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Arabic Sex Sex story


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The Lottery Part 31 (mf, FF, con, inc)
By: Dark Vision

The morning sun shone brightly through Kim's bedroom
window, bathing the bed in warm light. Kim felt a
strange sensation between her legs as she slowly
awoke, her vagina tingled and felt wet. She opened
her eyes and glanced down to see Jack's head buried
between her wide spread legs. He was slowly licking
the length of her slit and pushing his tongue into her
moist cavern. She let her head fall back onto the
pillow and savored the oral attention her brother was

Unable to control herself, Kim rotated her hips
against Jack's tongue and face. Knowing she was
awake, Jack lifted his head and said, "good morning."

"Good morning," Kim sighed, "That feels wonderful."

Jack returned his mouth to her vagina and resumed his
oral attack. He probed her clit and sucked the hard
nub firmly, tapping at it with the tip of his tongue.
Kim spread her legs wider, planted her feet on the bed
and raised her hips, providing him with better access
to her sex. She put her hands on her breasts and
massaged them, running her fingertips over her hard

Jack put his hands under her ass and pulled her
tighter to his mouth, pushing his stiff tongue into
her pussy as far as he could. He began to move his
head, sliding his tongue in and out of her. Each time
he would push in, his nose would contact her clit,
sending sparks through her body.

"Put your dick in my pussy," Kim pleaded. "I want to
feel you inside me Jack."

Jack removed his mouth from her and slowly slid up
the length of her body. He put his hands in the crook
of her knees and pushed her legs up next to her
shoulders. Kim reached down and guided his dick into
her slit, feeling it slip easily into her dripping
hole. He pushed forward, sinking into her completely.
He began to pull back and then push forward again.

"Just hold it in me for a minute Jack, I want to feel
you deep inside."

Jack pushed into her and held still. He could feel
the warm walls of her vagina grip his penis as she
flexed her muscles. He let go of her legs and she
wrapped them around his back, hold him firmly.

"Can you feel it when I do that?" she asked, flexing
and relaxing her vaginal muscles. "I read about it in
your book, and I have been practicing."

"Oh yes, I can feel it. If you keep it up, I'm going
to cum. It feels like you are milking my cock when
you do that."

Kim continued to massage her brother's cock with her
new trick. She slowly began to rotate her hips,
causing him to moan. Jack, no longer able to hold
still, began to thrust in and out of her. He pulled
back until only the head of his cock was in her and
then pushed forward, increasing his speed on each

As Jack pushed in, Kim pushed her hips up to meet
him, grinding her clit into his pubic bone. She
wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and held him.
Her orgasm began to build causing her vagina to
contract and grip his cock. Jack, unable to hold on
any longer, released his semen into her pulsing
cavern. When she felt his cock swell, she too reached
her orgasm and they climaxed together for the first

Exhausted, Jack lay on top of his sister, both teens
gasping for breath. Kim stroked his back as he came
down from the most intense orgasm he had ever had.
She let her legs relax and lay flat on the bed,
hooking her heals over his calves.

"Happy birthday brother," she whispered into his ear.

Jack rose up on his elbows and looked down into Kim's
eyes. He smiled, his heart racing, filled with love
for the young girl. He saw a beautiful girl below him
as opposed to his younger sister. A flood of emotions
filled him, feelings he had never felt before. He
brushed her mussed hair from her eyes and forehead,
bent down and covered her face with soft kisses.

Rolling off her onto his side, he draped his arm over
her chest and pulled her to him. She also rolled onto
her side and hugged him back. The siblings were
speechless as they gazed into one another's eyes, both
filled with the warmth of the moment.

Finally, Kim pressed her lips to his, kissed him and
said, "We had better get going, mom and dad may be
home soon and I don't think we want to be caught like

Reluctantly, Jack released her and climbed out of
bed. Kim followed him, glancing at the large wet spot
they had left on the sheets. She pulled the covers
off the bed and quickly removed the bottom sheet,
folding it to go to the laundry.

The young girl turned to Jack and said, "You want to
take a shower with me?"

"I would love to."

Just as they started towards the bathroom, the
telephone rang. Kim picked it up and said, "hello."

"Hi mom, what's up? Ok, I will let everyone know and
we will see you in a little while."

Kim hung up and said, "That was mom, they want us to
get going and meet them at Sally and Tom's house in an
hour or so. I guess we are going to have the birthday
party over there."

"We had best get going then. Should we wake up Tom
and Sally?"

"Yeah, we better. I will go and wake them, you start
the shower."

Jack went into the bathroom and Kim, still nude, went
to Jack's room. She rapped lightly on the door and
then opened it. Tom and Sally were awake, lying next
to each other, their faces red and both breathing hard.

"My mom called and said we have to go to your house
in about an hour or so for the party. You two had
best get up and showered. Jack and I will be ready in
a little bit."

"Ok," Sally replied, "We will get cleaned up and meet
you guys downstairs."

Kim smiled and said, "Jack is going to have to get
clean clothes after he is done in the shower, so you
two might want to get dressed."

Sally and Tom climbed out of bed and started to head
to the bathroom.

"No problem," Tom said. "He can come in anytime he
wants to."

Kim giggled at the two nude teens and said, "Sally,
don't forget to check the sheets. I don't want my mom
to find any evidence, if you know what I mean."

Sally giggled, licked her lips and said, "There isn't
any if you know what I mean."

Kim laughed and turned to leave, going back to her
room and into the bathroom. She climbed into the
shower with Jack and said, "They're up and in the

Kim and her brother took turns washing each other,
lingering at the other's genitals. Jack carefully
soaped between Kim's legs, using his fingers to probe
her. She gently soaped his cock and balls, rubbing
him until he began to stiffen.

They finished their shower and stepped out to dry.
Kim took a towel and rubbed his body and he did the
same for her. When they were completely dry, Kim
wrapped a towel around her hair and went into her
room, followed by Jack.

They took clean sheets and made the bed. As the two
worked together, Jack couldn't help but notice his
lack of excitement. He was becoming comfortable with
the nudity he and his sister shared.

Kim sat on the edge of the freshly made bed and
patted a spot next to her, indicating she wanted Jack
to join her. Jack sat next to her and asked, "What's

"Jack, I have to tell you something, but you have to
promise never to tell anyone, not even Tom."

"Ok, your secret is safe with me."

"Well, it isn't my secret. I have to tell you
something about Megan. She asked me to so you
wouldn't think she was weird or something."

"What is it Kim?"

"Megan was raped when she was thirteen. That's why
she doesn't go out with boys, she is afraid of them.
You are the first guy she has ever danced with or had
anything to do with since it happened."

"I guess I can understand why she is so shy and why
the kids at school say the things they do. What
happened to her?"

"That's not important, it was a long time ago and she
just wants to put it behind her. The reason I am
telling you is that she is scared she might freeze up
or do something strange. She likes you and trusts you
but she still remembers what happened to her. I'm
just asking you to be nice to her and not to try to
rush her into any thing. Let her set the pace of your
relationship, if one develops."

"Ok Kim. I don't really think about her like that.
Megan is a nice girl and I enjoy being with her, but
as far as sexually, I haven't given it any thought."
He took Kim's chin and turned her face to his.
"Besides, I love you Kim and not just as a sister "

Kim eyes filled with tears. "I love you too Jack,
but you know that we are going to meet other people
and may have feelings for them too. You and I will
always be you know I hope. We just have to be
realistic about life too."

Jack pulled Kim onto his lap and held her. "I know
Kim, I just don't want to think about it right now. I
will be cool with Megan and try not to do anything to
upset her."

Kim nuzzled her face into his neck and said, "I knew
you would understand about her Jack." She paused for
a moment and then said, "I will understand if you two
do get to know each other better, I just hope you
won't forget about me."

Jack rocked his sister in his arms. He kissed her on
top of her head and said, "Kim, no matter what happens
with Megan, or anyone else, I will always love you."

Kim pulled away slightly and looked into his eyes.
"I will always love you too, no matter what."

The siblings hugged for a moment longer then Kim
said, "We had better get dressed and have breakfast.
We have to get going or we will be late."

Jack agreed and released her. She went to her
dresser and turned to Jack. "What do you want me to
wear today? I was thinking of jeans and a sweater."

"That's fine, what ever you want."

Kim opened the bottom drawer, removed the bag of new
lingerie and searched through it. She pulled out a
pair of shear, copper colored, lace panties and a
matching bra. She held the garments up for Jack's

"I can wear these under my jeans for you, if you want
me to."

Jack smiled and nodded his head. He watched as she
stepped into the panties and put on the bra. He
noticed that the material was so shear that he could
clearly see her pubic hair and nipples through it.

"You had better go get dressed Jack."

Jack headed for the door, turning around for one last
look at her in her underwear. On the way to his room,
he met Sally in the hall. She was naked and on her
way to Kim's room.

"Happy birthday Jack," she said with a smile. "Did
you sleep well last night?"

"Thanks Sally, and yes, I slept very well."

Jack went into his room and to his dresser. He took
out a pair of boxers and pulled them on.

Tom said, "I borrowed a pair of boxers from you, hope
you don't mind."

"Help yourself Tom."

"Happy birthday Jack."

"Thanks Tom. You and Sally have a good night? Kim
and I sure did."

"When we got into bed, we just fell asleep. This
morning we goofed around for awhile"

"Yeah, Kim and I fell asleep last night, but we made
up for it this morning. It was so cool sleeping with
her. I wish I could do it all the time."

"I know what you mean Jack, there is nothing like
waking up next to a naked girl."

The two boys laughed and continued to get dressed.

"Kim," Sally said, "Can I borrow some clean clothes
from you? I don't want to wear what I had on

"Sure, take what ever you want. I think I'm going to
wear jeans and a sweater today."

"Thanks Kim. You should wear your bibjeans and a
crop top. It's supposed to be nice today and you look
so cute in that outfit."

"That's a great idea." Kim said. She went into her
closet and returned with her bibjeans and a light
brown tank top. She pulled the top over her head,
smoothing it over her flat tummy. The top was short,
stopping above her navel. She stepped into the jeans,
adjusted the shoulder straps and fastened the two
buttons on each side.

Sally walked up behind her, slipped her hands into
the bibs and down to her panty covered crotch. She
rubbed Kim's mound and said, "I'll bet Jack will like

Kim leaned back against her naked cousin and said,
"You're right, I bet he will love them." She grabbed
Sally's arms and pulled them out of her pants.

"You had better get dressed, we are going to get it
if we are late."

Sally went to Kim's dresser and took out a pair of
iridescent purple thong panties and stepped into them.
She went into the closet and returned with a black
denim jumper and a hunter green tank top.

"I'm not going to wear a bra today," she said, as she
pulled the top on and stepped into the short jumper.

The two girls went into the bathroom and quickly
fixed their hair, pulling it back into ponytails.
They went downstairs and joined their brothers in the
kitchen for breakfast.

Jack and Tom were at the stove, cooking eggs and
bacon. They had set the counter with plates and
silverware and poured juice for each of them. Tom was
making toast as Jack scrambled eggs in a large frying

"My, isn't this nice," Sally said. "How long before
it's ready?"

"Just a few minutes," Jack said. "Have a seat and be

Sally sat down at the counter and Kim ran back
upstairs. She gathered the soiled sheets and went
down to the laundry room, placing the sheets into the
washer. She started the machine and returned to the

Leaning over to Sally she whispered, "Are you sure
you two didn't mess up Jack's sheets."

Sally giggled and whispered back, "I'm very sure, I
swallowed every drop."

The two girls chuckled and then Kim said, "Come with
me Sally, I have to talk to you."

They jumped off their stools and went into the family
room. Kim said, "How are we going to get Jack and
Tom's presents over to your house?"

"I have no idea, what are we going to do?"

Kim picked up the phone and went out into the pool
area, followed by Sally. She quickly dialed Sally's
number and waited for someone to answer.

"Hi Aunt Anne, this is Kim. Sally and I have to get
our brother's presents over to your house for the
party and we don't know how we are going to do it Ok,
that's a good plan, I will tell Sally See you soon,

"Your mom said that they would take care of it, just
to hurry and get over there."

Kim and Sally went back to the kitchen and sat back
down. Jack was spooning eggs onto the plates and Tom
was putting the platter of bacon and toast on the
counter. The boys came around and sat next to their
sisters and began to eat.

"This is really good guys." Sally said, "Thanks for
making us breakfast."

"Your welcome," Tom said. "It's the least we could
do after last night."

"What ever do you mean Tom," Sally giggled.

"Yeah, what happened last night?" Kim added also

The boys stammered a bit and Tom said, "You know,
when you two fucked us like you did."

Kim and Sally quit laughing and got a serious look on
their faces. Sally said, "Please don't say it like
that, it makes it seem so so dirty. I hope that you
guys don't think of us as just a FUCK!"

Kim nodded in agreement with her cousin, small tears
forming in the corner of her eyes.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that at all. What
we did was great, I didn't want to make it, or you
guys, seem cheap or dirty. Sometimes my mouth goes
off before I think. Please forgive me."

Sally, also crying, said, "Ok, just try to think
before you talk, you really hurt us."

Tom jumped off his stool and put his arms around the
two girls, hugging them. "I'm so sorry, it will never
happen again. I love you two and wouldn't do anything
to hurt you."

The girls wiped their eyes and Tom returned to his
seat. They quietly finished their breakfast and the
boys cleared the counter. As they put the dishes into
the dishwasher and ran water into the pans, Sally and
Kim whispered to each other.

The girls went over to their brothers and wrapped
their arms around the boys, pressing their breasts
into their backs. Jack and Tom continued with their
task, washing the frying pans and utensils.

Sally said, "Kim and I talked about it and we decided
that it is ok if you guys fuck us once in awhile, as
long as you make love to us too."

The two boys put down the items in their hands and
turned to face the girls. They wrapped their arms
around them and hugged them. They both kissed their
sister and Jack said, "Sounds good to me, but how will
we know the difference?"

Kim looked into her brother's eyes and said, "We will
let you know, ok."

Tom smiled at Sally and said, "Sounds fair to me, how
about you Jack?"

"Works for me too."

Kim said, "We had better get going. I have to check
the laundry and I will be ready. Jack, come with me,
I have to show you something."

Kim and her brother went into the laundry room and
she took the sheets from the washer and put them into
the dryer. She set the machine and turned it on.

"So what do you want to show me?"

Kim backed up to him and grabbed his wrists. She
guided them into the sides of her bibs and down to her
crotch. Jack stroked the bare flesh of her tummy with
one hand and the silky material that covered her pussy
with the other.

"That's what I wanted to show you. Do you like?"

"Oh yes," he said. He bent down and kissed her neck
and said, "We better go or we will be really late. I
might not be able to control myself."

"That's fine with me," she said, "but your right. We
had better go. We can play later, if you want to."

Jack slowly removed his hands from her pants,
covering her breasts and squeezing them. "I really
love your tits Kim, I can't wait to touch them without
all these clothes."

"Later sweetie, we'll have time later. Jack, I
really like it when you touch my boobs, it feels so

Jack gave the firm mounds a final squeeze and let her
go. They returned to the kitchen and made sure
everything was turned off.

"Let's go," Jack said, heading towards the garage.

The four teens went out into the garage and climbed
into the car, the boys in front, the girls in back.
As Jack backed the car out of the garage, Tom looked
over the seat at Sally. She smiled at him and parted
her legs, giving him a view under her jumper. Tom
slowly turned around and Jack drove to Tom and Sally's

After parking the car, the teens went into the house
to find their parents. Marge and Anne were in the
kitchen sitting at the counter drinking coffee, still
in their robes.

"Where are dad and Uncle Marc?" Kim asked her mom.

"Hi, nice to see you too. Happy birthday Jack."
Marge said.

"I'm sorry," Kim said, "Good morning mom and Aunt

"Good morning you guys, happy birthday Jack," Anne

"Thanks mom, thanks Aunt Anne. So where are our
dads?" Jack said.

"They had to go to the country club and get the car."
Marge replied.

"Why?" Sally asked.

"Well, we had a little too much to drink last night
and had to take a cab home." Anne said.

"How long before they get home?" Tom asked.

"They should be back in a couple of hours," Anne said.

"Why did you want us home so soon then?" Sally asked.

"Because we missed you guys, we haven't seen you all
night." Marge said.

Anne got up and poured more coffee for Marge and
herself. "Why don't you kids go and watch television
or something and we'll get cleaned up."

Tom said, "You guys want to go and see my darkroom, I
have it almost all set up."

"Sure Tom, I would like to see it," Sally said.

The four teens headed for the basement, leaving their
mothers at the counter.

"They all seem cheerful this morning, I wonder what
kind of sleeping arrangements they had last night."
Anne said with a chuckle.

"I can only guess. Do you think Tom and Sally are
active Anne?"

"Oh, I'm pretty sure they are. The other night, I
found them sleeping together in Tom's room. I haven't
said anything to them though."

"Well, we know that Kim and Jack are." Marge laughed.

"I guess we should go and get cleaned up," Anne said,
"The guys will be home soon."

The two women got up and went up to Anne's room.
They took off their robes, revealing their naked
bodies. They went into the bathroom and both climbed
into the shower.

"You know," Anne said, turning on the water. "The
next thing you know we will find the four of them in
one bed."

"You mean like we were last night?" Marge giggled.
"You're probably right, they will all be fucking one
another before we know it. I am really glad that the
doctor put the girls on the pill, I'm just not ready
to be a grandmother."

Anne agreed with her sisterinlaw, picked up a
washcloth and poured liquid body wash onto it. She
rubbed the foamy soap over Marge's body, covering her
from head to toe. Marge took the washcloth and washed
Anne and then the two women rinsed off. They left the
shower stall, dried off and wrapped towels around
their heads. The two nude women stood in front of the
mirror, blowdrying their hair.

Once their hair was fixed, they went into the bedroom
to dress. Marge cupped Anne's crotch and asked, "Are
you sore?"

Anne giggled and said, "Just a little. Want to kiss
it better?"

"I would love to."

The women climbed on the bed and put their mouths
over the other's sex. They licked and sucked at each
other as they rolled around on the king sized bed,
moaning and groping at the other's naked flesh. Marge
was first to reach her climax, followed by Anne. The
women lay quietly for a few minutes then Marge said,
"We don't get to do that often enough anymore."

"No we don't, and I miss it. We should make an
effort to get together more and play."

The two women climbed off the bed and began to dress,
Marge borrowing clothes from Anne.

The four teens were looking around Tom's darkroom,
listening to him explain about the equipment.

"Have you developed any film yet," Kim asked.

"Not yet, but I have a few rolls of black and white
film to do."

"Why don't you do them now," Sally said, "We have
time before the party."

"I guess I could, if you don't mind Sally."

Sally, knowing what her brother was referring to
said, "It's ok, I don't mind."

"Cool, I will get ready."

Tom took the bottles of chemicals down from a shelf
and placed them on the counter. He took the film
reels and tank out of a cupboard and put everything in
easy reach. He opened a drawer and took three rolls
of film and put them with the rest of his things,
making a mental note of each item's location.

"Ok, I have to turn off the lights for a few minutes.
Everyone find a place to stand until I get the reels
loaded and put into the tank."

Sally stood next to the counter where her brother
would be working, Kim and Jack stood across the room.
When Tom turned off the lights, Kim took Jack's hands
and wrapped them around her waist. She stood in front
of him, her butt pressed against him.

They could hear Tom moving the things around in the
dark as he opened the film containers and loaded the
reels, one at a time. Jack bent his head down and
kissed the top of Kim's head softly. She pressed back
against him and moved one of his hands to her breast.
Jack slipped the other into her bibs and down to her
crotch. Kim reached behind her and put her hand on
his penis, rubbing it through his jeans. She felt it
grow against her hand and worked it around so it
pointed up.

Jack slid his hand into her panties and rubbed her
mound, sliding his finger into her when she spread her
legs. Slowly he fingered her warm pussy, feeling it
become wet. Kim pulled his zipper down, put her hand
into the opening and wrapped her fingers around his
hard cock. She stroked it gently and carefully pulled
it out through his fly.

"How much longer before you turn on the lights Tom?"
Kim asked.

"It will be a few minutes, I'm having trouble getting
the film onto the reel."

Kim turned around, knelt in front of her brother and
took his dick into her mouth. Jack, unable to say
anything to her, put his hands on her head and tried
to pull her up. Kim just pushed her head forward,
taking most of his hard penis into her mouth. She
held it firmly and moved her head forcing the hard
shaft in and out of her sucking mouth. She backed off
and covered the head with her tongue, tracing the
ridge below the velvety helmet. Again she sucked him
in, this time taking his entire length.

Jack began to move his hips, sliding himself in and
out of her soft lips. Once again, she pushed forward
and engulfed him, fighting the urge to gag as he
slipped into her throat. She felt him swell and knew
he couldn't hold out much longer. She moved her head
back and held half of him in her mouth and began to
stroke the wet flesh that was exposed.

Jack let out a groan as he erupted in her sucking
mouth, sending pulse after pulse of hot cum into her
mouth and down her throat. She continued to suck on
him as his ejaculations subsided, holding him softly
with her lips.

"What are you two up to over there?" Sally asked.
"You guys sound like you're in heat."

Kim let Jack's penis slip out of her mouth and stood
up. She carefully tucked his spent penis into his
pants and pulled up his zipper. She felt around and
again stood against him, her back to his chest.

"I was just having a snack," Kim giggled.

"You are so bad Kim," Sally said.

"You're just jealous because Tom is busy. You would
have done the same thing if you could have."

"Well, maybe I will just have to do Jack too, at
least until Tom is freed up."

"I don't think so. Jack is all mine today."

All of a sudden the lights came on, causing everyone
the shut their eyes. Slowly they opened them trying
to get used to the lit room.

"Warn us before you do that Tom, it hurt my eyes."
Sally said.

"Sorry, I didn't think about it. I should have
turned on the safe light first."

Kim and Jack moved over near Tom and watched as he
poured the developer into he film tank and set the

He explained what he was doing as he slowly agitated
the tank. After the timer expired, he poured the
liquid out of the film tank into a large bottle and
refilled it with stopbath.

"This stops the developer," he said. "After this I
put in the fixer and then wash it."

The teens watched as Tom went through the steps.
When he poured out the fixer, he removed the lid on
the film tank and put it under running water.

"It has to rinse for about a half an hour, then I can
put it into the dryer."

"You need some stools or chairs in here," Kim said.
"It gets uncomfortable standing all the time."

"That's a real good idea Kim, I will have to get
some." Tom said as he refreshed the water in the film

"You could always get back on your knees nasty girl."
Sally quipped. "You don't seem to mind that."

The four teens laughed at Sally's remark. Tom took
the film tank out of the sink and drained the water.
He removed one of the reels and carefully unwound the
film from it. Holding it to the light, he examined
the negatives. His face turned sad, seeing that he
held a strip of blank film.

He hung it on a clip and removed another, only to
discover that it also was blank.

"There is nothing here," he said. "I must have
goofed up."

He removed the last roll and saw it to was ruined.

He looked over his bottles of chemicals, examining
each one.

"Oh shit, I used print developer, not the film
developer. I guess that's what I get for being in a

Sally went to her brother and put her arm around his
waist. She pulled the dejected boy close and said, "I
guess we will just have to take them over."

Tom smiled at his sister and said quietly, "Really,
we can do them over."

Sally hugged him and said, "Anytime you want to."

Tom cleaned up the darkroom and the teens went up
stairs. Their dads were back, sitting in the family
room with their wives.

"I tried to develop my first rolls of film," Tom
said. "I goofed up, used the wrong developer, and
ruined the film."

"Was it anything important?" Marc asked.

"No, just some black and white shots I took. I know
what I did wrong, so next time should be better."

"Happy birthday Jack," Don said.

"Yeah Jack, happy birthday," Marc added.

"Thanks, so what is the plan for today?"

Don looked at his watch. "Well, it's a little after
noon, when do you guys want to open your presents?"

"Right now would be cool." Tom said.

"That would be great," Jack said.

Kim and Sally looked over at their moms. They smiled
and shook their heads, indicating they had gone and
picked up the gifts the girls had gotten for their

"What are we going to do about eating?" Kim asked.

"Why, are you hungry?" Her mom said.

"No, not right now, but we are going to be later."

Don said, "I thought we could go to the club later.
That way you guys can see it. They have a great
dining room there."

"I hear they have a pretty good bar too," Tom said.

Everyone laughed at his remark.

"Yes," Marc said, "They have a nice bar too. Now you
just mind your manners young man."

"Well, I guess they have waited long enough for their
presents. I think we will give the boys theirs first
and then the girls," Don said. "Marge, why don't you
and Anne get the boys ready."

The two women got up, took strips of cloth and
covered the boys eyes. They lead the boys through the
house, snaking in and out of the rooms until they were
sure they were confused. They lead them out into the
garage and moved them into position.

Don said, "Ok boys, remove your blindfolds."

Tom and Jack quickly removed the strips of cloth that
covered their eyes. Both boys gasped as they looked
at the two new vehicles parked in the garage.

Jack walked over to the big Ford F250 4X4, fourdoor
pickup truck and ran his hands over the dark blue
paint. He walked completely around the truck, taking
in every detail. He opened the door and climbed into
the cab, gripping the steering wheel.

Tom also walked around his new vehicle. He studied
the new Ford Expedition, unable to speak. He opened
the driver's door and stared at the tan leather
interior. He also climbed inside and breathed deeply,
taking in he smell of the new truck. He climbed out
and again looked over the truck. It was dark green,
with tinted windows.

After what seemed like an hour, the boys got out of
their trucks and went to their parents. They hugged
their dads and moms, thanking them endlessly.

"Kim, come see my new truck," Jack called to his
sister. "Get in and look around."

Tom also called to Sally to get into his truck.

The girls got into the front seat of the trucks and
looked them over.

"This is great Jack," Kim said as she ran her hand
over the soft leather seat. She folded the center
armrest up, creating a large bench seat across the
front of the truck. She asked Jack to turn it on and
flipped on the radio, pushing the buttons until she
found a station playing music.

Jack and Kim got out of the truck and went to their
parents. Tom and Sally joined them.

"How about the girls," Jack asked.

"Ok, follow me," Marc said.

The group followed Marc through the house and
upstairs. They stood outside of Sally's room and
waited until everyone was together. Marc opened her
bedroom door and followed her in. Along one wall was
a large entertainment center. Sally walked over to
the unit and opened the glass doors. She looked at
the VCR, DVD player, CD player, receiver, and large
screen television.

"Wow, this is wonderful," she said. She picked up
the remote and pushed the power button, bringing the
unit to life. She turned on the television and heard
the surround sound fill the room.

"Kim," Marge said, "There is one just like it in your
room at home."

Kim threw her arms around her mom's neck and kissed
her. "Thank you so much mom and dad, this is great."

Sally also thanked her parents for the wonderful
gift. "Can Kim and I give Tom and Jack their gifts
from us now?"

"Sure Sally," Marc said.

The families returned to the family room and Kim
asked her mom where they were. Anne and Marge took
the girls into Marc's office and helped them carry the
packages back into the family room.

Kim handed Jack his package and said, "You go first
Jack, it's your birthday."

Jack took the neatly wrapped box and carefully
removed the paper. When he saw the box, his eyes lit

"Oh wow, a digital camcorder," he said. "This is
great Kim. Thank you so much."

He started to remove the device form the box and
stopped for a moment. "Open yours Tom," he said.
"I'll wait until your done."

Sally smiled and slid the first of two large boxes in
front of her brother. He pulled the paper off and
looked at the large gray case.

"Open it Tom," Sally said.

Tom flipped the latches up and lifted the lid. "Oh
my god," he said as he stared into the case. "You got
me studio lights. This is so cool."

Sally slid the second package to her brother and he
opened it also. He pulled the light stands and other
accessories from the case, spreading them out on the

The young girls watched as their excited brothers
examined their gifts. Jack took out the camcorder and
using the instruction book, loaded a tape and the
batteries into it. He turned on the power and looked
through the viewfinder. He pressed the record button
and took Kim's picture.

Jack, forgetting who all was in the room, turned off
the camcorder and threw his arms around Kim, kissing
her full on the lips. Kim wiggled away and said,
"Jack, behave."

Jack's face turned bright red and he said, "Opps,
sorry Kim. I just couldn't control myself."

Kim, also blushing, said, "Ok Jack, I understand."

The four adults were laughing at the two as the tried
to regain their composure.

Marge smiled at her children and said, "It's ok you
two, we understand."

Tom hugged Sally and thanked her for the lights. As
he held her, he whispered into her ear, "Can I try
these out on you later?"

Sally released her brother and nodded.

Kim turned to Jack and said, "Will you take me for a
ride in your truck? I want to go and see my present."

Jack said, "Sure, if it's ok with mom and dad."

"Go ahead you two," Marge said. "When you are at
home, change into some nice clothes so we can go to

"Ok mom, what should I wear?" Kim asked.

"Nice slacks or a skirt and sweater Kim, you don't
have to get too dressed up, just something nice.
Jack, you should change too"

"How about my outfit," Sally asked, "Is this ok?"

"You look fine Sally, but Tom should put on dress
slacks." Anne said.

"Tom," Jack said. "Why don't you follow me in the
car and we can drop it off. That way we won't have so
many cars here."

"Sounds good Jack. You want to come Sally?"

"Sure Tom."

Anne said, "Don't take all afternoon, we want to get
to the club early."

"Ok," Tom said, "What time do you want to leave?"

"It's two now," Don said, "Let's plan on leaving by
threethirty or four."

The teens agreed and got up to leave. Jack gathered
his new camcorder and Tom put his lights back into
their cases. The four went into the garage, Jack and
Kim climbed into the new truck and Tom and Sally took
the car.

Jack backed the truck carefully out of the garage and
followed Tom down the drive. He drove slowly, getting
accustom the truck's layout. He adjusted the power
seat a couple of times, until he was comfortable.

Kim sat quietly, watching her brother fiddle with the
knobs and switches on the dash. "This is really a
nice truck Jack."

"It sure is, it will be great for towing the boat."

Jack followed Tom up their driveway and parked the
truck. He got out and grabbed his new camcorder and
carried it into the house. Kim and Sally went to
Kim's room and looked at her new entertainment center.
It was exactly like Sally's.

Kim turned on the stereo and turned up the volume.
She and Sally danced to the loud music for a few
minutes then Kim turned down the volume. "This is so
cool Sally, now we can watch movies when we stay at
each other's house."

Sally nodded and flopped on the bed. "I think the
guys liked the gifts we got them Kim, at least they
seemed happy."

"I'm sure they like them, Tom was really going
through his new lights carefully."

"I know, maybe he can take pictures of me again, once
he learns how to use them. It was so sexy the last
time he took them, even if they didn't turn out."

Kim removed her bibs and top and went into the
bathroom to freshen up. When she walked back into her
bedroom, Tom and Jack were there. Jack had his
camcorder up to his eye, shooting video of Kim in her
bra and panties. She giggled and sashayed around the
room, posing for her brother. Sally, not wanting to
be left out, joined her and hiked her skirt up to
reveal her panties to the boys.

The two girls wiggled and danced for Jack as he
continued to shoot their activities. Tom went over to
Sally, wrapped his arms around her, and danced behind
her. Kim pulled the cups of her shear bra down and
exposed her breasts to Jack. She recovered her boobs
and went into her closet to find an outfit for the

Jack stopped taking the video and rewound the tape.
He flipped the small LCD screen open and replayed the
tape. Kim and her cousins huddled close, trying to
see the small picture.

"You better erase that Jack," Kim said. "I don't
want mom or dad to see it."

"I will, I don't want them to find it either."

Kim pulled a cute red long sleeve sweater over her
head and wrapped and black and redcheckered skirt
around her waist. She closed the skirt with a large
brass pin mid way between the hem and the waistband.

"I'm ready to go," she said, "How about you guys."

Jack said, "I'll be right back, I have to change."

He left and went to his room. After a few minutes,
he returned wearing a pair of kaki slacks and a brown

The teens went downstairs and were about to leave
when Kim said, "Hold on a minute, I have to do
something real quick."

She ran to the laundry room, removed the sheets from
the dryer, and folded them. After putting them into
the cupboard, she returned and the four headed for
Jack's truck.

As they went through the garage, they met Don and

"Wait for us and we will ride back with you guys,"
Marge said. "We just have to change."

The kids went to the truck to wait. Jack turned on
the interior lights and he and Tom looked over the

"This is the fourwheel drive control," Jack said.
"That will come in handy when it snows,"

Kim and Sally whispered in the backseat. They began
to giggle and slid forward, leaning over the seat.

"You know guys," Kim said. "We'll have to break in
your new trucks soon."

Jack looked puzzled, "What do you mean break in the

The girls continued to giggle. Sally said, "You
know, we will have to have sex in them."

All four began to laugh. As they carried on, Marge
and Don came out and opened the doors.

"What's so funny?" Marge asked.

"Oh nothing," Jack said, "We were just goofing around."

Don climbed into the front seat with the boys and
Marge got in back. Jack pulled away and drove to
Tom's house, parking the truck carefully. The group
got out and went into the house.

Anne and Marc were coming downstairs and met the rest
of the family in the kitchen.

Don glanced at his watch and said, "Well, I guess we
can go now. Jack and Tom can drive their new trucks
if they want to."

The boys quickly agreed and the two families left for
the country club.

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