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Arabic Sex Sex story

part: Chapter 12
author: Miranda Mars
title: Laura's Story - an Interracial Lesbian Romance
Chapter 12

To Rina it was all still new, and Laura was determined to
convince the girl how deep Laura's desire for her was, and remained.
Still dazed from the powerful climaxes she had experienced, she
pulled the naked girl down next to her and kissed Rina heatedly.

"It is you," she repeated, kissing Rina's beautiful neck and
shoulders, her ears, her forehead, her cheeks, then assaulting her
sensual mouth again passionately. "Just looking at you makes me so
horny I boil with lust. I want to fuck you and eat your sweet pussy
and do everything to you until you explode."

"God . . . really?" Rina panted. "You sort of make me feel
that way too. I mean, I never felt this way with a man. So soon
after . . . you know?"

"You mean you want more?"


"Mmmmmm," Laura grinned.

This time she cradled both of Rina's phenomenal breasts in her
palms and explored each one slowly, tenderly with her lips.

"You've done this before, haven't you," Rina asked softly,
shutting her eyes with pleasure as Laura's tongue toyed with one of
her large, soft, swollen black nipples.

Laura looked at her. She nodded. "I had one other . . . girl

"Then why'd you want me so bad? If you had her?"

"I don't want to talk about her, Rina. I want you."

She sucked Rina's huge, bulbous nipple into her mouth,
squeezing the smooth, resilient globe of her perfect breast as she

"Ahhhh!" Rina gasped softly, eyes rolling upward.

"Oh baby . . . you really don't realize how beautiful you are,
do you?" Laura murmured. "Or how beautiful these breasts are?"

"Oh! Oh!" Rina gasped. "Unhhh . . . Laura! Oh yes! Oh
honey, that feels so good! You're making me want to come again.

"Mmmmm, and you have to catch up," Laura teased her. "You're
already two behind me."

Laura held both of Rina's breasts in her hands and sucked the
girl's delicious nipples until Rina was mewling softly and moaning
with need. Rina's nipples were stiff and wet with Laura's saliva,
and she squirmed as Laura squeezed the full round balls of her
breasts. Laura sucked them harder, and Rina whimpered.

"Oh . . . ohnnn, oh Laura . . . yes! You're gonna make me
come! Oh . . . please!"

Now Laura slid one hand down between Rina's silky thighs and
began to fingerfuck the girl skillfully, sliding two fingers into
Rina's flowing pussy, and sawing them across the girl's swollen clit
at the same time. Rina's body arched and quivered.

"Oh! Oh god!" she moaned.

"Baby . . . baby! Come . . . come now, go ahead. Come, come
hard," Laura murmured to her.

Laura opened her fingers slightly, letting Rina's slippery clit
slide between them. Then she scissored them and moved her hand
roughly, sucking one of Rina's popping wet nipples at the same time.
Rina moaned and churned her pelvis rapidly, in hot, quick, jerky
fuck-motions. She cried out and came sharply.

"Anngghhh! Oh! Anngghh!" she groaned, wincing as stabbing
spasms of pleasure wracked her lovely, straining body.

But instead stopping, Laura merely turned up the heat. She
knew how to get Rina to come more than once, and used her skill,
which she had learned during so many marathon fucks with Karen, to
keep the girl going. Quickly, she slid down between Rina's luscious
smooth thighs and began sucking Rina's pussy, swiftly bringing the
surprised girl back up to a state of sexual tension equaling her
earlier one, before she had climaxed.

This time she squeezed Rina's ass in her hands and sucked
Rina's clit, and in less than a minute, Rina was having another

"Ungghhh! Oh . . . Laura! Oh, I'm coming again! Ungghh! Oh!
Auuggnniieee!" Rina cried out, her body flipping and shuddering

By now Rina was groggy with sex, limp and languid, her eyes
murky and her mouth slack, her body pliant. Laura was so aroused
from fucking her that she knew what came next. She quickly
manuevered her legs so that she could press their hot, wet pussies
together, manipulating Rina's limp body like a wrestler about to pin
her opponent. She kissed Rina's mouth and neck, bringing Rina back
to life, and then slid her body closer until their cunts met.

"Ah!" Rina gasped as she felt Laura's pussy pushing into hers.
Laura herself felt faint with lust as Rina's warm, slimy
pussylips kissed her own.

"Oh . . . Jesus!" Rina sighed as Laura began to grind her
pelvis, moving their pussies together.

Their bodies melted together, coiling and embracing, while
their groins gyrated in a slow, molten rhythm. Rina was in a sexual
trance, her body completely vulnerable to Laura, who fucked her with
increasing force, sucking Rina's nipples thirstily, dipping one hand
between their rubbing bodies to maneuver her clit into Rina's.

Now their clits were mashed together, and both of them nearly
came unglued. Each movement brought them closer to a crushing
climax, and they whooped and panted and whimpered hysterically,
fucking each other more urgently than they had ever done yet. Rina
clung to Laura, as if terrified by the force of the sexual thrills
that filled her trembling, yearning body.

"Unnggmmm . . . oh! Ahhhnnn! Oh . . . honey, I---" Rina
panted uncontrollably.

"Mmmnnggg oh yes oh oh!" Laura panted, burying her face in
Rina's smooth, wonderful neck as she felt a quick uprush of violent
coming. "Aunnngghhiiiee!"

"Oh baby!" Rina cried out. "Unnmmggghiiee! Oh! Unghh!"

Their quivering bodies were welded together in a shattering,
wrenching shared climax that seemed to last a full two minutes or
more, taking their breath away and filling their flesh with scalding
sexual pleasure. Rina seemed to nearly pass out from the intensity.
She fell back on the bed, and Laura rose up over her, crazed with
lust, jamming her throbbing cunt against Rina's, grinding her groin
into the girl's fucking her like a man would, pumping . . . pumping .
. .

"Oh! Ungghh! Unngghmnnggeeeee!" Rina cried out again,
grimacing as another crushing orgasm shook her beautiful body.

And Laura was right behind her, coming sharply, her flesh
ripped by exquisite new spasms of fierce pleasure. She fell onto
Rina, disentangling their legs and embracing the girl as they both
shuddered through the dying spasms of yet another climax.

When it was over, and they recovered their breath, Rina didn't
seem to believe it had really happened.

"Lord, I really don't believe it," she breathed to Laura.
"I've had five orgasms in less than a half an hour. Five! And I'm
not an easy comer. Ask my boyfriend. He has to do me twenty minutes
some times to make me come. And I never come more than once."

"Never say 'never'," Laura grinned.

Rina grinned back, an infectious, girlish grin that made Laura
desire her even more. "You really know how to . . ." Rina began,
then turned her eyes aside shyly.

"To fuck you?" Laura whispered. "Isn't it exciting to say it?
I love to fuck you. You made me come too. You fucked me


"Yes, really. Just remembering it makes me tingle. Look, I
have an idea. Let's get up, have a snack, and then come back later
and try for ten."

"Ten! God, you're kidding."

"I once came about fifteen times in one night," Laura said.

But Rina instantly became glum. "With her, I'll bet," she

Laura realized she had said the wrong thing. She tried to kiss
Rina, but the girl pulled away. "Rina---"

"I . . . think I ought to go," Rina said softly, not looking at
Laura. "Where are my clothes?"

She scooted off the bed and began collecting her scattered
underwear and clothing.

Laura felt a heart pang. She knew why she had fucked the girl
so desperately just a few minutes ago. She was afraid of exactly
this. "Please don't," she said. She took Rina's beautifully shaped
brown arm. "I . . . I love you. I don't want you to go."

Rina looked at her with tears gleaming in her eyes. "What
about her? Didn't you love her?"

Laura shook her head. "It was just sex. With you it's

"You sound like a man," Rina giggled.

"I know," Laura giggled too.

"What's different is you had five orgasms with me and fifteen with her."

"I could have six hundred with you," Laura said softly.


Laura held out her arms to Rina, who hesitated only a few
seconds before letting herself be embraced again. They kissed
heatedly, with urgent, thirsty passion.

"Rina, I need you, I can't get enough of you, I want you, I
want to eat you and swallow you and drink you and fuck you and suck
you and rape you . . ." Laura murmured, swarming again all over the
luscious girl's naked black body, arousing Rina again quickly.

"Oh! Oh god, Laura, yes! Please! Don't let me go! Fuck me,
do it to me, do it all to me, don't let me go!"

Determined to give Rina every reason to stay, Laura brought the
girl to an orgasm three more times before she stopped. The final
climax, coming at the end of a string of eight, was so shattering
that it nearly put poor Rina into a coma. They fell asleep, entwined
together, afterwards and didn't awake for two hours.

When they awoke, refreshed, Rina seemed transformed into a lust
demon herself and proceeded to make Laura come twice before they
exploded together in a final, agonizing climax. As they lay
together, exhausted, wondering if they were capable of even more,
Rina asked Laura if they should stop now.

"Do you want to?"

"I . . . don't know," Rina said, shyly. "I think I came about
ten times already. That's more than I ever came. Maybe I'll hurt
myself if I keep it up."

"Did the last one hurt?"

Rina shook her head. "God, it almost hurt because it felt so
good. And I just, I don't know, I feel so good when we're doing it.
You're so good to me. I come so hard, too."

"I guess we ought to stop," Laura said. "But I keep feeling
this horrible lust for you. I just want to eat you alive."

"You're gonna make me blush," Rina grinned.

They took a shower together. Laura's hunger for Rina's
incredible body wouldn't be satisfied, and Rina seemed to feel the
same way. The warm water drenching their naked bodies seemed to
reawaken their need. They soaped one another and explored one
another's naked flesh in new ways, letting their hands slip and slide
over each other's wet, suds-streaked skin.

The white suds smearing Rina's glistening black skin aroused
Laura so much that she was shaking with lust as she kissed the girl's
wet flesh everywhere. She found herself kneeling on the shower stall
floor behind Rina's glistening, wet buttocks, kissing and biting the
firm round buns, running her fingers inside Rina's asscrack, making
the girl squeal and quiver with sexual thrills.

"God, I just want every bit of your body," Laura panted,
pulling apart Rina's buns and slithering her tongue up into the
girl's ass.

"Aaeeeee!" Rina cried out with shock, her body instinctively
pulling away.

But then she relaxed, letting Laura do it again, and this time
the pleasure made her moan.

"Ohhnnnn . . . god, that's good!" she gasped. "Unh! Unh!"

Laura had little trouble drawing Rina down to the floor, Rina
got on her hands and knees while Laura, behind her, gave into every
perverted urge she had. She slid two fingers into Rina's cunt and
got her thumb on Rina's hard clit, while at the same time she tongue-
fucked Rina's asshole. In this way she had Rina whinnying
uncontrollably through an ecstatic orgasm in under a minute.

"Auunngghiieee!" Rina squealed, losing her strength and nearly
collapsing, as the shower water crashed down all around them.

Laura rolled over onto her back, pulling Rina down on top of
her and devouring the girl's wet nipples. Rina put her hands on both
sides of Laura's head and dangled her breasts in Laura's face. Laura
held the perfect wet globes in her hands, nearly swallowing Rina's
nipples, while Rina hand-fucked Laura's pussy. A few minutes of this
had Laura moaning and sighing through a violent climax. Somehow
sucking one of Rina's breasts while she came made her orgasm so
intense that she nearly blacked out. It almost hurt.

Finally, they shut off the water, fearing they might drown
themselves in a maniacal fit of fucking. They toweled one another
off tenderly, then returned to Laura's bedroom.

"Maybe we better rest, at least," Rina said.

"I know," Laura said reluctantly. "I might just fuck you to
death, if you let me."

She gave Rina her best bathrobe and put on an old one herself.
"You know, I once thought my boyfriend was going to do that,"
Rina grinned. "And he never even came close to what we've been
doing. I've lost track of how many times I've come."

"I think it's thirteen or fourteen," Laura said, kissing her
warmly. "But it really doesn't matter how many times. It's how
intense they are. Some times I almost lose consciousness. Like last
time, when I was sucking you? And you made me come? I thought I was
going to faint."



They went into the kitchen and fixed something to eat. Then
they shared a joint and started to watch TV, but Rina this time
became the aggressor, slipping her hands under Laura's bathrobe,
opening it and making love to Laura's breasts so intently that Laura
was on the edge of a fresh climax in only a few minutes.

Rina had learned fast, and her lips toyed with Laura's
sensitive nipples so skillfully that Laura was soon begging her to do
more. She knew she could come, even after all her previous orgasms.
She remembered how Karen and she had given each other fierce climaxes
by biting, and she wondered if she dared suggest it to Rina, who was
so innocent. But Rina seemed on the verge of it already, sucking
Laura hard, letting Laura feel her teeth ringing each stiff,
throbbing nipple.

"Oh! Oh!" Laura panted. "Harder, honey! Fuck me with your
hand and suck my nipples hard, please! I can come! I'm so close!
Do it, please! Unghh! Yes! Bite it! Please!"

Rina was so aroused from fucking Laura that she was getting
pretty rough anyway. She grabbed Laura's pussy, sinking two fingers
in deep, jamming her hand into Laura's clit. And her mouth tore at
Laura's aching nipples, her teeth clamping tentatively, then harder,
into the flaring, throbbing buds. But not hard enough for Laura, who
was keening and quivering on the edge of an exquisite climax.

"Oh . . . oh, harder!" she begged Rina. "Do it hard! Really

Rina's eyes widened. She had one of Laura's breasts in her
mouth already, as she looked up at Laura. And then, slowly, she sank
her teeth into it, biting deep into Laura's erect, rubbery nipple.
At the same instant, she drove her hand against Laura's clit, rubbing
it hard.

"Anngghnnmnmggiieee!" Laura exploded in a rupturing orgasm,
gagging and squirming uncontrollably on the sofa as wave after wave
of shattering pleasure broke over her shuddering body.

She moaned and writhed for minutes as the electrifying spasms
raked her flexing body. Finally, it was over, and Rina was holding
her and kissing her.

"Baby, I never saw anybody come like that," she whispered to
Laura. She licked Laura's nipples tenderly. "Doesn't that hurt?"

"Yes," Laura nodded, surfacing from a profound sexual trance.
The power of her orgasm really had shocked her. "A little. But it's
worth it. You better stop licking me or I'll want you to do it

"I didn't want to hurt you," Rina said.

"Oh, Rina," Laura said, kissing her warmly. "You just made me
come harder than I've ever come before. You didn't hurt me."

"But your nipples must hurt."

"They hurt for your teeth," Laura said, blushing suddenly as
she realized she was repeating Karen's words to her.

She pulled the delicious girl down on top of her, and they
wrestled and struggled playfully together on the sofa, before
spilling off onto the floor. Wrestling with Rina was more exciting
than Laura had ever thought it could be, and Rina clearly felt the
same way because in a few minutes they were panting and moaning again
with sexual need.

This time they did a true sixty-nine for the first time, each
girl carefully bringing the other along, shaping the flow of arousal,
aiming for a dual explosion. When one seemed about to pop, the other
pulled back momentarily, concentrating on getting to the same level
herself, then returning to the task. They manipulated one another
with great skill, even though both were shaking and moaning with
feverish lust, and when the double orgasm finally arrived, it
throttled them both with horrific spasms of pleasure.

Afterward, they could hardly move, and Laura found herself
wondering if they were finished for the evening. How could they
possible come any more. Even she had lost count, though she figured
they had both climaxed about sixteen or seventeen times.

Part of her wanted to keep going, no matter what. She loved
fucking Rina. She knew that numbers were unimportant, but she also
knew that when Rina remembered this night, if she remembered a
collosal number of orgasms she would be more tempted to want to
repeat it, no matter how guilty she might feel. But Laura also knew,
from experience, that the more orgasms Rina, and she herself, had,
the rougher they would be with one another, as she had learned with
Karen during their many marathon fucks.

Finally you had to flog and pinch and bite and squeeze those
agonizing orgasms out of your exhausted, overstimulated flesh and
nerves, or out of your lover's body, and you had to be a little
obsessed to even want to. She was obsessed with Rina, and with
Rina's body. But did Rina feel that way? Would she be willing to
undergo a little pain, as Laura had done, to have an excruciating
orgasm, like Laura's when Rina had bit her?

But who could say? Maybe it wouldn't be necessary. Rina had
just come fairly easily, when they were doing sixty-nine. Though she
claimed to have a hard time coming with her boyfriend, she didn't
seem to have extra trouble with Laura.

They returned to the bedroom, where Laura pushed Rina down on
the bed and began making love to her again, unable to cool off her
hot blood and her insatiable need for the girl.

"I hope you don't mind," she murmured, "but I can't get enough
of you. No man ever wanted you as much as I do."

"I know that's true, baby," Rina purred back. "Because no man
ever fucked me as much as you have tonight. Or made me come so many

"Mmmmmm, you like that?" Laura asked.

"I love it."

"Mmmmmm, then how about this?"

Laura slid between Rina's long, shapely legs and began to lick
the girl's pussy again, awakening her clit skillfully. The puffy,
glistening black petals of Rina's cunt, with their slick pink
insides, invited her tongue, her lips, and she quickly had Rina
climbing the walls again, and coming again in a few minutes. And
once Rina was in a state of overheated frenzy, Laura wouldn't let her

She filled her hands and mouth with Rina's incredible breasts,
sucking the girl's huge, swollen nipples hard and hand-fucking her
pussy until Rina came again in under thirty seconds. Now Laura had
her going, in a state of constant arousal, her luscious body pliant
and submissive to every caress, her erotic condition hair-trigger, so
that the smallest gesture could bring her to a climax, if it were
skillfully applied.

And Laura had the skill, which she used relentlessly, bringing
Rina to one orgasm after another until Rina had come five more times
and collapsed in whimpering fatigue, almost begging Laura to stop.

"Ohhhh . . . ohhnnnnn god, I can't do any more," she sighed,
her hand quavering as she reached up to touch Laura's face. She drew
Laura down to her, kissing Laura languidly, her body shaking with
exhaustion. "God, I don't think I can do it any more, Laura," she
whispered, her eyes glazed and glistening.

"Mmmmmm . . . I might make you beg me to stop," Laura purred,
still kissing the wonderful girl's naked body everywhere she could.

"Then please . . . please stop," Rina pleaded. "At least for a
minute or two. My body is still throbbing from all those climaxes."

Laura pouted but agreed. "Okay, if you insist." She snuggled
up to the exhausted girl, murmured softly in her ear. "But when you
remember this night, I want you to remember me as the girl you had to
beg to stop fucking you. After she made you come and come so much
that you couldn't come any more."

And Rina dissolved into a few exhausted giggles. "All right, I
promise," she laughed. "You fucked me silly, and I came about ten
times and asked you to stop before I died in the middle of another
climax. Okay?"

Laura grinned and kissed her. "Okay."

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