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Arabic Sex Sex story

Angel's Mind : Prelude (Part

written by Max

Hypno, MDom, MF, Dildo Stretching Training

Angel's hypnosis plan was the result of numerous considerations. The
first of these was establishing a set of balancing counterpoints that would
renew her discipline for maintaining her physical and mental state. Self
hypnosis is a simple and structured manner for providing room for
restoration and reenforcement. But Angel wanted more than just that.

Angel wanted to live up to her commitments. Tom had asked her to set
her goals and she had. First and foremost, her vagina was to be
permanently opened stretched and developed to accommodate the largest
toys her frame could support. With hypnosis she wanted to achieve both the
drive and motivation as well as realize and constantly enjoy the benefits.
Turning her vagina into a gaping cunt so open she was always aware of the
sensitivity and exposure of her inner labia as well as the manner in which
air easily entered and tickled her vaginal walls giving a chilling
sensation from her permanent state of moistness was just the start. She
wanted the prominent visibility of her inner labia as well, their natural
disposition changed from somewhat visible due to her large toy training and
play to a state where they were always exposed and protruding with a
constant feedback of teasing and taunting sensation to her body and brain.
Tom then asked for her commitment to the same in the back, her anus which
typically only accommodated smaller toys up to two inches wide, should be
developed to its fullest as well. So Angel wanted the hypnosis to address
both the potential discomfort and awkwardness of having her ass thoroughly
and regularly plundered not removing all sensation but limiting the pain
and layering over top of the strong sensations both a driving need to play
with and stretch her ass, and a deep seated orgasmic enjoyment of thick and
deep anal penetration. Tom likened that into turning her anus and rectum
into as sensitive and pleasurable a medium as her vagina and while it
might never accommodate toys as large, it certainly could be developed

In exchange Tom generously offered to mark her body permanently with
tattoos. One on either side of her vagina, located high enough up on her
pubis to be visible in any image or view of her cunt either gaping open or
stretched to its limits by objects of significant girth. Another she might
earn should she invest herself and dedicate the time to develop her ass in
the same fashion.

At any rate this was simply the beginning of Angel's ideas on her body's
sexual development. She looked forward to also developing her nipples
seeking to bring them to a state of constant cherry like arousal and
plumpness. Tom looked forward to developing her increasingly exposed
clitoris as well. And with that Tom also sought an attitude of eagerness
as well as selfmotivation. Tom didn't want to have to enforce a routine
on Angel for her training, rather he felt she would and could experience
the drive and live up to it enjoyably without coercion.

To this end Angel and Tom discussed hypnosis. This was not a case of
simply applying hypnosis to see what could be done. Their mutual goal was
to make these revisions and updates permanent with repeated induction and
commands used to guarantee long lasting success. Angel, with her petite
body and conservative fashionable attire, would inwardly be under constant
stimulation with or without any external device. This would in turn feed
her desire to both satisfy her appetite and drive additional stimulation.

This constant state of arousal could be credited with much more
satisfaction mentally with Angel's environment indeed even while
performing household chores or managing her coworkers, Angel would be in
the glow of endorphins and body chemistry from her body's state of
stimulation. In turn, physically Angel would become much more active and
aggressive pursuing a routine of penetration and stretching. Tom outlined
plans for customized toys, akin to saddles, that would provide the means to
maximize stretching top to bottom and side to side. He also provided latex
and vinyl and rubber toys of a variety of shapes and sizes none
particularly small though for Angel to master with her cunt and ass.

In response to Angel's concern about the side effects of constant
openness, especially the inevitable saturation of any underclothing that
might become inappropriate at the workplace, Tom ordered the first pairs of
latex briefs for Angel to wear. Thongs would be something to get in the
future since it would have to be determined how effective a thong could be.
Even now Angel's inner labia pushed out along the sides of a thong if she
had recently played with toys. One of the briefs was plain, the other two
had vaginal and anal dildos embedded in the panty. These were small,
although the inflatable set could be made reasonably large. It was Tom's
intent to transition Angel to rubberized or latex briefs and specialty cut
underwear over time, so her moisture was keep against her lips while also
providing smooth stimulation with every motion of her lower body.

Tom reviewed all these requirements and then structured an initial
hypnotic session based on a cohesive and mutual benefit premise. This was
introduced slowly to begin to feel out induction techniques and further
development of commands. With only a handful of sessions it appeared to be
achieving minor goals. Angel's dietary and exercise activities certainly
began to stabilize and her awareness of her vagina and sensitivity and
enjoyment of her anus increased. But her sessions with stretching
activities were not occurring on the frequency necessary to bring her to
the point of fully taking advantage of her existing toys.

So Tom began work on two other session scripts. One, while not being
authoritative, focused on Angel's commitments and her obligations to fulfil
them. It did lay down the activities she must be doing and she will do to
achieve her goals and meet her own requirements as satisfy Tom. The third
was a collection of transient moments memories, if you will, being
embedded to seed both the body's natural awareness and encourage further
activities in the same vein.

This second script was going to be the driving engine of Angel's
transformation. While the first script did an excellent job initiating
certain levels of change and awareness it was not strong enough to induce
motivation. The second script would do more than just induce Angel's
compulsion to constantly penetrate herself and stretch herself to her
limits. It would also build up a set of new core values which she would
judge herself by. For example, Angel knew she liked her body to be
responsive and open but she felt some inhibitions about being too much

Tom intended to revise that to push Angel toward feeling dissatisfied if
she didn't feel at least open, as well as add some behaviours that would
amount to her regularly checking under appropriate circumstances.
Likewise, Angel might look at her body and occasionally allow Tom to
photograph it, but by and large she shied away from demonstrating her
talents. Tom intended to use the second script to instil a need for
validation including photographs, web cam captures, and home movies. Tom
intended to finance this lifestyle that might lead to Angel working from
home by having her make movies each week with a variety of toys, her own
fists, and other inanimate objects all thoroughly penetrating and
demonstrating her now open state.

Angel still had some basic human objections. She didn't want to be
valued just for her physical attributes. But to achieve these goals, Tom
calculated in the level of compulsion sufficient enough to leave Angel
options, but still drive her to stay the course.
brought to you by Max (stories mentatiris)

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