grinned at me. She
was obviously enjoying herself. She pressed her
body onto mine and breathed into my ear. Her
body felt wonderful. "Is that because of me?"
she asked. She pressed her groin against mine,
in case I didn't know what she was talking about.
"Yep," I grunted.

She leaned back, grinding into me some more,
pushed her hair over her right ear, and gave me a
huge grin. "Ready?"

I leaned my head back and opened my mouth. I
felt the metal against my bottom lip, then the
brief bitterness of the beer as it passed over my
tongue. I began swallowing, trying to breathe as
quickly as I could between gulps. I could hear
conversation, could feel the pleasant weight of
Cindy astride me. There was laughter, giggles.
Suddenly, the beer was no longer pouring. It was
a trickle. Then it stopped and the can was

Gasping, I looked up. Cindy was smiling at me
triumphantly, and there was a smattering of
clapping. I saw Selene rise out of the corner of
my eye, and she tossed me a hand towel.
Grateful, I wiped my face and handed it back to

Cindy climbed off of me and I moved into a more
comfortable position. Cindy leaned up against
me, legs bent demurely. Someone had placed an
enormous mat in the middle of the halfcircle of
people while Cindy had been feeding alcohol to
me. The mat was blue, and reminded me of the
folding wrestling mats we had in high school.
Jessica spread a fitted sheet taunt over it,
then placed a pair of large beach towels over
that. I wondered exactly what the mat was going
to be used for.

She stood in the middle of the room, a broad
smile on her face. "Well, now that everyone is
here," she began. "And Cindy and Justin were
kind enough to demonstrate how one quickly
finishes a beverage." There was a lot of
chuckling, although Cindy and I looked at the
ground, embarrassed. "We can start the evening's

The overhead light went on, making the room even
brighter. "Okay, well, we're going to play an
ice breaking game," Jessica announced. Behind
us, Selene was busily closing the front curtains.
For the first time, I realized they were
extremely heavy and thick, almost like blackout
curtains. "We're gonna play, `Naughty Devil', a
game Selene taught us a few years back."

Jessica continued, "The rules are simple. We all
draw cards. The highest card wins. The lowest
card of the opposite sex has to chug a drink,
like Justin just did. If they are a girl, we do
it a little different." She gestured at Jeff.
"Come here, hun."

Jessica sat on the floor, leaned back, feet flat
on the floor, with her knees up. Jessica's skirt
had slid down around her hips, and plenty of her
long, brown thighs were visible. She spread her
legs, and Jeff got between them, his pelvis over
hers, a halfempty yellow wine cooler in his
hand. Jessica threw her head back, opened her
small, perfect lips, and Jeff began pouring. Her
throat and breasts moved as she swallowed and
breathed, and Jeff seemed to have the pouring
rate just right, because Jessica never wavered,
and he never had to slow down the flow or stop.
It didn't take Jessica long to finish the drink.
Jeff moved off her, and Jessica stood up, pushing
her skirt down over her legs again.

"In the event of a tie, it goes alphabetically.
Clubs is the best, followed by Diamonds, Hearts
and Spades. That's basically it," she said,
looking at them. Then she remembered something.
"There is a special rule, however," Jessica
added. "If you draw an ace, and aces are low,
then you have to take a shot of the hardstuff.
We've got vodka, gin, tequila, rum and whiskey
over there," she pointed to the bar. "Or
alternatively, you can remove one article of
clothing. Pairs of things count as one. At
round twenty four, we may want to change the
rules slightly, or we'll all end up vomiting or
passed out. But we'll vote on that when we get

Cindy and I looked at each other, eyes wide.
What kind of party was this?

No one else seemed disturbed by the rules, and
Cindy didn't seemed to be ready to leave. And
all these girls were beautiful. I wouldn't mind
seeing a few of them partially undressed.

Of course, there was the very real possibility
that I could get undressed. But I planned on
taking shots when I drew an ace.

"There's a catch, however," she continued. "If
you are the low card and a guy wins (if you are a
girl), or a girl wins (and you're a guy), you
can't chug a beer and take a shot. You've got to
take off an item of clothing."

That changed things. I looked at Cindy, who
looked a little uncertain, but was still
unwilling to leave. Selene walked into the
middle of the circle with a deck of cards and one
of those automatic card shufflers. "This really
gets a great party going, guys. Trust me," she
told them.

I was still having my doubts, but I wasn't about
to leave when my evening with Cindy looked so
promising. She shifted next to me, resting more
of her weight on me. The sensation was not

Jessica found a bare spot on the couch and put
the card shuffler there, then dropped the deck of
cards into it. "Believe me, when we're all
shitfaced, we'll need this," she told us. She
pulled the lever on the side, and the machine
whirred and dropped the deck back out onto a side
tray. I noticed a white kitchen timer next to
it. That was odd.

"Okay," she said, looking over at Selene to make
sure she had sat down. "I think that Cindy
should draw the first card, since she was such a
good sport demonstrating with Justin."

Cindy drew the top card, I drew the next one.
Then it went around the halfcircle to Jessica,
Jeff, Tom, Anna, Selene, Frank, Mark and Mandy.
I didn't look at my card until Mandy drew the
last card. Cindy had looked at hers immediately.
She looked relieved. I flipped mine over and saw
a seven of diamonds. Cindy's was a seven of
spades. I glanced around. Every one else was
placing their cards on the floor, face up. I
followed suit, and quickly discovered that
Frank's King of Diamonds was the high card, and
Selene's two of hearts was the big loser.
Selene grinned. "At least it wasn't an ace," she

She sat down on the floor, like Jessica had, her
muscular legs spread to allow Frank to settle his
pelvis against hers. He took an unopened wine
cooler, a red one that I gathered was strawberry,
and began to pour it down her throat.

Selene's throat worked, but she and Frank seemed
to be old pros at it and in no time they were
done with the bottle. The cards were run through
the card shuffler, and Cindy drew the first card.
She glanced at it and immediately looked
crestfallen. I drew the second one and my heart

I had drawn the ace of diamonds.

Cindy had tentatively set her card on the floor.
Disgusted, I did the same. I noticed Jessica's
card already down. She had drawn the king of
clubs. That was the highest card in this game.
Cindy saw my card and raised her eyebrows.
When the last card was set down, Jessica looked
over at me. "You're the big looser, Justin."
She smiled devilishly.

I scooted over to the middle of the floor and
assumed the position. Jessica glided over to me
and asked me quietly. "Shall I take off your

I realized something had to come off, so I
nodded. Shoes weren't so bad.

Slowly, almost seductively, she untied my shoes,
then struggled to get them off my feet. Everyone
was laughing. "Loosen them up, first," I told

She was blushing, but did as she was told. My
shoes came off and were tossed heavily into
Jessica's bedroom. With ten people sitting
around, even with the furniture pressed up
against the walls, space was a little tight.
Especially with that huge mat in the middle of
the room. I could see how footwear would start
to clutter up the space. Selene returned with an
unopened Bud Light and handed it to Jessica.
I resettled into position. To my horror, I
realized I had an erection. As this occurred to
me, Jessica spread her skirt over my thighs and
rested her pelvis against mine. She felt
different from Selene and Cindy, much warmer. I
tilted my head back and heard the can open. I
closed my eyes and opened my mouth. Jessica
shifted forward, grinding her hot pelvis against
my erect cock. It felt too good. I exhaled a
great bit of wind through my nose, and just then
I felt the first splash of beer against the back
of my throat.

I nearly gagged, but managed to swallow. Jessica
had noticed my difficulties and had leaned back a
little bit, grinding some more. Christ, was she
trying to drive me mad? I looked up at her for a
second. She gave me an innocent smile. "Ready?"
she asked.

I threw my head back, closed my eyes and opened
my mouth. This time I was ready for the beer to
land on the back of my throat, but instead it
splashed against my tongue. It occurred to me
that Jessica may have just missed.

This beer went down a lot easier than the first
one, and gulped continuously for what seemed like
an hour. After seven gulps, Jessica shifted her
weight from one knee to the other, grinding
herself against me once more. I was sure, this
time, that she was doing it on purpose. I
managed to keep swallowing, but my pace was
broken, and Jessica was forced to slow down as my
mouth began to fill with bitter liquid.

I realized suddenly that I was counting gulps.
At seventeen, Jessica shifted again, resting most
of her weight on my erection. This interrupted
my gulping and resulted in a bit of beer spilling
out of my mouth and running over my cheeks.
Someone wiped at the spilled liquid with a towel.
At twentytwo, the beer can was resting against
my lip. At twentyseven, Jessica shifted back,
moving something soft and warm against my
testicles. At thirtythree, the beer slowed to a
trickle. At thirtynine, the can was lifted off
my lips and I swallowed my fortieth, and last,

Gasping for breath, I watched as Jessica rose off
me. I caught a glimpse of tan thigh as she
stepped away. I slowly scooted myself back into
position in the circle. Selene had already
collected the cards and had started to shuffle

I gave Cindy a weak smile. She gave me one that
showed her own nervousness. We were all going to
end up really drunk, really fast.

We drew cards. Cindy had a nine of clubs and I
had a seven of spades. Jeff drew an ace, while
Frank won the draw with a king of hearts. Anna
was the girl loser, with six. Cindy was the
highest girl with a nine, so Jeff would take his
shot from her, while Anna had to chug from Frank.
It turned out it was a simultaneous event. Anna
and Jeff laid next to each other.

Selene, who had already retreated to the bar,
asked, "What do you want, Jeff?"

"Tequila," he said.

"What about you, Anna?"

"Bud Light."

Cindy awkwardly got astride Jeff, while Frank got
into position over Anna.

Selene gave Frank and Cindy the drinks, and Frank
immediately began pouring his drink down Anna's
throat. Hesitantly, Cindy poured the small shot
glass of golden liquid into Jeff's mouth.

Jeff, of course, with a shot glass, finished
first, and he kind of convulsed and made a face
as he swallowed the last drop. His hips jolted
upwards, and Cindy's eyes opened wide with

Next to her, Anna was gulping greedily at the
beer Jeff delivered to her. Cindy and Jeff had
returned to their places before Anna finished,
but just barely. Frank helped Anna up and they
returned to their places on the floor. I noticed
Anna's shapely bottom had A.S.U. emblazoned on it
in maroon. Jessica finished gathering the cards
and ran them through the shuffler.

Tom won the next hand, and Mandy was the big
loser. I watched as she slipped into position,
her gray eyes vivacious, watching her as he moved
into position. He used several extra movements
to get into position, and I noticed Mandy's eyes
flutter for a second. Mark chuckled next to
Cindy and I.

Mark seemed to have a very permissive attitude
about Mandy, I realized, as Selene gave Tom a
Corona to feed to Mandy. Tom wasn't as good at
this as some of the others were, and several
times Selene came over with a hand towel to wipe
spilled beer off of Mandy's face. All three were
quaking with laughter at Tom's shaky aim, and it
took several minutes for them to calm down enough
to try again. Mandy finally finished her drink
some five minutes later. She hadn't yet mastered
the technique of breathing between swallows, and
Tom wasn't exactly good at stopping when he need
to. Poor Mandy gagged several times, spilling
yet more beer that dribbled onto her softly
tanned chest and leather shirt.

"Thanks," she gasped, giving Tom a squeeze with
her thighs.

As they returned to their spots, the shuffler was
already running.

Next draw resulted in a seven for Cindy and a
King of Diamonds for me. The low card was held
by Anna, a five of diamonds. Mine was the high
card. Anna got into position, Selene bringing
Anna's choice of beverage, a Bud Light. She
spread her legs and I hesitantly got between
them. There wasn't as much warmth coming from
her as there was from the other girls. The
position was very different from being on the
bottom, and my erection sprang to life once more.
Anna could feel it through her sweat shorts,
because she wiggled her slips slightly and then
raised an eyebrow.

The hip wiggling did not help things for me, and
she gave me a small smirk. If anyone caught on,
they didn't show it. Anna threw her head back
and made a show of readjusting by lifting her
butt off the ground. In the process, she bumped
my erection hard. Were all these girls

Anna in this position was very erotic, and as I
leaned forward, I felt the shaft of my penis
glide down, then my head pop down and jam into
her. She shuddered a little bit, although I
doubt anyone but me could tell. I raised the
open beer over her mouth and slowly tipped it,
splashing some on her nose before glancing off
her lips and into her mouth.

Once I got the placement right, I poured it nice
and slow, giving Anna plenty of time to breathe
between swallows. In no time at all, we were
finished, I was standing up, and Jessica was
handing Anna a towel.

Next round, Cindy won. Two aces were drawn, one
by Mark and one by Anna. Anna was given her shot
by Frank. Mark's shoes were added to mine in
Jessica's bedroom. Then Cindy nervously
straddled him and began feeding him a beer.
Anna, who drank a shot of gin, was beat red by
the time she returned to her spot next to Tom.
Cindy returned to her spot next to me, equally as
She leaned into me. "He was hard!" she
whispered, as if she were shocked.

I was tempted to tell her I had been hard almost
the entire evening since she had kissed me in the
car, but I held back. I was beginning to wonder
how long anyone would be standing. Surely no one
could play this game for long before becoming

Selene had drawn the high card this time, and Tom
was the low male card. Tom, who had been nursing
a beer since his arrival, hadn't been on the
bottom of this little drinking game yet. As Tom
got into position, Selene got astride him. I
could tell Tom was enjoying it.

Jessica came back with a cold beer and put it
into Selene's hand. Deftly, Selene fed it to
him. I noticed her thigh muscles flex several
times during Tom's punishment. I figured Selene
was grinding into him, too.

The beer finished, Selene and Jessica gathered up
the cards and ran them through the card machine.
I drew a queen of clubs, but it didn't beat
Selene's king. Mark, unfortunately, had drawn
his second ace. Disgusted he tossed Jessica his
socks and moved onto the mat.

Selene lowered herself over his pelvis and fed
him a freshly open Bud Light. Mark swallowed
slowly, but Selene was very good at feeding
someone booze, and he never coughed, sputtered or
choked. In less than a minute, she had drained
the beer and Mark returned to his seat.
Selene drew an ace the next hand, and her
"friend" Frank was the big winner with a king.
Selene was barefoot and had on no socks. With a
deep breath, she grabbed the bottom of her shirt
and lifted it up, over her head.

The guys hooted. Selene's body was as well toned
as her legs. Her small, perky breasts were
covered by a pink bra, and her stomach was even
flatter than Jessica's. Her waist was curvy,
showing us her wide hips.

"Ready, big boy?" she asked Frank.

He nodded, an evil grin on his face.

Selene laid down on the towel, legs up, and I
caught myself staring at her chest. The way she
was positioned gave me a clear view of those
small globes of flesh. Frank got between her
legs, settling in by grabbing her waist and
pulling him hard on to him. Selene gave out a
surprised squeak, then grinned at him. I felt
like my erection was about to spring free of my
pants. Jessica handed him a strawberry wine

Selene and Frank were very good at this chugging
business. He seemed to know when to slow down or
stop, to let her breathe, and she seemed to have
the whole swallowing process down pat. In no
time at all, Selene was done with her drink, and
the two returned to their space.

Nearly topless, Selene was a constant distraction
as we received our next cards. Cindy leaned into
me and said softly, "I don't know if I can do

"Well, maybe you won't have to," I replied, not
really believing it. What had we gotten
ourselves into? And how were we going to extract
ourselves from it?

The next card I drew was a respectable jack of
clubs. The winner was Mark with a queen of
spades, and unbelievably, the loser was Cindy,
with a seven of hearts.

Morosely, she sat herself down on the mat and got
her head into position as Mark got between her
legs to administer Cindy's next wine cooler.
The process went fairly smoothly, although early
on Mark poured too much and some of the
strawberry liquid ran out of her mouth and down
both her cheeks. Afterwards, she wiped her face
with a towel and walked over to me.

She returned to me with a flush on her cheeks and
a slight smile on her lips. I realized that
Cindy was fairly light, and two wine coolers in
fifteen minutes might just be giving her a buzz.
She settled heavily into me and gave me a soft

Mark lost the next hand, and was served a beer by
Jessica. I watched carefully for signs of
movement, but the only times I detected it was
the slight shifting, sidetoside, after extended
intervals. He returned to Mandy's side with an
evident erection in his slacks, however.
Next round was nearly disastrous for Cindy. She
drew a three, but both Mandy and Mark drew aces.
Mandy took off her pumps, which were added to the
shirt and two other pairs of shoes in Jessica's
room, and assumed the position on the towel.
Mark joined her.

Frank and Jessica administered the shots. Mark
took a shot of dark rum, while Mandy guzzled
another beer. Frank was good at feeding the
ladies, and Jessica quickly feed Mark his rum.
Mandy, despite all Frank's skill, took a while to
finish her brew, but she was egged on by loud
cheers from the others. Even Cindy and I got
into it.

I happened to glance down at my watch this time,
and I realized it was only nine thirty. We'd
started the game around fifteen after: Anna was
clearly getting drunk, Selene was sitting there
in her bra and nothingthere shorts, and several
of us were well onto the way to getting a good
buzz, if not roaring drunk.

If last round was nearly disastrous for Cindy,
the next round was. She drew the ace of spades,
the absolutely lowest card you could draw, and
she was guaranteed either a shot of the hard
stuff or another wine cooler along with the loss
of her sandals. Tom pulled the high card, Mandy
pulled an ace of her own, and I had the next high
card. Mandy looked over at me and winked as she
got into position.

With a gulp, I stood up and followed Cindy into
the center of the circle. As Cindy got into
position, I got between Mandy's legs and took the
shot of vodka she'd asked for. As Tom got
between Cindy's legs, he glanced over at me. I
realized by the look in his eyes that he was
still sore at me for our little tiff in the
afternoon. He snuggled as close as he could to
Cindy, whose eyes opened wide with surprise, and
the room roared with laughter. I felt Mandy's
beautiful legs squeeze me suddenly, and felt her
move against me ever so slightly. I looked over
at her, and she gave me a wink and a smile.
I moved my body to deliver Mandy's vodka shot,
and as she did, I felt her orbit her hips gently
against the shaft of my erection as it drug down.
When I was in position to drain the shot into her
mouth, I could feel my glans rubbing against her
nether regions. She was extremely warm down
there. I poured the shot carefully.

Mandy made a horrible face and squirmed some
more; maybe a bit too long. I pulled away and
she gave me a wicked grin as I helped her up. My
cheeks were a livid red. I glanced over at Cindy
and Tom, and I noticed his hips grinding into
hers as he poured the red wine cooler down her
throat. There was chuckling and pointing, some
disapproving murmurs, and I couldn't help be get
madder with Tom. He knew I had a thing for

The wine cooler finished, Cindy came over, her
cheeks and throat very flushed. There was a
strange look on her face, a mixture of
satisfaction and nervousness. She nestled into
me as if nothing had happened.

I hardly looked at my next card. It wasn't high
or low, so it suited me. Tom was just goofing
around, I realized, and doing something that he
knew would get under my skin. I hardly paid
attention as half naked Selene got astride Frank
and poured a beer down his throat.

I wasn't really paying attention to the shitty
four I drew, either. Still seething, I was a bit
surprised when Cindy got to her feet, steadied
herself, and moved onto the towel once more. Tom
was on the next blanket over, and Selene was
crawling onto him, a shot glass of clear liquid
in her hand. Jeff, the lanky fellow in the
tequila Tshirt, was getting between Cindy's
legs. This would be four drinks in twenty
minutes for Cindy. I should really get her out
of her before she really regretted something she

Tom made a horrible face as he finished his shot,
and I watched Jeff gently pour the rest of a wine
cooler down Cindy's throat. I wondered about
Tom's semantics lesson, today. Where Cindy and I
dating, or just seeing each other? Should I be
jealous over a ridiculous drinking game? Then I
thought about the extra bumping and grinding Tom
had done to Cindy when he had the honor of
draining her wine cooler. The color continued to
rise on the back of my neck and on my cheeks. I
had to have been beet red.

Cindy came back over, leaning hard into me as she
lost her balance for a moment. She giggled. I
realized everyone was having a good time but me.
I'd show Tom. Let's see if he liked it if I had
a little fun with Anna.

We drew our cards, and Cindy got a six of clubs
and I got a four of clubs. I waited for Anna to
turn her card over, hoping it was high. It
wasn't. It was a two of clubs. Frank drew the
king of clubs, so he moved between Anna's shapely
legs and drained a beer into her waiting mouth.
Anna was extremely flushed at this point, and I
didn't doubt for a moment that she was drunk and
on her way to getting drunker. While Frank
poured, I felt Cindy's finger nails gently
running up and down the top of my thigh. It felt
good. It calmed me.

In no time, we were being handed our next cards.
I heard Jessica say it was round seventeen. I
glanced at my watch. It was twenty till ten.
My card was a miserably low two of clubs. I
braced myself so I could down another beer. But
Jeff had the high card and Anna had drawn an ace.
Momentarily safe, I watched Anna remove her shoes
and assume the position on the towel. She
giggled slightly as she got into position. Jeff
poured another beer into her, and I tried to
guess how many she had.

Cindy seemed to be reading my mind. "Four beers
and a shot," she whispered loudly to me. She
obviously thought she was talking much softer
than she was; Cindy wasn't doing all that well,

The next round resulted in me administering
another shot of vodka to Mandy. Mandy moved into
position, a happy smile on her face, while
barefoot Mark laid on his back next to her. He
moved himself up into position. I waited for
Jessica to get astride him, and she gave me a
hungry glance as she did.

I maneuvered snugly between Mandy's legs, having
figured out the previous time where I needed to
be to pour, but apparently I wasn't close enough
for her. She scooted her ass so she pressed
directly against me. Her eyes were bright and
dilated. She was drunk, too. As I leaned
forward to drain the shot glass, Mandy gripped me
with her thighs and ground her groin against me.
Once more, the tip of my penis was pressed up
hard against her mons. The subtle movements of
earlier were replaced by much more obvious
gyrations. The spectators roared. I even heard
Cindy's voice, loud and clear, giggling.

Mandy's movements weren't helping keeping my hand
steady, and I spilled a little bit of the vodka
on her lips. Mandy lustfully licked the drink
off her moist lips and hungrily looked at me. I
tried to move, but she dropped onto her back and
wrapped her legs around me. Everyone laughed
again. Embarrassed, I extricated myself from my
chemistry partner and managed to make my way past
Mark and Jessica, who were still finishing his

Mandy won the next round with the king of clubs.
She would serve Tom a beer. Anna, who had drawn
yet another ace, opted to take off her socks.
Tom laid on the floor, then reared up on his
hands, his feet flat on the floor. Mandy, a
seductive grin on her face, lowered herself onto
his pelvis. She was messy. Her aim wasn't good,
and she kept grinding herself against him. Tom
kept spluttering, especially when she moved
particularly hard. Everyone was laughing
hysterically, including Cindy, who seemed to be
enjoying herself now that the four wine coolers
were coursing through her blood stream.
I think they managed to get most of the beer into
Tom, but a sizeable portion dripped onto the
towels and his shirt. I think he used most of a
towel drying himself off.

The next round, things began to get really
interesting. As Selene handed out her cards, she
asked Jessica what round it was. "Twenty," she
replied. She drew a ten, but surprisingly, it
ended up being the high card. Anna and Mandy,
who were utterly wasted, drew aces and decided
they needed to take off clothes instead of drink

Anna pulled her sweat shirt up, over her head,
revealing a flowery print bra. She was very
wellendowed, I decided. Mandy stood up and
unzipped her tight black jeans, pulled them off,
and sat down. She wore a black thong, and it
looked damp.

Tom lay on the floor to take a drink from
Jessica. She hadn't hardly been drinking, except
early in the game, and her aim wasn't off at all.
Tom finished the beer in less than a minute.
I caught myself looking over at Mandy's stunning
legs. From where I sat, it almost looked like
she was naked from the waist down. As I gawked
at Mandy, I felt Cindy's hand return to my thigh
and begin thoughtfully stroking it.

I hardly looked at the next card I was given.
Cindy's was a six of clubs, mine was a two of
spades, which I only realized when I laid it on
the floor. Anna won the draw with a queen; my
two of spades was the low card.

I sat on the now damp towel, which reeked of
beer, and watched as Anna's massive breasts (and
the rest of her) got astride me. Her aim was
poor, as was her timing, and by the end I was
gasping for breath and grateful it was over. She
had managed to spill beer all over my shirt and
face, and I took a soggy towel from Jessica. The
others had enjoyed the show immensely, however,
and I had to admit I was smiling between deep
breaths. I was still angry with Tom, but I
couldn't do anything to Anna. It just didn't
seem right.

I drew a two of spades, and I was eagerly looking
forward to my next drink when Cindy gasped and
showed me an ace of diamonds. Strangely, I
thought the idea of seeing Cindy shirtless seemed
like a good idea. As I laid my card down on the
floor, I noticed Mandy and Jeff had also drawn
aces. Tom had been high.

It took a good minute to sort everything out.
Cindy opted to take a shot of rum, while Jeff
took another shot of tequila. Mandy, however,
was the big loser. Grudgingly, she untied her
backless shirt and removed it. I nearly gasped
at the perfection of her body. She now only wore
a strapless bra and thong underwear. Her breasts
were smaller than Anna's, but definitely larger
than Selene's.

I watched Mandy as she moved onto the towels. It
was getting crowded. Cindy and Jeff were
awaiting their shots, while Tom stood waiting for
Mandy. Mandy's ass was beautiful, I decided.
Mandy lowered herself onto the towel, and the
sounds of Cindy coughing and gasping broke me
focus on the nearly naked girl. Frank was
getting up from between Cindy's legs as she
continued to cough. "Are you gonna hurl,
sweetie?" Jessica asked, a large plastic garbage
can held at ready.

Cindy shook her head and told her that the rum
was just really strong. Those remaining in the
circle were laughing hysterically. I glanced
over at Tom and Mandy.

Tom was doing the best he could to hit Mandy's
mouth. She was rutting at his hips furiously
while he poured her beer. A lot of it was ending
up on her face or dribbling down her chest in
rivlets. The sight was highly erotic to me, and
my erection grew painful in my pants. Cindy and
Jeff were watching Mandy and Tom in wide eyed

Finally, the beer was empty and Tom struggled to
separate himself from Mandy, who was obviously
seriously disappointed. The others returned to
their seats. Cindy looked a little wobbly, but
she seemed happy.

"Did you see that?" she asked.

"See what?" I replied.

"Mandy," she said.

"I don't think many of us missed what Mandy just
did, sweetheart."

Cindy looked at me, her eyes bright and dilated.
"That's the first time you've said that." There
were tears welling up in her eyes.

Cindy was definitely drunk.

"Say what?"


Jessica handed us our next cards. Cindy's next
card was a king of clubs. Mine was the ten of
diamonds. I looked around the circle. Somehow,
Selene, Jessica and Frank had managed to stay
relatively sober. The rest of us, however, were
not so lucky. Selene, Anna and Mandy were
partially undressed, and I was hoping to see a
little more.

Cindy, of course, had the highest card in the
game. Tom, with the lowest card of the men, took
his position on the towels. Cindy lowered
herself uneasily onto his pelvis, then sloppily
fed him another beer. Jessica brought in a dry
towel; the one she had been using was just too
wet to be of use.

Tom wiped himself off and returned to his seat.
Cindy wobbled her way back over, a large grin on
her face. "Tom's very hard," she announced
loudly. Everyone burst into giggles.

"Round twenty four," Jessica announced. Her eyes
watching Cindy and I. "Last round. We should
probably stop before this gets out of hand."
There was a group of groans and boos. Including,
to my surprise, Cindy.

"Well," Jessica said, obviously enjoying this.

"We could keep playing with modified rules."

This was greeted with a rowdy bunch of cheers.

"Alright, I don't want anyone getting too wasted.
You might puke on my floor. New rules are: you
loose a hand, you take something off or you take
a drink. No more shots. If you are naked, well,
you get three minutes in the middle of the room
with the winner." She picked up and raised the
kitchen timer. "You can do only one or the
other. If you draw an ace, you have to do both."
This brought my erection to previously unheard of
heights of hardness. It really was beginning to
hurt. The rules seemed good to everyone, and
even I, with my state of arousal at its peak,
agreed that these rules sounded good.

Excited, I waited for my card from Jessica. It
was a 2 of spades. I just knew it was the low
card. But Mark drew the high card, and Mandy had
the low card, an ace.

Happily, she reached behind her back, unhooked
her bra, and wiped it off. Her breasts were
perfect, not too large, not too small, capped
with large pink nipples. Her tan line was very
evident. I really wished I could touch her

Cindy was just as fascinated with Mandy's breasts
as I was. Mark, however, had evidently seen them
before and was readying a beer for Mandy's

Mandy was really rutting at Mark as he poured the
alcohol down her throat. Some of it dribbled out
of her mouth, over her cheeks or down her throat
where it spilled over her breasts. Once the beer
was done, Mark pressed her down on the floor and
began hungrily licking at the spilled beer.

Mandy was obviously enjoying the attention, and
one of her hands was rubbing herself through her

Cindy clapped one hand to her mouth while another
one gripped my thigh and squeezed. I wonder if
watching this was turning her on as much as me.
"Alright you two," Selene told them. "Let the
others play."

Mark pulled himself off her, but Mandy reached up
and tried to pull him down again. Everyone
started laughing. Disappointed, Mandy got up and
followed Mark over to their seat.

Selene passed out the next group of cards.

Jessica had the low, Frank had the high. Mark
drew an ace. Both Mark and Jessica opted to
chug, and amazingly, they both finished at
roughly the same time without hardly a drop
spilled. I was most impressed.

While we watched, Cindy's hand kept squeezing my
thigh, and she gradually moving it higher. I
wasn't going to complain.

Jeff won the next hand with a king of clubs.
Jessica was the low hand once more. She looked
at Jeff and smiled wryly, standing up and moving
into the center of the circle. She gestured at
him to come forward. She kicked off her shoes,
then gave Jeff another come hither gesture.

He came forward, and she pushed him down onto his
knees. She grabbed his hands and slid them up
under her skirt. Every guy in the room bent his
head to try to see under it. Jeff's hands
lowered revealing a pair of tiny, transparent

"That's two items," Selene pointed out.

"Ah, who's counting," Jessica replied with a
laugh. She stepped out of the panties, put on
her sandals, and returned to her seat. Jeff
followed her. Another group of cards were passed

Selene drew the king of clubs, and I had the low
card. It was an ace. Sheepishly, I removed my
shirt to the cat calls of the girls. I lowered
myself onto the towels, and Selene mounted me.
As I settled in to prepare for my fourth beer in
less than an hour, she ran her fingernails across
my chest. More catcalls rose. With the beer
held over her head, she wiggled her hips, teasing
my erection terribly. The warmth emanating from
her was incredible. I made no effort to conceal
my groan.

"Ready, buddy?" she asked me.

I nodded, closed my eyes and tilted my head back.

I had the strange sensation that the room was
spinning. Of all of us, Selene had had the least
to drink, and her aim was right on. Not a drop
was spilled. I felt the can touch my lips, and
kept swallowing. Then she stopped pouring and
ground her hips in a circle, and everyone
cheered. I moaned. She leaned in, pressing her
braencased breasts hard into my chest, her hips
undulating against my erection. The group was
egging her on with chants of , "Go! Go! Go!"

She pulled back once more, and I felt cold
aluminum against my lips again.

She poured, and I began swallowing again. Soon,
the beer was empty, and I felt it withdraw from
lips. I opened my eyes and moved my head
forward. The room began to spin. Selene's face,
framed with auburn, moved close to mine. I felt
her arms press against my ribs, her breasts press
into my chest. More catcalls and hoots rose from
the spectators as Selene planted her lips on
mine. Shocked, my mouth opened.

Selene's tongue, tasting of strawberries and
toothpaste, forced its way into my mouth
hungrily. Her hips ground into my pelvis. I
moaned into her mouth, which seemed to be
devouring me. Slowly, she pulled away, the group
cheering insanely. She gave me a sexually
charged smile and rose away from my hips.

Unsteadily, I got myself to my feet to the
applause of the others, returning to Cindy, who
had a strange grin on her face. "Was that fun?"
she asked.

I simply nodded.

Jessica handed us our next cards.

Cindy's was an ace of clubs. Mine was a jack of
spades. There was a bit of fear in her eyes, bit
her lips were smiling. Jeff won the hand, but
Selene had a lower card than Cindy. Someone else
would have to give Cindy her shot. Unless she
opted to take something off.

Cindy stood up and grabbed my hand. She pulled
me up. It slowly occurred to me that I was the
next highest card. She leaned close to me and
looked up at me. "Do me like she did you."

I blinked and nodded. This wasn't something I
expected from her.

Meanwhile the nonparticipants were hooting as
Selene removed her bra. Now wearing only the
tight jean cutoffs, she sat down on the floor,
ready to receive Jeff. Her breasts were small,
perky things, capped with tiny but very erect
brown nipples. Cindy pushed my face to face hers
and pulled me down onto the towel, trying to kiss
me at the same time.

We were both drunk, and the net result was that
we tumbled onto the ground. Hard. We bumped
heads. We both laughed hysterically as we rubbed
the spot where our heads had connected. Cindy
carefully got herself into position as I took a
wine cooler from Jessica. It was a light green

I got myself between Cindy's slender legs, and I
felt her grip me and pull me closer. My penis
pressed against her warmth, and she let out a low
moan and rubbed herself against me. I reached up
with my free hand and squeezed her breast. The
others roared their approval, and Cindy's eyes
looked at me, hooded with pleasure and alcohol.
Cindy's breasts were firm and a full handful, and
I massaged it a bit before opening the beer can.
The group was cheering Jeff and Selene's antics.
I could feel them humping against each other,
their fabric an unwanted barrier to mutual
pleasure. Cindy rotated her hips, sending
shivers up my spine. I leaned forward, the shaft
of my penis slipping down before my head caught
against her jeans. The warmth increased, and she
bore down on me. It felt so good it hurt.

I began pouring, and missed, splashing across her
cheek before I managed to dribble some of the
green stuff into her mouth. Out of the corner of
my eye I could see Jeff kissing Selene
passionately on the floor. I don't think they
had gotten to the alcohol yet.

The hooting continued. I poured about a quarter
of the bottle before I stopped. Cindy looked up,
gasping, and I propelled my hips forward. She
threw her head back, enraptured and moaning
loudly. Her own hips moved against mine.

I think we did that for a while before I heard
Jessica say, "All right, guys, give the girls
something to drink."

I thrust a few more times before pulling back to
give Cindy the rest of her wine cooler. When I
finished, I stood up, my erection forming a tent
out of my jeans. I could feel a damp spot
forming on my underwear. Cindy wiped her face
off with a towel before getting up.

Next to us, Selene and Jeff were rutting again
on the floor. He was licking her breasts clean
of red liquid, and the group was egging them on
with jeers and cheers. I caught Mandy's eye as I
returned to my seat. She smiled at me and ran
her cute, pink tongue over her engorged lips. I
noticed she was playing with one of her breasts.
I wished I was playing with her breasts.

Jessica finally waded in and pulled Selene and
Jeff apart, who seemed very disappointed. There
was a momentary pause as Selene gathered her
breath and moved her nearly naked self off the
towels. Jessica ran the cards through the card
shuffler, then gave each of us one.

Cindy and I were still breathing pretty heavy as
we turned the cards over and considered them.
Cindy's card was a queen of clubs, mine was a
king of diamonds. Jessica took one for herself,
then passed out cards to the others. Anna
laughed from across the room. She put down an
ace of clubs. I had won the hand.

Anna stood up and pulled off her sweat shorts.
She wore floral panties to match her bra; they
were a fetching bikini cut. She settled down
into position, and I considered her figure for a
moment. She was voluptuous, very curvy, but she
had a nice body nonetheless. I got into
position between her legs, and as I did, she
reached out and fondled my crotch.

"Your cock nice and hard?" she asked drunkenly.
Selene hadn't returned with Anna's beer yet, so I
leaned over, rubbing my jeancovered penis
against her. As I moved closer to her, bending
over, the tip dipped down and caught. There
wasn't as much fabric on her as there was on the
others, and I could feel her hot against me. Her
voice caught and her eyes rolled back in her

Selene came back with the unopened beer and
pressed into my hand. I leaned back, and to my
surprise, my penis stayed pretty much where it
was. It pushed my erection down, so I was
standing out at almost ninety degrees, and my own
voice caught as a wave of pleasure raced up my
spine. Anna moved her hips, bearing down on me,
increasing my pleasure, and I suspect, hers.
With difficulty, I opened the can of beer. As I
leaned forward, I thrust towards her. She
gasped, gave me stuporous but pleasant grin, and
bore down on me in return. I nodded to her, and
she lowered her head so she was looking up at the
ceiling. Her sensuous mouth opened, and I was
presented with a target.

I concentrated, trying to make sure I didn't
miss. It wasn't easy, but after careful
consideration, I managed to pour the beer
directly into Anna's mouth. She began gulping
hungrily. As she did, I made strong, deliberate
thrusting movements with my hips. Anna's massive
breasts jumped and jostled in her bra. The group
started cheering with approval.

One of my particularly vigorous thrusts caused
Anna to jerk and throw off my aim. Beer spilled
down one of her cheeks and into her long, dark
hair. I adjusted, and continued to pour, but I
stopped moving against her. My cock tip was
still caught, presumably by the lips of her

In no time at all, I emptied the can and pulled
back. My jeans were still tented, and I glanced
down to notice the sharp, damp indentation where
her body had caught mine. She was gasping for
air, her voluptuous chest heaving and straining
against the containment of her bra. I took her
hand and helped her to her feet.

I couldn't resist an uneasy glance over at Tom,
who was grinning lewdly at me. At least he
wasn't angry. Although, in fairness, I didn't
care. It had felt good, I was having a good
time, and we were just having a little harmless
fun. Or something like that.

I sat down next to Cindy, who had a wide grin on
her expressive and flushed face. I realized that
the room kept moving briefly as I sat down. I
suspected the alcohol was getting to me. I had
just settled in when Jessica handed us our next

Cindy's was a seven, mine a two. If a woman won
and no one had an ace, I was off to the mat once
more. But Jeff was the winner, Selene was the
loser, and two others had drawn aces: Tom and

Jessica went to the kitchen to Selene a wine
cooler and Tom a beer. Mark, meanwhile, was
unbuttoning his shirt. I watched as Mandy's hand
rose and fell up and down his thigh. Somewhere,
in the back of my head, I realized this was
getting way out of hand. The front of my head,
however, was drunk and was voting with my penis
to overrule my subconscious.

Selene guzzled her wine cooler in no time, but
Tom was a bit slower as Cindy inexpertly tried to
put as much of the beer as she could in Tom's
mouth. Tom wasn't making things easy for her by
rubbing himself against her crotch. After
roughly a minute, the beer was empty and Cindy
struggled to her feet. She made her way back to
me, gave me a huge, dopey grin, and sat down
heavily next to me. She rested her head on my
shoulder and her hand in the middle of my bare
chest. I could feel a pillowlike softness
against my rib. I was really beginning to like
this game.

While Cindy and Tom were finishing up, Jessica
had already run the cards through the machine. I
looked up at Jessica as she handed us our cards,
almost stunned that she had gotten there so fast.
I looked at mine and saw a five of diamonds.
Cindy had a ten. Mark had drawn a king of clubs,
and Selene was the big loser, with a two. Jeff
had drawn an ace, and Cindy's was the highest
female card.

Mark got onto the towel, waiting for Selene, as
Jeff slid into position on the other towel.
Cindy got into position astride him and began
pouring the drink. She splashed some on his chin
at first, but she adjusted her aim and poured the
rest into his mouth. Jeff had no trouble keeping

Selene, meanwhile, had moved onto the towel, legs
on either side of Mark. The crowd cheered when
she undid the button on her cutoffs, and cheered
even more as she unzipped. She tugged her shorts
down a little bit past her hips. I saw the tan
line from her bikini, but no panties. Selene
gave a come hither motion to Mark, who moved a
bit closer. She grabbed the back of his head and
pressed it into her crotch.

Everyone roared. Selene grinned as she ground
his face into her crotch, then she released his
head and pressed him away forcefully. She
grinned at everyone, then bent down and whispered
something into Mark's ear. I gazed longingly as
her breasts hung down, her nipples small and
erect, then my eyes traveled over the gentle
sweep of her bare, arched back.

She stood up, and Mark reached up and slipped his
fingers into her belt loops. With a gentle tug,
the shorts came down, and I stared in aghast at
Selene's nakedness. I had seen no panties,
because there were no panties. Her vagina was
clearly visible, as it was hairless. Only a
thin, vertical stripe of hair, almost like a
sideways moustache, remained above the lips of
her labia. The hair was light colored, tinged
with red, like the hair on her head.
Everyone cheered some more. Selene stepped out
of the shorts, grabbed Mark's head once more, and
pressed it into her now exposed pubis.

There was more cheering and laughter. People
couldn't believe what Selene was doing. A part
of me desperately wished I was Mark. Selene's
small breasts rose suddenly, and her eyes rolled
back in her head. Eyelids fluttering, she let
out a satisfied sigh. I could see Mark's head
moving in tight little circles over her.
About that time, Cindy had finished her beer, and
was rising with a confused smile on her face,
watching Selene and Mark's antics. Selene
noticed her rise, turned to give her an
enraptured grin, and slowly pushed Mark's head
away from her. I noticed a glint of clear liquid
on her labia.

Selene turned away from Mark, her bare ass small
and tight, and I noticed a small tattoo on one of
her cheeks. It was a heart inside a black
circle. I wondered what the significance of the
circled heart meant as Selene took her seat next
to a very amused Frank. Flustered, Mark was the
last to scoot over to the sidelines, where a
hungrylooking Mandy waited.

I heard the card shuffler whir and moments later,
Jessica handed us our next round of cards. Cindy
had a four, I, a queen of diamonds. It turned
out good enough to win. I looked around the
floor, and saw that Jessica had drawn an ace.
She winked at me as she moved onto the towels.
Her skirt slipped down to her waist, exposing her
luscious, tan thighs but concealing her naked
cunt. As Selene retreated to the kitchen to
bring in another cold wine cooler, I moved to the

"Take off my shoes, first," she purred. She had
sat her legs out straight, and she collected the
hem of her skirt and pulled it up higher. As she
lifted her leg skyward, I could clearly see her
pussy, almost naked like Selene's with a tuft of
dark, triangular hair above. I blinked and did
my best to remove the sandal. I realized that
only I could see the place between her thighs, as
everyone else was blocked by my back. I glanced
up at Jessica, who was resting on her elbows.
She was smirking at me, her eyes lusty and half
closed, eyes boring into mine.

As her sandal dropped to the floor, she lowered
her leg and raised the other. Momentarily, her
vagina disappeared from view, only to reappear
again. I cleared my throat nervously, paid
attention to her other foot, and easily removed
the second clog. As I did, I saw a tattoo, a
small circled heart, on the inside of her ankle.
She sat up, adjusted her skirt again, then
pressed her bare feet, wide and flat, onto the
floor. The skirt pooled around her waist,
concealing her once more from view.

The skirt was thin and airy, I realized as I
moved into position. As I poured, Jessica made
no movements to distract me, though my penis was
digging into her through the thin material of her
clothing. She drank quickly and easily, the
muscles in her throat moving like a welloiled
machine, and it seemed like she drained the
bottle in record time. Finished, I stood up
unsteadily and made my way back to my place.
Jessica sat up, adjusted her skirt, and stood up.
She glanced over at me, placed a finger at her
lip, and gave me a pout. Everyone giggled. She
winked at me and returned to her seat next to

The naked Selene, her small but welltoned body
dappled with a hint of sweat, had already
collected the cards and was shuffling them before
Jessica had even sat down. She handed Cindy,
then me, our next cards.

Cindy's was a two of spades, while mine was a
jack of clubs. I didn't figure mine would be
high enough to win. "Oh, boy," she said as she
set her card down next to mine. "I'm gonna loose
something serious this time."

I had thought she was going to take another shot,
but she had taken one last time she had lost. I
was going to see Cindy out of her shirt.
Jeff took his shoes off while Cindy nervously sat
up and tucked her hands under the bottom of her
shirt. With a dramatic heave, she pulled it up,
over her head. It got stuck for a moment, but
she emerged, hair tussled. A flush covered her
chest, which was practically bare, because Cindy
was wearing a very sheer bra that hid nothing.
Her nipples were light, a little darker than her
pale skin, about the size of halfdollars. Her
breasts were about the same size as Mandy's,
maybe slightly larger.

She looked at me, very selfconscious. She could
tell by the grin on my face that I liked what I
saw. She leaned against me once more, her body
delightfully close to me, skin touching skin, her
braed breast slightly scratchy against my rib.
My jack was the high card next round, and Jessica
had drawn another low card. She assumed the
position once more, skirt pooled around her
waist, a stretch of fabric barely covering her
privates. Unlike the last time, Jessica was much
more playful. As I got into position and waited
for Selene to return with a wine cooler, Jessica
ground herself against me. My eyes fluttered and
I heard her let out a soft sigh.

Selene arrived with the wine cooler, which she
had thoughtfully opened for me, and I leaned
over. Jessica put all her weight on one hand,
looked hungrily at me, and reached down between
us to pull on her skirt. I felt the fabric
slowly race up my shaft. There was a roar of
applause as the others realized what she was
doing. I could feel intense heat coming from
her, and I gulped. She smiled coyly at me,
arched an eyebrow, and wiggled her hips.
Her chest rose sharply, then she leaned her head
back with another happy sigh. She opened her
mouth, and I began to pour.

I don't know how she did it, but she managed to
maintain her head perfectly still while she
slowly ground herself in a circular pattern
against my engorged and clothed cock. She was
driving me wild, and she was taking huge, deep
gasping breaths between swallows.

Once the wine cooler had finished, I started to
move off. Jessica was still grinding against me,
and she was gasping for air. Everyone was
giggling and laughing. I started to pull away,
but Jessica wrapped her legs around me and
laughed shallowly. Panting, she grabbed the
skirt and I felt her legs part and her feet
settle once more on the ground.

Free to go, I stood. As I did, Jessica quickly
dropped the skirt to conceal herself once more.
There was a damp patch on the front of my jeans.
The muted voice that had been warning me in the
back of my head was finally silent, and I
couldn't remember what it had been telling me.
As I sat down, I could smell a musky odor, the
unmistakable smell of a woman's arousal. It came
from the front of my jeans.

Cindy looked at me, with a huge grin on her face.
"Did that feel good?" she asked me eagerly.

I nodded. "But I think it felt better for her."

Cindy leaned in closer to me, and we took our
next cards from Selene, who gave me a lewd smile
as she headed over to Jessica. Cindy leaned
close to me, strawberry and alcohol hot on my
cheek. "I have a secret to confess," she said
earnestly. Her voice was almost inaudible.
I looked at her. Her blue eyes were large and
luminous. "My jeans are too tight. I'm not
wearing any underwear."

I blinked. Cindy was continuing to surprise me.
Bra or pants, next time something came off, it
would be quite seriously exposing. Not that her
bra really hid anything. "I want to do it, but
I'm not sure I can," she told me.

"You don't have to do anything you don't want

"But I want to," she told me. Her face was so
close to mine, for a moment I thought she was
going to kiss me.

"Hey you two," Jessica called over. "What did
you draw?"

I realized that everyone else had set down their
cards before them. I hadn't even looked at mine
yet. I had a jack, but Cindy had the all
powerful king of clubs. It turned out Tom had
drawn an ace, so he received a double penalty.
He took off his sneakers, then moved himself onto
the mat.

Cindy stood up, looked back at me, and winked.
She took the beer Jessica had retrieved from the
kitchen, and put one leg on either side of Tom's
hips. She looked down at him, then pushed her
hair over her right ear and lowered herself onto
him. She actually gyrated on him. Tom moaned
and the others cheered. Cindy looked over at me,
eyebrow raised, and ground into Tom again. I
smiled at her. I realized now she was just
having fun, and what happened in the middle of
the circle didn't matter.

Tom threw his head back and opened his mouth as
Cindy opened the beer can. She was improving.
In spite of being roaring drunk, she didn't spill
any as she tipped the beer and poured it down
Tom's throat. After ten or fifteen gulps, Cindy
orbited her hips over Tom, and he spluttered.
Everyone laughed at him, including me. After he
caught his breath, she poured some more, and in
no time at all, the beer can was empty and Cindy
returned to my side.

My next card was a two of spades, which was as
low as you could go without drawing an ace. Tom,
however, did draw an ace. Mandy had a king, so
she would administer Tom's beer. Tom's socks
came off.

Mandy, almost naked and completely drunk, was
obviously hot to trot. As Selene's naked
backside went into the kitchen to grab a beer,
Mandy got astride Tom, who had already gotten
into position. She began gently orbiting her
hips against him, rubbing her moist panties
against his jeans, and didn't stop when the beer
was pressed into her hand.

Tom, who was breathing heavily from Mandy's
teasing motions, leaned his head back, closed his
eyes, and waited. Mandy's aim wasn't very good,
however, and she had changed her movements from
circles to a rocking motion. Tom got beer all
over his face, in his hair, in his eye, and down
the front of the shirt. The beer in the eye
resulted in him howling and spraying beer into
the air, and he immediately grabbed a towel and
tried to get the burning liquid out of his eye.
When they finished the beer, Mandy was wobbly,
and Tom walked a rather crooked line back to
Anna, rubbing his eye the entire way. The front
of his shirt was soaked.

Our next cards were a four and six, so Cindy and
I figured we wouldn't be involved in the next
round. Tom drew the high card, while Selene and
Frank drew aces. Frank walked over to the towel,
assumed the position, and waited for Jessica to
return with the beverages. She was the highest
female card, so she would be responsible for
draining Frank's beer.

"Wait a second," Anna slurred. "Selene drew an

Jessica nodded. "She takes her wine color, then
has to service Tom for three minutes."

"Oh," Anna said, obviously trying to put together
what that meant. Jessica had a digital kitchen
timer, and she punched a little button three
times and set it on the couch next to wear she
sat. I noticed she hadn't pressed start yet.
She handed Tom a wine cooler and kept the beer
for Frank. As Tom got into position over a very
naked Selene, Jessica's skirt pooled around
Frank's hips. Selene was wriggling slightly
against Tom, which resulted in yellow wine cooler
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