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James Part IX. Soaring Visions

Chapter 58

"Look!" Brenda whispered, pointing to the dozen sleek white birds
feeding in the reed bed as we drifted past a small bay. She had wanted to
explore some of the inlets along the rugged eastern shore of the lake,
north of Sunset Cove. So after provisioning the canoe with essentials, we
had set off in the crisp morning air, with Brenda nestled against my shins
as I guided the sleek craft in the still water.

"And there!" she pointed upwards, where more of the large birds were
gliding in to feed. With much squawking and flapping of wings, these
fourfoot tall birds with the long legs sorted themselves out in their
domains as gradually calm descended.

"What are they?" she whispered in awe as they high stepped through the
shallow water, peering intently in the murky water with their heads cocked
at an angle. "Oooh!" she cried as one stabbed into the water and
resurfaced with a fish through its sharp footlong beak. With a deft flick
of its head, it flipped the fish in the air and swallowed it head first.

"These are Giant Egrets, didn't you read the literature at the Ranger

"They had literature there?" Brenda mulled, "I guess I was too busy
admiring their biceps and tattoos. But you'll be kind enough to edify and
illuminate me, won't you?"

"I'll try, but I was kinda busy staring at you." Brenda smiled and
reached back to stroke my face. "They used to be called the American
Heron, and range all the way from Massachusetts to Mexico. They, and the
smaller Snowy Egrets, were hunted almost to extinction because of their
beautiful plumage."

"You're so clever!" She sighed, running her hand over my thigh, "No
wonder I'm so in love with you!" We watched them for a while longer before
moving on.

"Remember Kelly?" she suddenly asked. "She sent me email and she sounds


"Personal ones." Brenda sighed, "She feels the emptiness but doesn't
know what's causing it."

"Does she have anyone close to her?"

"I don't think so. Maybe Todd."

"They're business partners, aren't they?"

"Yeah, and so immersed in their work that they can't see the obvious."

"Which is...?"

"That they are right for each other not just from a business sense;
much, much more than that.

"As in love?"

"Yeah, they're like two racers barreling towards the finish, oblivious
to their surroundings. One day they'll look around and find that they are
BOTH after the same goal, that they can get there faster by doing it as a
team." She leaned on my knee, "That would be beautiful..." A pause, "Maybe
I can talk with her when she goes to Regan's later this week..."

"Will things be OK for you at Chuck's?"

"Mmmm, quite..." She hugged my knee. "They are such GOOD people!"
Another sigh, "Poor Anna, who's had to put up with so much, so young. I'm
glad she has had the chance to see Deanna and talk to her, however

"She seemed to be her own sweet self yesterday..."

"Hmmm, yeah, but probably part of it is shock. We'll give her a couple
of days to digest the facts... Then there's Chuck, even though he puts
everybody through hell, I think he suffers more than any of them..."
Brenda's eyes grew distant.

"You really feel for him, don't you?"

"Yeah, he's all soft inside, but works hard at hiding it to the point
of being cruel and uncaring." She gripped my knee, "It tears him apart
thinking he drove Deanna away..."


"But he can't admit it, even to himself, that he'd been wrong with
Deanna, that there's no way she would ever do the things he'd accused her
of..." Brenda shook her head, "And Deanna, she's more ashamed that she
can't live up to her image of her father than any wrongdoings... They're
both so muleheaded!" She shook her head in silence, "It seems the more
they care for or love somebody, they more they are driven to hurt them by
being demanding and aloof."

Silently, we drifted by a few more small bays, which were weed choked
and too small for anything but ducks. We were slowly approaching the two
large rivers which jointly fed the lake.

"Why then does Chuck get along so well with you and Sara?" I mused.

"That's interesting, isn't it? I think in Sara's case, it's because she
stood up to him and made him realize her strengths right from the start.
With me, it's more like I represent the group and he sees me as a good
friend for Anna..." Then she added, "And somewhat useful to Regan's from a
business point of view."

"Is that all? There must be more he was gloating every time he talked
about you!"

"Well, I sorta showed him a different way to design a boat..."

"You did, huh? How did you come up with that?"

"Well, when you think about it, it's simple. Boats spend most of their
useful life on their aft end. Yet after talking to R&D, I realized that
everyone designs boats from the FRONT first, then painfully adjusts the
back half to allow for performance at speed! Just doesn't make sense!" She
shook her head, "So I just plugged in numbers starting from when the boat
is going at a theoretical maximum speed and worked backwards, or forwards,
or whatever.

"Turns out Ernst Mach, the guy who first measured the speed of sound,
had already developed a lot of the maths for calculating vectors and
displacement geometries. Of course I NEEDED the experience and the brains
at Regan to fill in the rest of the blanks, but I had no doubt from the
start it was a doable thing."

"But you must have had a tough time convincing Chuck!"

"Hardly!" she laughed, "I sort of sneaked it past him he thought I was
throwing a party for his boys to try and sell a corporate reorg! By the
time I dropped the bomb he was committed and had to listen to it. But he
caught onto the idea within the first ten minutes, and has been nothing but
supersupportive..." She sighed, and softly, "I love that grand old man of
the sea..."

After a while she continued, "He DID raise some interesting questions
though! At the meeting, he asked about the torque curves and now thinking
about it, I realize that I should have based the calculations on THAT
instead of just incrementing the rpm by fixed amounts. Since torque is an
index of the engine's ability to accelerate, we should be able to get
smoother performance by designing the hull to match that..." She started
drumming her fingers on my legs, "Mmm, need to transpose and rotate the
axis, invert the scale, or differentiate... Then static resistance...
Hmmm, and more..."

She sighed and continued, "Chuck was also concerned about the modeling
and mock up process and he's got a point. Right now, the testing is done
using full or 2/3size models; any smaller, the results are unreliable.
Then they have to place weights to match the expected loads. All in all,
it takes days to set up the model to run the tests and usually they have to
repeat this up to 4 times before they have a usable design. Occasionally,
something slips through and the process has to be repeated again. That's
why new designs are years in development and even longer before

"Then there are the times when they try and shortcut the process and end
up with a monumental mess like Peter's Gyro 2! The Monster Cuddy design
was quite brilliant they built upwards and kept a relatively small and
clean footprint; then they found out what worked at 60mph was a disaster in
the making at 80!" She shook her head, "Goes to show how far behind the
times the boating industry is!" A pause, "Hmmm, James, do you realize we've
been at this same spot for quite a while?"

"That's because the current keeps pushing us back..."

"Why didn't you tell me? I thought there must be something worth
looking at here!"

"There is!"

"What? Where?"

"Your nipples I love the way they get all hard and stand up when
you're excited!"

"Oh...!" She leaned her head back and smiled at me, then she arched back
to hug my waist, "Are they? Can you tell from that far away?"

"It's amazing what these spaceage fabrics can handle!" I sighed as I
stared at the twin missiles making ferocious dents in her tanktop, "Plain
cotton would've been torn by now."

Carefully she squirmed around and, crouching between my feet, worked her
top over her head. "There! Is this better?" She rubbed them against my
knees, and we watched as her rubbery nubbins drew sparks on me. Her eyes
closed and she hummed happily. Then she looked up at me, a soft smile on
her face. "Talking about hard and standing up... Is there something else
you'd like me to do seeing as I'm on my knees already?"

I handed her the dripping paddle, "Yes, hold this while I get us
ashore." I leered at her lovely treasures, "I want to perform a detailed
and complete reinventory of our holdings."

"Oh really?"

"Yes, quite obviously you have seriously underrepresented your assets."
I gave them a gentle squeeze, "We'll need a thorough investigation... Even
more thorough than last time!"

"Oh no!" Brenda looked stricken, whispering, "II might as well own up
now I've been dipping in the deposit box! Sometimes as many as TWO
fingers..." She looked very repentant and licked her lips. "But if I throw
myself at the mercy of the court, can I work it off? Some sort of
community service, perhaps?" She reached for the mounting evidence in my
pants and I had to stop her before she could make a mess of my briefs.

The current had pushed us against a thick reed bed along the shore. I
stepped overboard in the thigh high water and guided the boat into a
channel running through the shoulderhigh catgrass. Brenda stretched out,
sunning herself and softly stroking her breasts.

"Hey, no playing with the merchandise! You break 'em, you've bought

"Hmmmm..." She licked her fingers and tweaked her nipples, "I'm just
polishing the display so my boss knows what a willing and hard worker I
am..." Sighing, she leaned back as she continued polishing.

The channel had been created when the river was blocked off by an
ancient rock fall. Over time, the water had worked a small opening and a
steady stream poured over a small, 5 feet high cascade. The force of the
water had cleared the area of plants and swept the sand and silt to form a
secluded beach. I tied up on a large piece of driftwood and turned to
watch Brenda come ashore with the paddles and the sunpad, all smiles and

"Mmmm, this is NICE!" Brenda said as she looked around. I followed her
with the backpack containing our provisions when suddenly she dropped the
cushions and turned to hug me. My pack followed them to the sand as our
lips and tongues met, slowly and tenderly. I stroked her red curls and
smooth back. Her breasts burned on my chest.

Her breathing became more urgent as I slipped my hands inside her bikini
bottoms and roamed the firm flesh there. "Oh, oh, uh, oh god!" she moaned
on my neck as I found her wetness and stroked a soft finger in her. She
held my ass and ground her crotch on me as she shook and kissed my neck.
"Oh yeah! Yeah... Mmmm... That's so good!" She sighed against me and
clung on, shaking, "Hurry! I want you in me now!"

With a moan she tore away and skimmed out of her panties and laid down
on the pad, "C'mon babe, don't make me wait! I need you bad!" I flung my
shorts off and knelt between her thighs. She raised her knees and her bush
was matted with moisture.

"Ughhh!" I groaned at the incredible feeling of her sex.

"God yesssss...!" she sighed, nails on my ass to urge me on as I made
slow progress with gentle strokes, drowning in the exquisite tenderness.

Her cunt felt so tight that I was holding back, afraid of hurting her.
"C'mon honey, let me FEEL you!" she breathed and rolled us over, dropping
her body on me and forcing me deep. "Arrrgh!" Eyes closed tightly she
gripped me with her arms and legs. "Sso good! Almost forgot how good you
feel!" Brenda nibbled my lips and worked her burning sheath around my cock.

"Mmmm, yes, good... Mmmm... Ahhh, fuck me like this..." She made a
throaty whistling sound and started shaking. "Babe, oh babe!" Her lips
found mine and she stuck her wildly lashing tongue in me. Her shivering
slowed and she laid panting on me. "So full!" she murmured, "I can feel
you everywhere!"

Slowly she started moving again, her hips making circles, rubbing her
groin against me. Then she started making short hard strokes, grinding her
clitoris against my body. Eyes still closed tightly, she moaned as a
series of tremors overtook her body. Her cunt squeezed me and I added my
motions to hers, driving my orgasm. I grabbed her ass and helped her move
her body on me as I joined her in crying our passion. Sweat bathed our
bodies as she collapsed on me.

"Hmmm, I love holding you, and feeling you..." Brenda whispered, licking
a drop of sweat off my neck, "I love YOU!" She started squirming her cunt
against me and my cock slipped out.

"Oh shoot! Sorry!" She sighed, "I just can't get enough of you you
make me so damned hot!"

"You sure it's me and not the sun?"

"Mmmm, that too... I should move before my back gets fried," she said
but resumed her licking on my neck and face.

I rolled her off and picked her up in my arms. "Where are you taking
me?" She waved her feet and grinned, "Am I 'Cash and Carry?'"

"I wish!" I sighed as I waded into the stream, "But you're too
expensive!" I kissed her and dropped her in.

"Hey!" she sputtered and shook water from her face, "What was that for?"

"I'm hoping that I'll get a discount now that there's waterdamage!"

"Not a chance sweetie. This chassis" she hefted her chest, "is
waterproof and rustproof!"

Together we explored the water hole under the waterfall where a cool
refreshing stream washed over us. She held on to me and kissed me softly.
I bit her nose and she hugged herself to me. Brenda looked up, smiling,
"Maybe we can put you on the lease to own plan... 99 more deposits and
she's all yours!"

"Can I make more than one deposit per day?"

"Mmhmm, for sure! But later! I need to talk to you seriouslike
first..." She tugged me back on the beach and laid down next to me.

"I want you to help me think through the modeling cycle. It takes days,
and the results are nowhere near what can be considered conclusive," Brenda

"What's the problem with using smaller models?" I asked.

"The vortex shape, planing geometry and flotation characteristics are
unusable under 70%scale... Unlike air, water is noncompressible so its
density remains the same..." she drifted off, drumming her fingers
thoughtfully on me.

"But didn't you say that a body traveling through water behaves like a
similar object in air, just proportionally smaller because of..."

"Viscosity! Yes!" Brenda gripped me in excitement, "So that means that
if we can find a liquid that's got a Kinematic Viscosity double that of
water, then we can build models half scale or even smaller!"

"Why didn't somebody else do this before?"

"Hmmm, probably they did, but its uses are limited because the scale
models would not indicate turbulence factors, since the higher density
medium would mask out any vortex interaction..." She suddenly grinned, "But
since we started with a nonturbulent hull, we don't need to worry about
that as much! We'd probably need to make a fullsize test run, this time
but that's just to verify and refine our hypotheses!" Breathlessly she
pulled me up, "Honey, do you mind if we head back now? I want to get them
started on this at Regan's."

We got dressed, packed our gear and loaded it into the canoe. Brenda
held me tightly, "But promise you'll bring me back here OK?" She looked
around and kissed me softly, "It's really lovely here but I'm too pumped to
appreciate it now."

The trip back to the house was accomplished in much less time, the
current and Brenda's frenetic paddling hurrying us along.

"How small do you think we make the models?" I asked as we trudged with
our backpack up the stairs.

"Hmmm, if memory serves, there are some glycols that should get us down
to 1/3scale... Why?"

"Because Commercial Electrics has a division that manufactures something
called 3DLaserSintering, which is a highspeed prototyping system..." We
stopped at the edge of the patio, where a certain member of the board was
sitting crosslegged under a wide brim straw hat, wearing a smile and
nothing else.

"Ah, madam!" I exclaimed, "Glad to find you in your office!" We sat next
to her and shared kisses. "And in you glorious powersuit too!"

"Hmm, quite..." She cast a critical eye over her body, "Do you think
it's a bit too... conservative?" She started laughing as we eased her down
so we could better check out the cut.

"Oh no!" I protested, "I find the lines quite complimenting! Especially
the way it emphasizes your chest!" I reached down to illustrate.

Brenda leaned down, "Look honey, you seem to have some chocolate on your
blouse. Let me try to get it off..." She dipped her head down as Nicole
let out a soft moan.

"Ooooh! I don't know what came over me, I got all clumsy... Ahhhh!
Tthere's aanother spot on the oother side too!"

Brenda switched as Nicole happily gurgled her gratitude. I bent and
gave the original spot a lick, which was resembling a ripe strawberry by
now, and just as delicious.

Brenda slipped down, trailing kisses on Nicole's smooth body, and dipped
her face between her legs. "Oh god...!" Nicole breathed, allowing Brenda
to part them. I gently scraped the spot with my teeth; Nicole moaned,
grabbed my hair and forced my face into her soft flesh.

"Hmmm," Brenda looked up, mouth glistening and eyes shining, "Tastes
like you've just sent this to the cleaners... Who?" She dove down again.

"Ahhh, ahhhh... Jules... and Sara... Ahhhh!" Nicole shivered and held
our faces to her, "...and Sherri... and Celeste... and Amanda... too!"

"Wow, you sure made the rounds... Bet you're ready for the DEEP
cleaning now!" Brenda grinned as she put my hand on Nicole's sex, "Here,
keep her warm."

Brenda leaned over, pulled my shorts off and slid her warm mouth over
me, swiping her tongue over me until I was throbbing. She helped me roll
on top and I slipped into Nicole's soft, heated depths.

"Ohhhhh!" For long moments we just held each other, shivering in the
incredible closeness of our joining.

Brenda stroked us. "Enjoy..." She kissed us tenderly and went inside. I
began making long slow strokes into Nicole's furnacelike depths. Her eyes
closed and she started moaning, adding her own little twists to caress her
sweatslicked flesh on mine.

"Uhnnn... uhhh!" she sighed and shivered, as I groaned in my pleasure.
"Ohhh, mmmm, come, my dearest... Take me there, my knight, my sweet
love..." She bit my lip and held me hard against her and squeezed me in her
tight quivering channel. My sperm burned out as we shook in our throes,
clinging to each other and groaning in mindless passion.

"Mmmm, what a delightful brute..." Nicole stroked the sweat from my
hair, "So full, so amazingly full... Hmmm..." She sighed and kissed my
ear, then looked around, "Er, where's the darling girl gone?" She turned to
the house and bellowed, "Brenda! Get your sexy ass out here!"

"Yes dear?"

Nicole opened her arms and pulled her down for a long kiss, "Mmmm, you
ran out on me, you heartless thing!" Nicole ran a soft hand up Brenda's
thigh, helping her slip her bikini bottoms down, "I want to make sure I get
to say goodbye properly..." and replaced it with her hand.

"I'm not leaving till Thursday we still have tomorrow!" Brenda
giggled, a little shakily.

"Mmm, not really; I'm leaving later today..." Nicole pulled her down and
hugged us to her, "I have my studies and business to attend to... Then I
want to talk to Sherri's parents about school and get Erin's friend's
parents to sign some forms for Todd and Kelly. Besides," she sighed, "If I
stay here much longer, I wouldn't want to leave." She closed her eyes,
"What a lovely paradise we've created for ourselves here..."

Brenda tickled Nicole's stomach and grinned, "Let's not forget about
communing with tarantulas and black flies!"

"Not to mention the footlong centipedes!" I reminded them.

"Arrgggh!" Nicole squeezed her eyes shut, "No more! Don't ever mention
them again!" She shivered delightfully.

I stroked her cheek and kissed her nose, "When will you be back? We all
miss you... I'll miss you..." We shared a soft kiss, "Maybe you'll allow
me to come acourting?"

She looked at me softly, "Yes, I'd like that. You always make me feel
so loved. Take me out to town..." She stretched and squirmed, "Or just
TAKE me..." She rolled me off her, "Keep the young lady company, James, I'm
going to renew acquaintances." She turned her body around and, after giving
my shrunken cock a quick kiss, settled her mouth on Brenda's cunt.

"Ohhh! Ahh!" Brenda cried and clutched me to her, "Ahh, hon! God,
you're great... Ahh, ahh..." In 3 seconds she was humping and crying in my
arms, her breasts attacking my chest. Blindly she reached for Nicole,
"Honey, let me touch you!"

"No sweetie, I'm rubbed raw already!" Nicole giggled and dropped back
down to her task. With a moan Brenda crushed my lips to hers, driving her
tongue in my mouth in time with the tender treatment she was getting, which
Nicole also demonstrated by caresses on my cock.

Nicole took her time, keeping Brenda in a delicious squirming state.
Her flaming hair was pasted to her face and her breasts glowed with need
and desire.

"Pplease Nikki, please..." she sighed, "You're killing me! Please..."
She gasped as Nicole reapplied her lips in earnest. "Ahhhh, close...
Ssssso close!" Brenda cried.

Suddenly Nicole pulled back, "Oh look, his chubbiness is hard again!"

Frantically Brenda jumped on my erection and rode me as she cried to a
wild orgasm. She flopped on me and shook to a series of little climaxes.
"Mmmm, love your big hard thing..." She leaned on me, making little nudges
on my hardness.

Nicole came up and kissed us, "Feeling good?" She glinted, "Ohh dear!
Poor baby is getting burned!" She kissed Brenda's shoulders, picked up a
tube of cream and started applying it on her. Nicole giggled, "Your
freckles are SO cute! Like a chocolatechip angel food cake..." She
started kissing them, making Brenda hump and writhe on me in a most
delightful way. Soon Brenda started moaning as I fucked up into her
tightness and Nicole traced down her back, playing connectthedots with
her tongue.

"Ohh, ohhh, ohhh god!" Brenda arched herself on me and splayed her legs
wide to force me all the way in. "Uhgnnnn, ugh, ughh," she shook and
whipped her fiery curls about.

"Wow! Look at this BIG freckle!" Nicole exclaimed, "Mmmmmmm!"

"Eeee! Arrrgh! Nnooooo..." Brenda screamed and her nails tore into my
pecs. She shook uncontrollably and ground herself on me as Nicole lapped
noisily between Brenda's quivering ass.

"Nno more... No more!" Brenda whined breathlessly, still shaking and
exploding with shivers.

"No, stop!" she cried when I started moving in her, quickly climbing off
me, "Ssorry, too much... No more... Hmmm..." She curled up on me and
started snoring.

Nicole tested my pounding erection with a finger, "This is never going
away on its own, is it?" she glinted, then she sighed, "Just call me Nikki,
easy in any language!" She lowered her mouth.

Chapter 59

I staggered into the house as Nicole gently laid Brenda on the sofa and
covered her with a blanket.

Sara and Jules were sitting at the table with their textbooks. I
greeted them with warm hugs and kisses.

"Nicole was complaining how you and Brenda just rolled over and went to
sleep right after sex with her," Sara smiled.

"I didn't go to sleep!" I protested, "I was in sensory shock. The woman
is simply overwhelming!"

"Mmmm..." Brenda stirred and cuddled Nicole, "This sweetie gives the
words 'good' and 'bad' new definitions!" She giggled warmly, "Mmmm, I love
you, you're my sweetheart!" She wound her arms around Nicole's neck and
they started kissing noisily.

"Do you mind?" Jules called out, "Some of us are trying to study!"

Brenda looked up, "What... what are you..." Then in sudden realization,
"You mean, like exam? Like now...?"

The girls grinned devilishly and nodded furiously.

"Honey," Nicole stroked her face, "I know you've been very busy, do you
need an extension? A week?"

Brenda sighed, "Nno, it'll be worse next week, so I guess I'll do the
exam this afternoon. I just have to brush up on a couple of subjects.
You'll all help me, right?"

"No problem," Nicole kissed her softly, "Why don't we have some lunch
and then we'll get you caught up..."

We were going through the batch of soup and sandwiches I whipped up when
Brenda asked Nicole, "James was telling me about the 3DLaserSintering
division at CE, can you tell me about that?"

"Not too much, except that it's an emerging technology that can produce
very precise prototypes, usually within hours," Nicole said. She pulled a
brochure from her briefcase, "...uses a laser to fuse microscopic resin
beads, 90150 microns across..." She read from it, then handed it to
Brenda, "I'll contact the divisional head to alert them that JamPC is
interested. Talk to them and let Jules or me know if you want to get one

She turned to me with a thick folder, "And James, take a good look
through this we need to get you enrolled for University!" She looked
fondly at me and whispered, "My big handsome college boy..." She stroked my
cheeks, then she added, "Who's going to get Sara's 'wing' for the Gyro on
paper and into the Patent Office, right?"

"Nicole, it wasn't MY idea," Sara protested, "It was as much James' and
Sherri's and Brenda's!"

"Don't worry, hon. It'll be OUR idea, OK?"

"Then we should do one for Bren's assforward ship designing idea," I
added, as Brenda quickly outlined her radical approach.

"That we definitely must do!" Nicole added, "But we'll register it under
Regan she's still under contract to them."

"And the scalemodel testing idea with the highviscosity liquid too!"
Brenda added enthusiastically. "And maybe combine it with the Sintering
process..." She went back to the brochure, "Shit, bad news, says here the
maximum size is 30 x 20 x 20 inches. That means we have to use like a 20:1
ratio in viscosity that's like motor oil!" She shook her head, "Can't see
much good there... Oh well, guess we'll have to go with the traditional
way; the numerical jigs at Regan will do a fullsized foam model in two
days. With handfinishing they should be accurate to a halfinch or so."

I helped them finish the food and Jules checked the clock, "Celeste and
the magazine people should be finishing their lunch too James why don't
you take MiniMax over and see if Celeste needs help with her journalists?"

"Me? MiniMax? Really? You mean it?"

Jules snickered, "Are you good enough?"

"Ah! You forget, my lovely 'Orville' is my middle name!"

"You're big enough to be BOTH Wilbur and Orville!" laughed Sara. I gave
them a shake of my tail feathers as I spread my arms and zoomed outside.

= = =

Lunch was obviously over as the magazine people, some dozen or so
strong, were milling around the outside of the Wheel. Those who weren't
taking pictures were jostling around trying to talk to Celeste. Amanda's
Gymbler was just taxiing down the slipway for takeoff.

"Yo, sweet stuff!" I hailed her over the radio, "Hold off for incoming!"

"Hey babe! Glad you're here. We need help with the photogs, everyone
wants a turn!"

I signed off as I touched down and, as Amanda took the first of the
cameramen up, I topped off the gas and pulled up to the waiting lot.

Celeste's eyes widened as she saw me step out alone, but smoothly
introduced me and arranged for everyone to take turns for an aerial tour of
the Wheel and the Marina.

Amanda and I worked out a routine where one plane would start with a few
loops at 150 feet and the other would trail 50 feet behind, land and pick
up a new passenger. After an hour the first group left and I took over the
flying duties as I wanted the extra air time. Each turn was about 20
minutes long and it was another exhausting hour before the magazine crew
finished their pictures.

Marjorie introduced me to a lady deep in conversation with Celeste,
"James, Ms McGill flew in from New York just to speak to Celeste."

"Leslie, would you care for an aerial tour of the Wheel?" Celeste
invited. At her nod, Celeste climbed in the rear jump seat as I helped
buckle the handsome fortysomething lady in.

"We have been using these small aircrafts to help in determining sight
lines and visual occlusion. I've found them particularly useful in
inaccessible and difficult terrain," Celeste commented as I pulled out into
the bay.

"That's a novel and inventive use of aircraft..." Ms McGill faded off as
I gunned the motor for take off.

"Ah," she exclaimed, as the plane freed herself of her earthly bonds and
leapt skyward,

"An eagle, in ethereal plumage dressed,

Break from the veil, and flame his buoyant flight

Far toward the hills of heaven unveiled and bright."

I looked at her with renewed interest. She gave me a faint smile and
turned back to Celeste, "I must say you've made some very clever
adaptations in your building using traditional material and techniques.
But architecture is not just applying rules, have you considered all the
other elements that make a building?"

"Well, I have to admit that the structure was, at first, a simple means
to add a showroom, but, once I started the project, I realized that there
are many more aspects to just increasing usable space.

"What made it easy was Mueller's design; simple, flexible and so
adaptable! So aside for the technicalities, I could focus on the

"Such as...?"

"Such as the roofline, which, when extended, intersected the lone pine
tree there and the small outcrop on the other side..." Celeste pointed out
as I took them on a slow lowlevel approach, "Frames the vertical pillars
and focuses attention on the building. And I'm happy too with the sight
line from the road and the parking lot, which you may have noticed. I
could align the building with the end of the breakwater and open the view

"I see what you mean..." The lady hmmm'd, then turned to me, "Take us
higher, James. I want the bird's eye view." She turned back to Celeste and
launched into an animated discussion of the anachronistic conflicts of
modern buildings in society.

I took us up to 600 feet and a slow banking turn. The Wheel stood far
below us, warm and welcoming and SUBSTANTIAL in the glimmering waters of
the lake. Leslie pulled a camera out and started taking pictures as we
slowly spiraled earthward. She finished and sighed,

"OH, at the eagle's height

To lie i' the sweet of the sun,

While veil after veil takes flight

And God and the world are one."

I inclined my head at her and continued,

"ERE I lose myself in the vastness and drowse myself with the peace,

While I gaze on the light and the beauty afar from the dim homes of

"My!" Leslie glittered, "An erudite pilot jock!" She laughed, "I'm

"James is our resident everything person. He flies, cooks, fixes boats
and quotes poetry to us," Celeste laughed. "Actually he's going to be
going into Journalism, right?"

"I don't really know I have a stack of University brochures here that
I'll be looking at."

Leslie looked at me, "Never turn down a chance at University, James.
Don't look at it as just a sheepskin, but take it as a chance to LEARN
things." She glanced back at Celeste, "Did you know I have a BA in


"In fact I started University in Comparative Art!" she laughed, "Then
switched to English Literature before finding my real love and got my B
Arch degree." She turned to me, "Think of University as a smorgasbord of
learning it's all there, take your pick and sample all you want. Just
make sure you are decided by the end of your second year."

I parked MiniMax on the tarmac as she pulled out a business card and
scribbled a name and an extension number on it, "Call Josie Fletcher and
tell her you spoke to me about attending her school."

I glanced at the card and I blinked, "Columbia University? Wow!" Then I
looked closer at Leslie McGill's title, "Assistant Dean, GRADUATE School of
Architecture? Holy cow... Celeste, you're getting in a Masters program

"Not quite," Celeste giggled, "Ms McGill came to tell me that there's a
spot for me AFTER I finish my undergrad studies, provided I keep my grades

"I came out here after hearing of a young prodigy who's causing quite a
stir in the community; the same person who'd breezed through her first year
in our Distant Learning Program." She took Celeste's hand after we'd
stepped down the plane, "And I will tell you that I'm very encouraged with
what I've seen here, just remember though, that while it isn't overly
difficult to become an architect, even a good one," she took Celeste's
other hand and said earnestly, "It takes commitment and a genuine LOVE for
beautiful structures to be a BUILDER, one who can aspire to Bertram
Mueller's genius. Do you understand me?" Mutely Celeste nodded. Ms McGill
nodded to me and shook Marjorie's hand before turning to her car.

Celeste hugged us to her as we watched the plume of dust disappear
around the bend, "That was the most humbling experience I've had." She
sighed, "And the most inspirational." She turned us to the Wheel and kissed
Marjorie's cheek, "Thank you again for giving me the chance to touch
Bertram's genius."

Marjorie chuckled softly, "Bert had always said that Genius is merely
talent with a conscience; it permits one to live in ignominy, hoping for
vindication one day."

Celeste said wistfully, "That day is long overdue... But this is also
the magic of Bertram's legacy, Marjorie. To reach out and inspire across
the years and generations." With a sigh, "It's what makes life worth living

"You, my dear, have made MY life worth living for," Marjorie whispered
and added a kiss before going back into the Wheel.

Celeste leaned her head on me and squeezed my hand, "I feel so... so
overwhelmed sometimes, but Chuck is right, failure is simply not in our
vocabulary." She took a deep quivering breath, "Even though there are times
I feel like crying, like just now..." She turned and buried her face in my
shoulder, hands on my back, and began shaking.

"You OK?" I said, "Let it out, hon..." I stroked her hair and back

"I'll do my cry after the Wheel is finished..." she whispered and kissed
my ear, "And after you've screwed me to within an inch of my life!" She
giggled and rubbed her body on me.

"Mmmm, is this how a professional architect behaves in public? What
about your loyal fans..." She wormed her tongue in my mouth and we hummed
into each other as she pulled me against herself.

"They can kiss my ass. Fuck 'em!" she panted.

"Hon?" I murmured into her neck, "But I'm your biggest fan!"

"Really?" She looked up at me with glowing eyes as she rubbed her groin
on me, "I can believe the biggest part... But show me how loyal you are...
Start with part one, the ass kissing..."


"Right now. And right here."

I knelt down before her as she turned and waved her lovely butt at me. I
carefully kissed one cheek and then the other, adding a nip that made her
squeal. "Was that enough, my sweetie bosslady?"

"Mmm, no... Do the other one... Ahhh!" she moaned as I greeted her
other tight little cheek with my teeth, "Enough... Ppart two now!"

"Right now? Right here?"

"No," she sighed, "Not here, but somewhere... closeby..."

I swooped her up in my arms and she nestled her arms and face in my
neck, "Hurry... Leaking..."

We rushed into the marina and passed by Amanda and Sherri. They were
working at the large water tank used to testrun outboard motors. Both
were greasesmudged and their T's clung wetly to their skin.

They stopped and looked at us, "Are you OK? Celeste?" Sherri said with
concern as Celeste leaned back to wave to them.

"She was bitten..." I said.

"Oh! Do you need a doctor?"

"Oh, she's fine," Amanda scoffed, "There's no animal around here that
could make her face beet red and nipples standing except the one carrying

"I was smitten!" Celeste giggled and pointed me to Jewel.

We scrambled into the cabin and Celeste kicked her heels off as she
wiggled her arms inside her dress and magically drew it over her head. Her
nipples glowed in the dim light as she leaned back on the berth and slowly
skinned out of her sopping panties, blonde hair and breasts dancing to her

"Are we here to fuck or just stare?" she breathed, her eyes and face
tight with need. "Get over here!" She waved me over and worked my shorts
down as I struggled out of my shirt. I lowered myself over her.

"Mmmm..." Her eyes closed and a smile spread over her face as I slipped
part way into her soft wetness. "Yessss... Do me, hon..." Her breath
caught and she hissed as I pumped my way inside her tightness. "Ugh...
ugh..." Her arms and legs wrapped themselves around me as she squirmed and
softly breathed her desire.

We kissed as I made long slow strokes, her hard nipples digging into my
chest, her tongue touching, tingling against mine.

Gradually she tightened her hold on me as she moaned and threw her hair
about, our bodies sliding wetly over each other.

"Ahhh, yess, James, yessss!" she moaned hoarsely as she shook in orgasm.
Her muscles squeezed me and started my balls churning. Frantically I
pounded into her as we shook and moaned into our mouths. Eyes closed, we
clutched each other as the pleasure washed over and through us.

We cuddled and she whispered, "God you're wonderful, my sweet baby
James..." She giggled, "You certainly ARE my handyman! Even though you
weigh a ton and I have to pee..." She sighed and squirmed out as I rolled

"Stop, woman! Don't move! You are amazing!" I murmured sincerely. She
grinned back at me and slowly frigged herself as I turned on my back to
hang my head over the end of the berth so I could watch her twitching her
ass into the small head.

I was almost dozing off when I heard the litany of noises that announced
her done with the potty.

"God," she said, "You came gallons in me! I kept leaking!"

"Come here," I opened my arms, and wiggled my tongue, "Let me see if
you're all clean..."

"You sir" She giggled as she climbed up and slid her blond muff over
my mouth, "are one sick individual! Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Aand I love it!"
She sighed and leaned forward to kiss my cock, "Mmmm, what happened here?
Did you wash in hot water and get shrunk?" She giggled, moaned and giggled
some more as I tried to speak around her lips. "Don't worry, Momma will
give you the gentle wash cycle..." Tenderly she slipped me in her mouth and
nursed me with spit and tongue.

Celeste looked back as the cabin door opened and Amanda stuck her head
in, "Oh, oops! We thought you were finished... We heard the john... I'm
sorry" Suddenly she pointed at Celeste's ass and started laughing, "to
butt in!"

She collapsed on the floor chortling and wheezing, then a very worried
Sherri looked in, "What happened?"

Celeste pouted, "Your meanie friend insulted my bum."

Amanda had managed to drag herself coughing and hiccupping over,
"Ssorry, my sweet, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to malign your tushie. It's
gorgeous, no BUTTS about it!" And dissolved again in tears and breathless

"See?" Celeste sniffed, "Such a meanie!"

"Oh, please forgive her!" Sherri leaned over and gave Celeste's smooth
globes a kiss, "She's just poorly reared!" She too burst out laughing and
draped herself over Amanda, rolling on the floor and cackling wildly.

"James," Celeste looked down at me and sighed "We have some very
undignified friends."

I looked at her, shook, then nodded my head, which, together with my
tongue deep inside her puss, appeared to mollify her a bit as she started
to moan softly and wave her butt around.

Celeste had finished her latest orgasm and I was allowed to breathe
again when the two recovered enough to get off the floor. They took turns
kissing Celeste, then Amanda said, "I'm sorry dearie, I really thought you
were finished..."

"We were!" I wheezed, "But then Celeste went to the bathroom..."


"And we were out of paper."

"Oh... yuck!" Celeste wrinkled her nose, "Gross!"

Amanda and Sherri looked at each other and suddenly they made a mad dash
for the head, "Me first..." "No, me first!" They both disappeared inside.

Celeste turned around and snuggled against me, "Hmmmm, it's nice to have
all our cute little sisters to play with..." She reached for my very happy
cock and held it, "And this cute little brother too..."

I stroked her hair and kissed her, "We're all very lucky to have each
other, and we're all very glad to have THIS sister to play with!"

Celeste nestled closer and kissed my neck, "I love you so much... I
can't imagine what it'd be like if I hadn't let you take me on a date and
fix my problem..."

"Hey, that's what I'm here for; we fix broken hearts, twentyfour hours
a day. No problems we can't solve."

She kissed me and grinned, "But some are easier to lick than others..."
She leaned down and worked her tongue around my prick, making soft little
kisses on the tip and around the crown. She hummed as she jacked her hand

She turned up at me, "I must be losing my touch, James, I've been doing
this for 10 seconds and you're still not 100% hard." She sighed, "Guess I
won't be able to practice my deepthroating..." In a solitary heartbeat I
was rock hard in her hand.

She flashed me a glorious smile and bent to her task, working her lips
over the top and slowly sliding me deep.

"Ahhh, yesss, sssssooo good..." I sighed, my leg and stomach muscles
bunching in the indescribable pleasures her churning mouth was causing me.

"Holy shit!" Sherri exclaimed as they came out of the washroom, dripping
and wiping themselves with a towel. Arm in arm, she and Amanda stood there
watching as Celeste turned her head this way and that trying to fit the
last inch of my cock in her throat. I was moaning and humping and was
giving her encouragement with both hands.

"You can say that again!" whispered Amanda, "That's what they call a
Knob Goblin..."

Suddenly Celeste choked and threw herself off me, laughing, and
coughing, and laughing some more. She buried her face in my groin and
shook in a paroxysm of grunts and gurgling.

Finally, still wheezing, Celeste stretched out next to me and pointed
her finger at Amanda, "You. Come here!"

"Who me?" Amanda blinked her eyes and wiggled up to us, "Yes?"

"Young lady, did you know you almost caused me irreparable damage?"

"I'm very sorry, Celeste..." Amanda looked downcast and shuffled her
feet. And her boobies.

"How sorry?"

"This sorry...?" Amanda leaned down and softly kissed her. "OK?" she
breathed, looking tenderly in Celeste's upsidedown eyes.

"Not sorry enough..."

Amanda leaned down for another kiss, preceded by her fully extended

"Hmmm." They shared a languid session with tongues and lips and
Celeste's nipples crinkled up. "Ohhhh!" Celeste moaned and writhed under
Amanda's relentless attack.

Sherri nestled up to my other side and held me as the two next to us
made little kitten licks on each other's lips, noses and eyes, with each
action duplicated by the other. Using just their mouths and tongues, they
caressed over the other's face, soft and tantalizing, with no obvious
urgency except for their labored breathing and shaky moans.

Gradually a pattern emerged; when one moaned louder, they would linger
on that spot until a grunt started the slow erotic movement.

With agonizing slowness they exchanged warm and wet caresses down their
jaws, necks and breasts. I could feel their shivers of delight accompanied
by gasps of pleasure as they licked, nibbled and sucked their flesh to
aroused fullness. Sherri leaned breathlessly on my chest, moving only to
gently push hair out of their faces. I had never been more turned on in my

It was a good 20 minutes before they reached each other's sex, all the
time Sherri was shaking and sighing against me and my cock was quivering
with lust; but we dared not move, mesmerized by the sight of Celeste and
Amanda touching, loving and sharing.

I almost lost it when Sherri climbed over me and slid me inside, our
moans echoing theirs. Even with a minimum of movement, my passion grew
until it was unbearable, until our bodies shimmered in a haze of love, and
lust, and oneness.

Together, we came.

James 60

Amanda and I had planned an early start on Wednesday to do some flying
but were forced to change our plans.

The prior evening, Nicole had wanted to return home to her studies so we
had an early farewell dinner. Celeste asked to tag along to pick up her
Solara, still at Nicole's house.

"No way!" Nicole recoiled, "You'll bug me until I let you drive and I'll
end up getting a heart attack or splattered on the windshield!"

"Honey, you KNOW I won't do anything dangerous," she caressed Nicole's
cheeks and kissed her, "You're too precious for me to scare... much."

"Hah! See?"

So Celeste had to swear on Mueller's Wheel that she would not do
anything rash or overly illegal on the way home.

"You shouldn't cross your fingers when you make a promise," Amanda
noted, which earned her one of those fingers.

Again, but holding her hands out in plain sight, Celeste repeated her

"What about her toes?" Brenda commented. She got both fingers.

Finally, shoes off and hands up, Celeste satisfied Nicole of her
sincerity in not deliberately wanting to leave them in pieces on the road
and was allowed into the driver's seat.

She started the engine and turned to me, "Make sure the boys get started
with the exterior lighting and the cleaning up before you take off
tomorrow." She sighed, "I probably won't be able to make it back until late
tomorrow morning driving at 45mph."

"Darling," Nicole purred, "You be a good girl and Nikki will make it
worth your while..."

Celeste turned and gazed into her eyes, then she smiled, "BUT, if I'm a
bad girl, Lestie will make it worth YOUR while..." Laughing maniacally, she
floored the gas and howled off into the night.

= = =

We had stayed over in the 'Big Room' of the Wheel and were just cleaning
up after breakfast when Max knocked on the door. He had Patrick and his
sister Jessica behind him. We exchanged greetings and Max turned to
Brenda, "There's a trailer with a boat coming in. Maybe you should come
and decide what to do with it."

I introduced Patrick to the girls, "How are things going?" I asked as we
watched the fully laden truck come slowly down the road.

"Oh, pretty good, we're just about settled in, but Max told us to ask
you about getting the Internet in the apartment."

"Hmmm, you're too far to directline..." I looked over at Jules, "What
about the company who put the ADSL in for us?"

"ATComm, yeah. I'll get them to get a link in..." She thought for a
moment and turned to Patrick, "Here's another job for you. In the next few
days, go around the village and do a survey of how many homes have
computers and would want the Internet... Maybe we can have enough
subscribers to justify our own T3 connection and supply these people from
here instead of the Sub 4 miles away." She filled in with a bit more
information and Patrick promised to look after it.

Brenda had been talking to the truck driver and came back with a wide
grin, "It's a 44' deepV on consignment from Deanna! Listen to this..."
She consulted a note on the manifest, "...due to financial reversals, a
prominent TV personality has had to cancel her special order. I am sure
you will be able to put the boat to good use. Deanna. P.S. Please excuse
the lilac treatment of the stateroom." She giggled, then looked at me, "Did
you notice? She signed herself 'Deanna!'"

Together and with the help of the justarrived construction crew we
unloaded the huge boat down the slipway into the water.

The boat, a luxury deepwater cruiser of golden walnut and mahogany, had
a bridge equipped with the latest radar, computer and satellite navigation
and featured a 20x15 living area, with an "L"shaped stainless steel
cooking counter occupying almost 1/4 of that. It had a builtin fridge, a
convection/microwave oven and most cooking utensils one could imagine, all
finished in gleaming steel. Under the 3burner propane range, it even had
a small dishwasher which I presumed was strictly for shore use, unless
they'd found a way to use salt water for washing.

The main stateroom, was, as warned, finished in purple and purple
flowers. "Ugh!" Amanda groaned, "It's like the inside of a bordello!" She
turned to me, "You'll like that, won't you?" She pushed me on the bed and
draped herself on me, "After we lavish you with food and wine upstairs, you
can take us down here and sample our wares..."

"Guys, isn't it time you two took your show someplace else? There are
people all around!" Sara warned, blocking the entrance from inquisitive

"I know!" Sherri broke out, "Let's call the boat 'CUNTry Living!'"

= = =

It was the first time I had taken off in Gymbler with a full load, but,
despite the rapidly warming air and all 4 wing tanks filled to capacity,
the powerful engine lifted us with authority out of the sparkling waters of
the Lake. We circled and waved goodbye to the girls who were putting Gyro
through her paces in preparation for the demo the next day.

Amanda showed me the power and manual fuel transfer system which pumped
the contents of the outboard tanks to the inside ones, "Don't do it until
the inboard ones are dry first can you tell me why?" She looked at me.

"Two reasons," I ticked them off, "First, the outboard tanks must be
kept totally full, or totally dry, because they are more susceptible to
sloshing, causing trim instability. Secondly, wing load is lowest towards
the tips of the wing." A common misconception although the fuel increased
the MASS of the wing; under flight, the LIFT of the wing was highest there,
so it was the most efficient spot for the load. "Did I pass?" I smiled.

"Not yet, grasshopper, but there is hope for you yet!" Amanda stroked my
hair. She looked around, "Why're we going to Harry's?"

"You wanted to see the major sites of the War of Independence and this
is where we surrendered to the English."

"Really? I thought we WON!"

"That was later, this was first major engagement of the South with the
British. We surrendered Charleston here..."

"Where was George Washington?"

"He had his hands full in the North; Lexington, Saratoga. The British
felt that they had the situation there in hand so sent about 2000 troops to
the South, hoping to envelop the Patriots, as we called ourselves, and
bring on an early submission." I banked us towards the West. "There was no
doubt that the revolution was in a lot of trouble then, not only were the
British better trained and better equipped, the States were about evenly
divided between the Patriots and the Loyalists, who were content to live
under the British colonial thumb, paying their taxes without ever getting
their voices heard in Parliament."

"Wasn't that why the whole thing began?"

"Yes, but don't forget we'd already been paying taxes to the Brits for
150 years! The problem was that King George III was mounting a series of
very ambitious wars against the French and needed the money, so he kept
squeezing his colonies.

"What happened in the 1760's and 70's were a series of tax laws, each
less tolerable, until it culminated in the Tea Tax, which precipitated the
Boston Tea Party. The British reacted as they always did by sending more
troops into Boston to quell the unrest. By 1775 the States had had enough;
they formed a Continental Congress and officially separated from British

"Needless to say, our proclamation was not seriously taken. Everyone
knew we were wholly dependent on the Brits for trade and armament. In
fact, the declaration was deemed in Europe as 'the horse America attempting
to unseat its Master.'

"And don't forget too that we did not plan for an armed insurrection, it
just happened that way. In fact, when Paul Revere made his famous ride to
warn the town of Concord of an imminent British attack, he was not taken
seriously, so as a result some 10 Minutemen were killed and the rest

"After that, the British threat was taken much more seriously and
opposition mounted. The problem was that the Americans had no armaments to
speak of, and even less ammunition. At Bunker Hill, one of the earliest
engagements, the British stormed the American lines three times, finally
taking it when the defenders had to resort to throwing rocks. Even then
the British casualties were almost triple that of the Americans. What the
British got was a tactical victory but the Americans won the strategic
one. By depriving the British army of its most important commodity, her
trained men, the die was cast for ultimate victory."

"In other words they won the battle but we won the war."

"Yes, exactly. The Brits had to have all their resources shipped 3000
miles, whereas we had ours close at hand. In a war of attrition, there
could be little doubt of the outcome. Problem of course was that the
English Army was very well established here and knew all our major cities

"So it was with that knowledge that in 1780 they decided to start a
second front here in the South."

"Did they attack before that?"

"Yes, in 1776, but their fleet was soundly defeated when they tried to
enter Charleston Harbor. The Governor of North Carolina then was also a
devout Loyalist so they felt little or no threat from us. And to a degree,
it was true, in 1780 they walked into Savannah and a year later, took
Charleston after winning decisively just east of The Eyrie."

"So that's why you think that old fort we saw was from then!"

"Yeah, as I said, the British had a very strong foothold here, from
years of fighting the Indians and the French."

"So what stopped the British from taking over everything?"

"Again, even though tactically they won, they did not have the resources
to hold a city; once they were out of sight, the population went back to
plotting and harassing them again. And then there was the man called the
Swamp Fox, Francis Marion.

"Here was a man whose exploits fired the imagination of a tired and
allbutdefeated nation; although he never figured prominently in any major
action, his daring, rapierlike attacks on the British kept our hopes up
and created myths galore around the man.

"Look at the farms and plantations around here," I pointed, "Back then
it was mostly marshland, shallow waterways and dense forests and Marion
made full use of them. The British were not equipped to fight under these

"The real hero in the struggles here, however, was Nathaniel Greene, who
was compared to Washington by foes who had fought against both.

"He fully understood the differences between a tactical and a strategic
war, and even when he allowed the British Generals to take the field, he
made sure they were left with less ability to wage war.

"Greene's biggest victory came here..." I pointed as we flew over a
large rolling pasture, now a National Park. "The war had dragged on for
ten years and the land was devastated. Both armies were initially aimed
here not for battle, but for the cattle pasturing here, hence the name
Cowpens it didn't even have an official name then.

"The British felt buoyant, even though they had forced march for 36
hours with little rations. This was the ideal terrain for their in your
face kind of warfare and they had every reason to feel confident.

"The primary weapon against the infantry charge had always been the
cannon, which the Americans did not have. Instead, General Greene had
lined up some 300 hillsmen from Virginia as his front line. These hardy
frontiersmen lived by their rifles and were crack shots. At 800 yards, the
maximum range of the breechloaders they used, they started firing. After
getting 3 or 4 shots off apiece, they peeled back behind the next line.
Thinking it was a rout, the British charged again into yet another rank of
debilitating fire. Like layers of an onion, the Americans kept retiring,
exposing yet another line of rifles. Three hours later, the British
retreated in disorder, their first major defeat in a facetoface
engagement with the Americans. To many historians, this was the turning
point of the war, not just in the South, but the entire Independence War."
I turned the plane and the gentle grasslands gradually become more rugged
as we followed a wide river north.

"Still, things did not go this well all the time, 3 months later the two
forces met up again just about here. Greene used the same tactics but it
was not as effective due to the heavy growth and rougher terrain, plus the
British were less headstrong and sent in cavalry to disrupt the lines.
Finally the American forces had to retreat. But guess what, our tactical
defeat still left the Brits with almost half their army out of commission
and half their top officers killed or seriously wounded. A few days later,
they gave up their hard fought gains and retreated as well.

"After this, the fight went out of the British troops and in October of
the same year, General Cornwallis, soon to be known as 'the man who lost
America,' officially surrendered in Yorktown to Washington."

We flew on in silence for a bit. Finally Amanda sighed, "That was
nice... But I kinda miss your handson teaching like last time..."

I turned a malevolent stare her way, "You think your ordeal is over, my
young pretty? It has not even begun!"

"Oh no! Whatever do you mean sir?"

"I mean that we are taking you to an uninhabited place where you" I
leered at her "will be carefully examined, and every part of your body
seriously probed."

"I don't suppose there is any use begging for mercy..." she sighed, "So
I must appeal to your largess..."


"Yeah!" she laughed, "As in large ass!"

= = = = =

We laid entwined on a small sandy cove, her eyes soft and heavy lidded
after the passion of our lovemaking. A stand of birch trees supplied
shade and their leaves trilled silvery music each time the soft breeze

We were on a small lake I had seen from the air when Jules flew me up to
see Erin the previous Sunday. Only about 4 miles across, isolated and,
except for a small bay, completely surrounded by forest. It was a little
intimidating to land with 60' trees all around but the lake was wide enough
not to present any real difficulties.

The lake was fed by a fast flowing river of freezing water from the
mountains, which opened up into the sandy strip to which we had tied up.

"You are without a doubt the worst thing that could happen to a girl,"
Mandie murmured, drawing little hearts on my chest, "I can't be away from
you for an hour before I start missing you." She sighed, "Half the time I
want to do something you can be proud of, and the other half I just want to
lie in your arms and cuddle."

"You don't have to do anything, I'm already very proud of you," I kissed
her softly, "And you're one very cuddlyable sweetie!"

She nestled over me, turning to allow me access to her breast, "Yes,
feels good..." After a while she stretched and sighed, "Mmmm, before I fall
asleep on you, let's get lunch. Your stomach's starting to rumble."

We had a roasted chicken in the ice chest along with salad and boiled
potatoes, but Amanda asked for a fire so we could heat up the chicken and
potatoes. Meantime she would go fishing.

I had collected driftwood and was arranging a firepit when she came out
of the plane, wearing just a cotton wrapskirt around her waist. "Wow and
double wow! I'm expecting hula music and you breaking into a dance any
time now!" She broke into a grin and wiggled her butt for me.

"Check this out!" She came up with a fishing rod that had a slim golden
spinning lure, "I made this!" She grinned, "5/16oz machinedbrass French
spinner body with a modified Willowblade design." She held the torpedo
shaped lure with the single spinner blade up to me, "See? It doesn't need
the saddle gadget that makes the French spinner move, instead, the small
reverse lip on the modified blade will autostart the action."

"Was this what you were playing with in the testing tank?"

"Yeah, along with Sherri's biflexed canard design."

"Whatever THAT means! You guys are really moving!"

"Yeah, well, Sherri and Sara will be busy with Gyro this weekend so we
had to accomplish as much as we could so I could continue the testing at

"You're testing an airplane wing at Regan's?"

"Yeah, haven't you been paying attention to Brenda? We can scale
everything down 56 times by using water instead of air I'm hoping that I
can get some ideas at Regan's for ways to calibrate and measure each wing
separately and assemble the data in computer simulation. I'll need
actuators and fairly accurate servos..."

"Wait, say that again..." I closed my eyes, "Something you said just

"I was saying that I'll need servos which can measure the drag and the
lift, while adjusting for the Angle of Attack..."

"No, no, before that..." I shook my head, "Damn! I lost it! It was
clearly another brilliant idea that only I could come up with."

"...and only you could lose so quickly!" She laughed and kissed me,
"Don't worry honey, don't push it and it'll come back. Come, let's try out
my new invention!" She took my hand and we went over to an outcrop which
stretched over the deep channel.

"This looks like 30 or 40 feet deep, prime trout water!" I looked down,
then pointed at a relatively calm spot, "Try over there, trout usually
prefer slower water."

Amanda made a bull'seye cast into the spot, unraveling line as she
spoke, "Another thing about the lure it has a sink rate of almost exactly
one foot per second, so by counting off the seconds, I can place it at the
exact depth... twelve... thirteen... fourteen... fifteen." She clicked
the bail and started her retrieve, then, in an urgent whisper, "We have
a..." Suddenly she hauled the pole back and it almost doubled on itself,
"BIG Fish on!"

Amanda was skillfully playing the fish with the drag clicking away on
the light line. Instead of breaking surface as a bass would, this one kept
swimming deeper in erratic circles. I ran to get the net and climbed down
into the freezing water as Amanda maneuvered her prey towards me. I made a
scoop and held it up. It bristled angrily and thrashed in my grasp.

"I'd say he's about six, seven pounds."

"Ugh, he's ugly and... and he's blind!"

"No honey!" I laughed, "He's not blind, he has a translucent membrane
across his eyes, that's why he's called a Walleye. One of the meanest and
best eating fish around!"

"Way cool! Let's catch another one!" she laughed, but several casts
later still had no bites.

"Walleyes are territorial, so try a different spot..." I pointed to a
bed of weeds just off the rocks. In short order, Amanda had caught a 3lb
largemouth and a 5lb pike. We elected to keep only the bass, the pike
would be too bony to be worth the trouble.

Amanda let me try the lure next, commenting, "One thing I've noticed is
that fish are way dumber than most people give them credit for. Anything
that gets their attention is fair game." She watched me as I landed and
released a little bass, barely larger than the lure, "See what I mean?
Their first instinct is to strike, then run away only if their quarry

It appeared that we had cleared the area of the bullies, because all I
caught were small fries, 1/2lb or less, but the effectiveness of Amanda's
lure was well demonstrated.

"Try deeper water," Amanda suggested on my next
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