Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Arabic Sex Sex story



Once again we all gathered in my room and the girls, as usual sitting
cross legged. They had changed into their nightgowns. I knew damn well my
sisters didn't bother with any underwear.

Donna had on a thin duster with nothing underneath.

We had the textbooks out and I quizzed the girls on several points that
might be on the final test tomorrow. We were surprised that Donna knew
most of the answers. Cindi giving me constant smiles of appreciation every
chance she got, AND a peek at her pussy.

I asked them how things went at the doctor's office today. They all
giggled. Hold on Kenny.....Karen ran into her room and returned with a big
smile. Holding up a round container.


"Mom said Cindi and I could have them now." "I got mine refilled too
honey." Donna added.

We had to promise mom that we would act like ladies and not spread out
legs all over town. "Well that should have been easy." I said.

"Yeah, but now that I have them, I'm thinking about it." Karen laughed.
"Yeah, let's go slutting this weekend." Cindi laughed.

"I'll fuck all the guys with blond hair at the mall, Karen can fuck all
the guys with brown hair, and Donna can fuck the guys with black hair." All
three of them laughed again. Karen was deliberately sitting with her knees
up so that I could see her bare pussy without Donna realizing it. I could
see all of it the way she had her legs spread. She was deliberately making
my mouth water!

She smiled as I looked at her, knowing she was teasing the shit out of
me. Especially seeing my cock getting hard in my shorts.

"Well, Karen said, We have to get some sleep for the test tomorrow.
Come on Cin, "Let these two love birds be." Both of them gave me a sensuous
kiss good night and left for their own room. BOTH of them doing the same
damn thing and pressing their tits into me also.

Donna and I got under the blanket and held each other tight for a long

"Were you pleased with my mother this afternoon honey?" "Oh yes, Honey.
It was nice." I'm glad." Her hand was caressing my chest as my hand was
stroking her hair. It felt so nice to feel her naked tits against my
chest, and now her soft hand caressing my cock.

"She's hoping you'll REQUIRE her soon, honey." "What?" "Yeah, she
mentioned it down at the pool to me." "She's hoping that if you have time
that you will visit her and have your needs taken care of again."

"Oh honey, I am about to get MY NEEDS right now." As I rolled on top of
her. She spread her legs and smiled up to me in the moonlit room.

"I was hoping you would need me Kenny." "My pussy is ready for you ."

I got between her legs and she reached for me. Softly stoking me and
then guiding me . into her warmth. She let out a soft moan as I sank into
her. "Oh honey...."I've hoped you would REQUIRE me all evening." AGAIN,
that damn word! I thought.

"We should have stayed up here, instead of going down to the pool." I
said. But your mom needed to relax too honey. I think it's good that she
at least has mom & dad to talk to right now.

Now, we concentrated on loving each other. Kissing and fucking each
other. Feeling her hands on my back urging me deeper into her. Her knees
were spread wide and her pussy completely open to me.

"Do I feel good for you honey, is my pussy satisfying you?" "Oh yesssss,
Donna. Yessss. "I love being inside you honey."

I hugged her tight to me and fucked her harder, hoping that we could cum
together. Rocking back and forth over her pussy as I stayed buried so deep
in her. Feeling her wetness increase by the minute.

"OOOOHH Donna honey, I'm almost there honey...I'm almost...." "I'm
waiting for you Kenny, shoot honey." She whispered in my ear. Her pussy
was caressing me so magically. So lovingly.

Feeling my balls tighten as I began to spurt into her. She felt me
cumming and moaned softly. Her arms wrapped tight around my neck. Her
shaking and shivering told me she was also cumming.

We stayed tight to each other for quite some time. Kissing and still
feeling her pussy massaging my softened cock deep inside her wet pussy. I
know she liked this too.

I rolled next to her and then pulled her close to me on our sides.
Stroking her hair as her hand went up and down my back. Feeling her soft
breath on my chest. I knew we just shared love and deep feelings.

It wasn't long before I realized she had fallen asleep.

I laid there for a while, and then looked at the clock. It was about
11:15. I wondered if mom would be downstairs waiting for me?

I crawled out of bed slowly so I wouldn't wake Donna. Grabbing a
bathrobe, I went down to the darkened parlor.

"I'm here Kenny." I walked over toward the couch in the darkness and mom
reached out for me, pulling me toward her. Her face going into my crotch
as her arms went around me.

I felt her hand slide into my bathrobe and then cradle my balls. I felt
her mouth slowly go down my cock and suck me softly. Now her hands going
to my ass and urging me to her mouth as she sucked.

UUUUMMMM Kenny, she finally moaned. At least you can get hard honey.

She moved to the end of the couch and asked me to lay with my head in
her lap. Good. We needed to talk.

Once I was settled, she leaned forward and pressed her tit to my mouth.
I caressed it and sucked it softly for a while as she moaned softly. Her
hand stroking my hair.

"Reminds me of when you were a little baby honey when I fed you these
tits." "I remember how you made them sore also."

" Now, you suck them with passion and love. Just as I sucked you a
minute ago."

"Did you make love with her honey?" "Yeah mom, it was nice." "It was
nice with your father too, honey." "Oh how I enjoy feeling him in me and
knowing that our love is also pleasuring him too."

"His touch is tender too, Kenny. Always." "I was smiling while your dad
was in me and thinking that you were in Donna at the same time."

"I let the girls get their Birth Control Pills honey." "Yeah, they told
me." "They're excited that you allowed them to get them." "Well, I remember
when I was their age and we didn't have the pill then. " "Your dad and me
were pretty responsible though, and always used protection."

"I know how they feel around their boyfriends." "I just asked them to be
adult about this, and careful." "They're growing fast too, Kenny." "Yeah,
they are mom." "Marie seemed kind of sad when you went upstairs. Like she
wouldn't see you again or something."

Mom, she's treating ME like her Master. Really!" "When I went down
there today, she offered me a nice beef sandwich, a beer and then she knelt
down right there in the kitchen and sucked me until I came." She wouldn't
let go with her mouth until I told her I was finished."

"Mom, she was waiting for PERMISSION to get up." "Then I moved her
bedroom around for her, moved the boxes to the garage, she asked if I
REQUIRED another beer." "When I was in the parlor drinking it, she stood in
front of me and asked what ELSE she could do to pleasure me?" "Mom, she
stood there and stripped and held up her tits for me to suck them, and
asked if they were satisfactory for my pleasure?"

"Then she waited and waited for ME to give her an ORDER!" "I asked her
to take MY clothes off and take me to her bed." "I knew damn well that's
what she was expecting from me."

"When we got in the bedroom, she looked so beautiful standing there
completely naked, I kissed her and remembered how You and me made love this
morning." "You DID honey" "Yeah mom."

"Well she knelt on the bed and waited for me to enter her." "Mom! She
thought I was going to put it in...."

Mom smiled now. "In her ass, honey?" "Yeah. Mom." "But I just slid
into her and we did it like you and I did." "Mom. She asked MY permission
to allow her to cum!"

"What else did you do with her honey?" Well, after I gave her PERMISSION
that she was waiting for, I asked her to Lay next to me a while. Then I
asked her if I could put it between her tits?"

Her face lit up and she asked if she could suck me again to make me
really hard for doing it that way." "Oh, mom, It was so damn sexy and sad
at the same time."

"I didn't like the idea of being her MASTER."

"Well honey, it seems it will take a while to get her past how her scum
husband treated them." "I guess you're right mom." "'s the thing
mom." Donna told me that her mother and her want to REPAY DAD also for the
way he has helped them out do much!" "They are waiting for MY PERMISSION
and if its OK with you, to ......"

"You mean they both want to fuck your father to thank him???" "Yeah.
Exactly!" "Did you notice dad's eyes on her tonight out at the pool?" "Yes
I did honey." "I ALSO saw his hard on too. AND I think your sister Karen
saw it too." "I don't miss too much honey." "I guess not mom." :Mom, I had
an idea for dad's birthday if it wouldn't make You mad?"

"I just can't wait honey, what?" "I was wondering if you would like to
let Marie make love with dad on his birthday night?" "Do you think he would

"Oh Kenny, do you KNOW what you're asking?" "He's my husband honey."

"Well, I had this idea of You writing a fancy poster that she could hold
up to him from You telling him SHE was YOUR present for his birthday and
enjoy with your blessings or something like that." "Then, I figured they
would BOTH be out at the pool and if yu wanted to watch, you could see them
from MY room."

"Oh Kenny...." "Well mom, I think it would really be something for dad
to remember." He's always been faithful all these years , and I thought
...." "I thought that since YOU wanted to work on Donna for YOU and me to
make love while she's with us...." "OOOOHHH Kenny....Now your have MY mind
spinning." "Think of it mom!" I said. Looking up to her shadowy face in
the darkness. "You can even watch the whole thing."

"Marie will do it for ME, because I will give her PERMISSION."

"Mom, the way Donna and her make love is so wonderful!" "They do so many
of the same things."

"Oh, Kenny honey!" "We can't have the girls here if it was to happen. I
would NEVER let them see anything like that." "Not their own father fucking
Donna's mother. No way." "Well, Cindi always likes to stay at her
girlfriend's house, I can tell Donna that it was going to happen, because
she would know anyway." Then SHE can go down to Marie's sister's house for
the night with Karen."

"Oh, I see.....YOU want to watch it too huh?" "Mom, I smiled, I'm the
one setting it up, why miss the main event?" "Oh you ARE shrewd KENNETH!"
"I got it from sucking these wonderful tits mom." As I went back to licking

She was quiet for a while, enjoying my licking her nipples, as I laid in
her lap. Her hand had reached down and was softly caressing my cock.

"Oh Kenny, your father has NEVER cheated. I have never cheated, until
YOU, honey."

Well, it's not cheating mom. It's YOUR gift to HIM." "You can say it's
because he's been such a good husband and father all these years and

"After they're done, I will have Marie come up to MY room and spend the
rest of the night with me."

You can put on the note that you will meet him afterward in YOUR PASSION
PIT at 2 AM or something like that.

"You can go back to bed with dad and really have a nice night talking
about it."

"Oh Kenny!." "Damn it! Kenny! Now you're getting me wet." "Imagining
YOUR father fucking her."

"Mom, When he sees a nice fancy sign made BY YOU for her to give him,
his head will spin too."

"Something ELSE mom......" "Oh no, not MORE...I'm getting a
headache....." "Oh mom, I want YOU to come down to her place and WATCH US
make love, too!"

Now, I leaned up and kissed her softly. My hand caressing her tit
still. Her hand still caressing my cock that she managed to get hard.

I eased off the couch and then moved her so she was laying and then got
between her welcoming legs. Wordlessly, my mother guided me into her
warmness once more. Her arms and hands softly running up and down my back
as she gave herself to me.

"I'll do it." "I'll do it honey, if you fuck me while we watch them!"

"Mom, I whispered back, "I already planned on THAT!"

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